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An allegorical story of what happens when a selfish man brings the filth of the outside world into the home.


When I was studying animation in film school we would watch these incredibly made short films by filmmakers like Jan Svankmajer, The Quay Brothers, Henry Selick, and many others. Here's one of my favorite films by Jan Svankmajer:

STORY (5 min short film.)

The film is about the relationship between a man and woman, where the man brings into their lives different vices and addictions symbolized in the film by mud, cigarette packages, adult magazines and other filth from the outside world. These items will come to life, crushing the woman's soul. 

We firmly believe that drug abuse, alcohol, and pornography addiction can break down individuals and tear families apart. We hope this film will serve as a cautionary tale, shedding light on the effects of abuse and encourage those in bad relationships to seek help before it is too late.

It sounds dark but it will be told in an unconventional, and beautiful way.


This film will be shot using a combination of stop-motion animation and live action actors. The actors will be animated frame by frame to make the props of mud, rocks, bottles, cans, etc... move across their bodies.

My last animated short film "MuM" premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and went on to win many awards around the world. Here it is below:

Here are two examples of recent commercials I shot using Live action and Animation together:


I shot a live-action commercial for a friend of mine a little while ago and we did it all for the price of a lunch. We shot in a place we got for free and in 3-4 hours we were outta there. Post was editorial on my mac, and the sound was music with no foley. So pretty easy to do and it turned out AWESOME. Here's a link:

Animation of this nature, on the other hand can be quite expensive to do it right. You need to rent a place and be there for at least 14-16 days of shooting (not including prep). Gear you can usually borrow from a friend for a day, but for two+ weeks of shooting, you need to pay them something. Same thing with actors and crew. People can work for free for a day or a weekend, but for this type of animation you need to be able to pay people for the 2 week+ time commitment. (Even though our crew will be very very small.)

Also we need cash to buy the supplies and props. Bottles, cans, magazines, trash, etc... sounds like free stuff, but we'll have to purchase most of it, and build a small set on stage. Also we'll need gallons of white makeup for the actors to wear everyday... Basically all of the stuff you can get for free for a live-action deal we'll have to pay for.

For post there's a lot of work.... in live action you can get a lot of the sound from production and sweeten it with foley. There is no sound while shooting animation, you have to literally re-create EVERYTHIING and mix it in. It's a lot of work, but that's part of the fun of filmmaking.

My hope is that kickstarter will allow filmmakers to be able to make great films by testing out new ideas, camera techniques and tell truly original stories. Not as a full time career as a short filmmaker but as something to do in-between paid commercial projects to push new ideas and develop great films that everyone can enjoy.


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