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The most fun you've ever had with Moby Dick, Alice in Wonderland, and Pride and Prejudice.
The most fun you've ever had with Moby Dick, Alice in Wonderland, and Pride and Prejudice.
359 backers pledged $8,670 to help bring this project to life.

Final hours, and a look back on an amazing campaign.

Posted by Colleen M, John S, & Eric Z (Creator)

Hello Lossworders!

Well here we are, on the last day of the campaign. Right now we’re the most popular mobile game on Kickstarter!

I’m sitting here with John, Eric, Lucy and Peter (well, Peter is a virtual presence on Skype) and we’re celebrating our success with some iced coffee. No rest here, folks! It was such a fun campaign, but once it wraps up (in a few short hours) we’re putting our full efforts back into production on Losswords.

The game wouldn’t be possible without you – and our amazing literary curators! While Carlos Hernandez wrote an entire update about his selections, some of our other curators also had something to say about their picks for the game:

Rich Sommer

Harry Crane on Mad Men & the voice of Henry on the amazing videogame Firewatch:

"All are plays I did either in acting class or on stage."

Rich's book picks
Rich's book picks

Avery Trufelman

Host and founder of the podcast 99 Percent Invisible:

"These books are all so deliciously different, written in times and counties that couldn't be more separate. While I could try to wax poetic about their respective significance in history or whatever, honestly, they are all just genuinely good reads that resonate on an individual level. They show that humans, across time and space, have always been nervous, jealous, questioning, giddy, insecure, romantic, confused, and utterly, utterly relatable creatures."

Avery's literary book picks
Avery's literary book picks

Barry Kramer

From the popular webseries Game Grumps:

"I was searching for books that would prove interesting even in bitesize chunks. The passages players are working with in Losswords aren't that long so I wanted each sentence from my selected works to pack a wallop. Turns out sci-fi is great for that!"

Barry's picks for Losswords
Barry's picks for Losswords

Thanks to all of our literary curators, including last week’s daily puzzle winners, who also got to choose a book for the game. Your selections are awesome!

If you have a second, please tell friends to back us now - it’s the final countdown! Here’s how you can help:

  • Follow us on Twitter and like our Facebook page. 
  • Post about us on social media. 
  • Recommend the game to any of your book-reading or game-playing friends. 
  • Add $1,000 to your pledge!

Thanks again and see you on the other side! 
-Colleen, Local No. 12

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