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Unlock the potential of your DSLR or mirrorless camera and capture amazing images in any conditions.
Unlock the potential of your DSLR or mirrorless camera and capture amazing images in any conditions.
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    1. Ryan Stout 2-time creator on

      @Sun Do Kim Yes, we mention in the update above it is on our list to add. It's pretty similar to the X-T1, so once we finalize a few things there we think we'll be able to add it pretty quickly.

    2. Ryan Stout 2-time creator on

      @michael shevloff Great to hear!

    3. Ryan Stout 2-time creator on

      @Fidel Villa Shoot us a note ( and we can look into it for you. Thanks!

    4. Temu on

      When will this work for the Sony a7? Patiently waiting but would love to use us sometime soon.

    5. Tom Kellond on

      Enjoyed the update and look forward to more targeted software updates and added features. I would like to get other cables for two other camera's I use. Are the cables generic? If so maybe Amazon can relieve you of the shipping. Thanks!

    6. Matthieu Catteau on

      Du coup depuis que j'ai reçu ARSENAL, je n'ai pas pu m'en servir une seule fois. De l'argent par la fenêtre du coup.

    7. Matthieu Catteau on

      Ça ne fonctionne toujours pas sur Canon EOS 450D contrairement à ce qui avait été annoncé.

    8. Sharin on

      Yes. Still waiting for my refund too.

    9. Missing avatar


      This message is for everyone who has opted for a refund don't count on it. I've been waiting since September for my refund though Ryan has send me an email that he will refund me nothing has happened yet.

    10. Edmeister

      Request for refund were made many times. Not able to solve Sony ST-99A. Not happy with the response.

    11. Missing avatar

      Luis Fernando Franco on

      Hi, I would only like a refund. It is pretty obvious by now that you can't/aren't interested on providing a working product for the Sony A77 even when you said several times you would. I understand, its an old camera and you must focus on new customers. There were several updates when you said you would support the camera, and that's on the promise I bought. So, do I send you my paypal address, or what? I believed in you, I truly believed in you, don't make this worse.

    12. Missing avatar

      John Luciano on

      Is there anyway to not force the upgrade until a later date. It seems like nearly everytime I have an opportunity to use it (usually just before sunset) I am forced to install a 400mb+ update and wait 20 mins. If I am in the field I either don't want to use mobile data or I don't have 20 mins to spare. Lot's of opportunities missed to use it. Otherwise, looking forward to the improvements.

    13. Sun Do Kim on

      Any possiblity of Arsenal having update to be compatible with Fujifilm XT-2? I had Arsenal for many months but never got to use it since I don’t have a compatible camera. 🤣

    14. Missing avatar

      michael shevloff on

      Took mine on a trip to the Greek Islands. It worked really well and I got some great photos.

    15. Missing avatar

      Fidel Villa on

      Will I ever receive mine?