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A carefully curated collection of critical thinking. The Critical Path podcast, transcribed and arranged for reference and reflection.
A carefully curated collection of critical thinking. The Critical Path podcast, transcribed and arranged for reference and reflection.
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Recent updates

Print edition shipped

Dear readers, listeners,

The Critical Path The First Year book project is finally complete. All books have been mailed. 

If you would like to suggest the book to others, a few are still available for purchase from

Thank you again for your support. It was a great experience and I learned a lot. I hope to use that learning to continue with another edition for the second year and perhaps yet another for the interviews.

Best regards,


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Ebook version ready

The ebook version of the book is ready for shipping. Those of you who provided email addresses via the Kickstarter survey will begin receiving the ebook as an EPUB file attachment in an email from me.

The manuscript is also headed to the printer today.

Editing complete

The draft is now "text complete". There are a few steps remaining in finishing the manuscript, mainly related to design, but I feel good about it.

Here are some stats:

Words: 217,528

Pages: 597

Sections: 34


The "unabridged" version of the book is complete. Unfortunately it is 740 pages long (printed version).

Over the next few weeks I hope to edit it down to my self-imposed limit of 500 pages.

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It's August

It's August and the book is not ready. I apologize for having missed my deadline.

There have been two issues. The first is that the material runs far longer than expected. All the episodes would be over 1000 pages if printing to a book sized at 5.5x8.5. Practically, the printing process creates this limit and it only became evident once the layout was begun and there was enough material to see a pattern.

For this reason I've had to omit the interviews from the current edition. I still hope to get those out in a separate edition.

The result is that the current edition consists of 30 episodes plus the original Pipeline interview. The chapters (in sequence) are as follows:

The Pipeline interview
The Five Year Plan
Synchronized failure
It's Good to Be King
HP's Innovation Antibodies
Black Boxes
Genericized Trademarks
In Memory of Robert Boyle
Getting To Know You
The Means of Production
The Thermonuclear Option
Back to the Future
The Innovation Anomalies
Who's Paying for My Lunch?
Below the (belt)line
Negative Costs
Spidey Sense
Only the freshest Mountain Dew
The Consequences of Disruption
The Futility of Machinations
Climax and Anti-climax
Joys and Sorrows
Pathfinder I
Seeking Enlightenment
The Locus of Power
Awaiting the Big Bang

The second issue that has come up is that the transcription has been slower than expected. Only about half of the target episodes have been produced. Transcription is currently in the critical path. As you can see in the screen shot below, the editing process has been moved to Pages and iCloud under Mountain Lion.

Again, I apologize about the delay in production and I'm setting a new deadline for the end of August.

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