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We need your help to get back on the road! We love to tour, and we love to play music. We loved our old van, Pee-Wee very much. Help us get a new one!
We need your help to get back on the road! We love to tour, and we love to play music. We loved our old van, Pee-Wee very much. Help us get a new one!
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We Got A Van!

Hi Everyone, We apologize for the time it is taking us to get your rewards to you. We're working hard to get to everyone.
After scouring craigslist for months we have finally purchased our van. It's a Dodge Grand Caravan and it's name is Pee Wee 2.
Thank you so much again to everyone who has donated and if you haven't already sent us your contact info/mailing address please do so.

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We Made It!!!

Dear Friends,

On the morning of September 17th, we awoke to the very best surprise....Our moms were calling us, friends were buzzing us, telling us to wake the heck up and hear the news; The project was a success, and we were going to get a new van!!!!
We are so excited and so thankful to you; our fans, friends, family, and greatest supporters. Without your generosity and huge outpouring of love, getting a new van would not have been possible.
Now we can continue to do what we love, and you have been a part of making this a reality. From our hearts to yours; Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

Tommy and Sarah
Drug Rug

ps- when the project is 100% completed, after the 30th of september, we will be in touch with all of our supporters to ask you various questions such as "what is your t shirt size" and "are you really going to want that cover of "baby" by justin bieber, or were you just kidding"? xoxo

Less Than 20 Days Left!

Hi Friends,
We just wanted to let everyone know that the project has been going splendidly! We have been thankful to see contributions coming in almost every day.
As a certain animated Robin Hood character once said; "Every little bit helps." This probably rings a bell with someone out there, and i'm not sure why I thought of it, but it is certainly true. With only 19 days left to go, even $5 contributions from all you lovely music aficianados out there can truly make a difference!
Once again, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for donating to our van fund. If you haven't had a chance to make a contribution yet-- well, you have 19 days left to do it....19 golden days until we find out if we are going to be able to get a new van! You can decide!

Tommy and Sarah

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Hurrah! Wowwoo! Yaya!

Hello my buddies,
We are having a fantastic day over here at Drug Rug HQ. Do you want to know why? Because YOU Awesome Buddies have donated almost $2000 to our cause over the past seven days!!
Holy Hannah. We are so touched by the generosity of everyone out there who took the time to watch our video, think about our situation, and reach out a helping hand to us in our Time of Needing a Van. We want to send you all our love, and our sincere thanks for helping us this far along the road.
We still have a ways to go. If you are out there, reading this right now; You too can have the lovely satisfaction of knowing that you have helped a fine, upstanding, band in need.
This has been an astounding week. Please help us make the next few weeks even better! Tell your friends, your enemies, your teachers, your barista, your congresswoman, whoever. Spread the word: Drug Rug Needs a Van, and my friends, that van is getting closer and closer to occupying the dismal empty parking spot outside our apartment!!!! We can do it!!!!

Love, Sarah and Tommy

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