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Unlock the potential of your DSLR or mirrorless camera and capture amazing images in any conditions.
Unlock the potential of your DSLR or mirrorless camera and capture amazing images in any conditions.
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October 10 Update

Posted by Ryan Stout (Creator)

Hey everyone, Ryan here with this week’s update.  

I know it’s been awhile since our last post, but we were working really hard to reach our latest shipping milestone and continue improvements in the software/firmware.  

We are pretty excited to announce we have completed shipping of our first tier of orders. That includes all backings and pre-orders placed by March 31, 2018 that were confirmed by the deadline (and were not affected by the German customs issue or the few camera models we were working to support). Many are still in transit to their destination, but they are on the way and we’re very excited to reach that milestone!  

We are wrapping up shipment of the newly confirmed/fixed pre-orders placed by March 31, 2018 this week. Next up (week of October 15), we will begin shipping pre-orders placed after March 31, 2018 (Tier 2 production units) and German custom-compliant units.  

Shipping Schedule  

Completed - Shipment of all remaining confirmed pre-orders from prior to April 1, 2018.  

Week of October 8 (this week) - Ship newly confirmed/fixed pre-orders placed prior to April 1, 2018.  

Week of October 15 - Start reshipping units to Germany that were previously rejected and any held German orders. Begin shipping Tier 2 production orders (pre-orders after March 31, 2018).  

Week of October 22 - Complete shipment of Tier 2 production orders placed through September 30, 2018.  

Week of October 29 - Begin shipping orders placed October 1 - 15, 2018.  

Shipment Notifications  

When checking for your shipment confirmation email, please search for an email from “” that includes a tracking link for your order. Some customers have reported finding this notification in their Spam, Promotions, or Other folders. Make sure you search all folders for this notification. If you still can’t find out, please reach out to the support team and they can help (

Shipping Timeframes Reminder  

For those of you that have received a shipping confirmation and tracking email, we understand that it can be frustrating if you have not seen movement on your package for a few days (or even a week). However, please allow the full 14 days (from your shipping date) for your package to make it to the final delivery destination before contacting support. Most issues can be resolved by calling the courier who is delivering the package in your country. If your package has not arrived 14 days after your ship date and the courier is not able to provide any additional information, please contact us via email ( so we can file a claim on your behalf or help track down the missing package. If you run into any other issues, please feel free to reach out.  

Software Update  

We have a new app/firmware release that we’re finalizing and expect to submit to the Apple/Android stores later this week. The release includes a bunch of bug fixes; we’re still working on some of the larger improvements, but users will have a better experience overall with this new release. This release, tentatively expected to be numbered Version 0.9.19, includes performance enhancements for iOS 12, bug fixes for some Sony models that had timelapse and photo path issues, focus improvements (transition from single to multipoint, canceling focus points, processing speed), greatly reduced the amount of time live view stops updating while images are downloading, Sony cameras now display correct f-stop numbers for lenses, plus a few additional fixes for the Android app user interface.  

We’re aware of some issues on the X-T1 and are still working through those. They may fit in this release depending on timing, but more likely the next one. Also being worked on for the next release is saving stacked images to the SD card, finalizing support for a few cameras that have given us trouble (D3100, D3000 and a few others), and improving the firmware update process by reducing the file size.  

You can find the full release notes here.  

Wrap Up  

Once again, we want to say thanks to everyone that has continued to provide valuable feedback on our app releases and features. Please continue to post your #withArsenal photos on social media so the team and users are able to see what you capture and create.

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    1. Derek Yap on

      Same here, I still have not received mine either.

    2. Gary Yarrow on

      An update would be good. Its been a month and nothing. What about the Sony problems?

    3. Randy Charles Guillem on

      Hey Team, could you please help me? I still haven’t received it, 4th email now. Please follow up and let me know whats going on.

      Thank you,


    4. Missing avatar

      Victoria Magaldi on

      Sorry last post was posted to the wrong product. Apologizes.

    5. Missing avatar

      Victoria Magaldi on

      I ordered mine in March of 2017 and still have not received. Now I have just changed my phone so if you send it to me it will not fit the phone I submitted on my survey. What do I do to change that and to get my product?

    6. Missing avatar

      Oliver Winderoll on


      Latest version installed from the App Store!

      Problem. The phone is not connecting to arsenal anymore. But this is no phone problem bcs I tried others....

      I turn arsenal on. Sometimes the blue light is Death stays on forever, sometimes for 20 secs...

      If I’m lucky I see at the settings the network. When I try to connect manually and I enter the password correct (arsenal1234) is says all the time wrong password. If I’m lucky (1 out of 200 tries) it let me connect. Getting back to the app it says pls forget the network and get back into the app... when I do so, arsenal at the app is not connecting anymore. Before you ask... the regular connection via the app (not manually) is not working at all. Here I’m stuck for months now!!!!!!!!!!!

      So pls!! Help or refund - I paid 170 bucks for nothing so far... just time wasting and I think I’m not the only one!

      And yes: latest app, latest iOS and tried with several phones!
      BTW: Sony Alpha 7II but that doesn’t matter bcs I can not use it with arsenal ...


    7. Missing avatar

      Oliver Winderoll on

      Still not working! Arsenal is not connecting to its own network. I have this problem for months now.... guys? Pls?! App not working, Arsenal not working and really bad support

    8. John Snook on

      Would appreciate any information concerning my order.

    9. Mike Bixler on

      I am a backer from June 2017 and have not received anything.

    10. Adam Brown on

      Do we have an idea of the progress that has been made for the Nikon D3100/3000 models? It has been 12 weeks since you told me about it, but the only update here has been that the Dev team is working on it, "... as a very high priority over the next couple of weeks." Can we get a rough date when we would expect to see units for the D3000/3100 to ship to customers?

    11. Missing avatar

      Bruce Rutherford on

      What happened to the 0.9.19 for Android? It's almost three weeks and it still isn't available.

    12. Missing avatar

      Stefan Golonka on

      My pledge is from May 2017 and I received exactly nothing.
      So don't write you shipped all orders!!!
      I think you have problems with my camera Modell "Nikon D750"
      This model has an lightning shoe problem, but my camera is ok.
      But if you do not name the real problems
      nobody can help you.
      Reading your posts makes me angry.
      Name the problems and start to give realistic status / problems / and timelines.


    13. Missing avatar

      Peter Horstink on

      Just updated to 09.19 for IOS and luckily my A7r3 is recognized again and the software is now working much better!

    14. Missing avatar

      John Cassidy on

      Not to be annoying about this because I have brought it up before but is there an ETA on when Arsenal will be able to write dng files to the sd? It's just that it's a small bug that needs to be fixed, it was a core feature that was advertised. In every other way my Arsenal is working fine it's just missing of the main reason I bought it. I'm sure you're working on it I'm just curious as to when we will get it. Also it may be a hardware limitation but I would be super appreciative if your engineers could add a bulb setting for the exposure for the D3300.

    15. Missing avatar

      Bharat on

      Hello Ryan,

      People have reported 0.9.19 is in apple store. Did it get pushed to google-play store?


    16. Lyndxe Zakopal

      Hello Ryan,
      I have yet to receive my Arsenal. Backer #4213. Please let me know when I can expect my Arsenal. Thanks.

    17. gurupawan on

      Hello Ryan,

      I received my arsenal 2 months back and was super excited as everyone would be I connected it to my Nikon d4 and fired up after all the intial set up i couldn't take many shots as few clicks and it would disconnect had a trip and found arsenal not functioning as it used to so uswd my photography skills and took some good shots. Now after upgrade it has turned worst. My phone connects to arsenal a d as I click to focus and press the big white button to take the shot arsenal freezes and my phone indicates it's trying to connect back to arsenal. I am back on a trip to borobadur and I am unaware tonuse this setup. Felt really frustrated using arsenal. Can you kindly help me with this issue ? R anyone facing the same set of issue after the update ? Has ur arsenal turned from worst to un-usable

    18. Missing avatar

      Maguin on

      I supported the project with KS in June 2017! and still waiting for my Arsenal!! how could it be???

    19. Missing avatar

      Jimmy Ng on

      My unit hasn’t worked since I received it. After sending a few pictures and videos and chasers, all I get is radio silence.

      And Ryan continue to provide updates as if there were no problems.

    20. Missing avatar

      Elma on

      I placed my order prior to March 2018 and still haven't received my Arsenal. Please Help!

    21. Missing avatar

      Edward Choi on

      Ryan, I shipped the Arsenal back and asked for a refund to your help desk by e-mail. I have not received any confirmation of the refund process. I would appreciate if you can get back to us. I am a kickstater backer, number 8,948.

      Please look into my refund request. Best, Ed Choi

    22. Missing avatar

      Luis Fernando Franco on

      Still nothing about the Sony A77, and looks like everyone else has already got their product.

    23. Missing avatar

      Raymond Bogusz on

      Ryan, everything you have to say sounds super positive. Unfortunately, I wish I could say it syncs up with my user experience, which I suspect is typical.

      On receipt of Arsenal, I connected it to my Nikon D850 and fired up the app. In the time since packing and shipping my unit, multiple updates had been released, so I went through the long update process. This was painful, but straightforward.

      I took it into my backyard and fired off a grand series of about ten shots. The focus stacking was wonky, and the system couldn’t successfully push images between the Arsenal and my phone, but I’d already read that these were “underway fixes,” so I wasn’t too worried.

      The next time I went to use the device, this time in the field, is where the struggles started. I turned on the device, and the app informed me that sorry, there was a new update, and I couldn’t use the system until the update was completed. Well, rats. I couldn’t do this at my remote site. After I got home, I completed the update. Great.

      Except that every time since, Arsenal has refused to connect to my phone. I’ve followed the limited steps listed in the online help posts. I’ve reset Arsenal by holding the button down for eight seconds, I’ve manually connected to the WiFi network, then told my phone to forget it, and nothing. All the app connect screen does is show a little wiggling icon that says “can’t connect.”

      I’m beyond disappointed in this system.

    24. Missing avatar

      Christoph Spachtholz on

      When will the Sony A77II be supported?

    25. Missing avatar

      Jimmy Lind on

      I did pledge 18 Juni 2017 and have still not got any item.
      I have asked you why without response.
      Im I suppose to get it?


    26. Frederico Ferro Schuh on

      @Ryan on app version 0.9.16 (iOS), it says multi-point and whole scene focus is coming soon to Sony cameras (I have a Sony A7 first gen camera).

      What is odd is that on multi-point focus mode, I can actually add the 4 focus points if I tap the screen, they just don't do anything (and it keeps showing the popup "coming soon to Sony cameras" message.
      So the function is supposed to be enabled for Sony cameras on 0.9.16?

    27. Ryan Stout 2-time creator on

      @Gypsy Rogers Sent you a PM.

    28. Ryan Stout 2-time creator on

      @Frederico Ferro Schuh We have some improvements coming in this release and the next, but it should be working today. Are you experiencing something else? Thanks!

    29. Ryan Stout 2-time creator on

      @Marcos Ruiz Sent you a PM.

    30. Ryan Stout 2-time creator on

      @Ian Hardacre We've heard that from some folks. It's a bit of a long discussion that has lots of trade-offs; in short, it makes the dev and support environments much more difficult. We'll be looking at this some more after we finish up the launch and will do a post on it. Thanks!

    31. Ryan Stout 2-time creator on

      @Florian Langer Apologies for the poor experience there. Someone from support will follow-up shortly.

    32. Ryan Stout 2-time creator on

      @Sharin Sent you a PM

    33. Ryan Stout 2-time creator on

      @nt1 I don't see any messages from the email address on file that are recent. Can you send a note to and let me know what email address it came from? Happy to look into this for you. Thanks!

    34. Ryan Stout 2-time creator on

      @Jonathan Kubiak The update caveats that it was for those that confirmed on time. We are shipping those that confirmed after the deadline currently. Thanks!

    35. Ryan Stout 2-time creator on

      @Peter Horstink Yes, that is in the release notes for the new release. Apologies for the regression there. Thanks!

    36. Ryan Stout 2-time creator on

      @Timothy Hemenway Nate responded to the ticket as well. Thanks!

    37. Ryan Stout 2-time creator on

      @Ben Chadwick I had Nate follow-up via email to your ticket. Now that the order is confirmed, will be going out very soon. Thanks!

    38. Gypsy Rogers on

      I sent you a message asking about this, I never received mine.

    39. Frederico Ferro Schuh on

      Thanks for the update Ryan.
      Any chances multi-point focus and whole scene focus will be enabled for Sony cameras on the next update?

    40. Rod Little on

      Thanks for the update Ryan, and great to hear you are making progress on getting the X-T1 cameras working with Arsenal

    41. Missing avatar

      Tan on

      I hope those who haven't receive their items get sorted out. I received mine and I live in Malaysia, love it!

    42. Missing avatar

      Marcos Ruiz on

      I pledge in 2017 I never received anything.

    43. Ian Hardacre on

      May I suggest making the update to the Arsenal optional, I forgot to check if update needed and then out on a shoot I was unable to use Arsenal as update required

      It should be MY choice to update and when - compare to when Microsoft forced Win10 upgrades last few weeks

    44. Missing avatar

      Florian Langer on

      will i be able to update the firmware this time? last time it worked was 0.9.14. since then the device says it updates but does not complete the update process. which then starts al over again..
      and support is not answering for weeks now...

    45. Sharin on

      Pledge date: Jun 22 2017
      Estimated delivery: Jan 2018
      Current: October 2018

      Still no update after multiple emails.
      So what is really shipping out?

    46. @nt1

      Ryan, you are still out there, happy to read it, please answer my messages, and also you shall be contacted by FedEx about your declaration, the one with let's call it "a mistake" I invite you to be honest with them.

      For the other people out there unfortunately living outside of the USA who did not receive anything is time to ask for a refund in my opinion... for you to know:

      -- 10th of October --
      Interesting today I received a bill from FedEx of amazing 52€ (and this is just for the taxes and fees) calculated on an over declaration from Arsenal people and a very weird conversion from FedEx....

      Nobody at Arsenal did reply to any of my messages since they took this unilateral decision. A refund would have been so much better.

      People I can only but express my sadness about this liars.

      And I am still looking forward their answers to my questions!

      -- end of September --
      My message on this semi-public forum is published here since nobody at WithArsenal (note I was not even actually able to find out the company name and corporation type) replied to my or any of my wishes. I hope this message will trigger a reaction to my last attempt to contact Ryan, as Witharsenal make a fake invoice which put me in a very difficult and annoying situation.

      At the present time, my simple advise is: do not buy from or support this company, especially people unfortunately living outside of the USA.

      And this is sad that such a an interesting concept (product) has been mishandled by a bunch of people who do not read (Alex*****), or force customers into very unpleasant situation (Na**).

      The worse is their lies on official paperwork, over billing invoices making the custom fees higher that what they should be, it's a shame!

      Again, @Ryan, you can contact me privately I might not read any more of these lies.

      @backers or potential future @customers, there are now 2+ competitive products on the market, think twice! (I cannot advice on the others unfortunately).

    47. Jonathan Kubiak on

      Lies - all lies.
      Ordered May 2017 and still waiting.
      Customer support says there are shipping delays then Ryan says "we've shipped them all".
      Complete bs

    48. Missing avatar

      Peter Horstink on

      Hopefully with this update it will recognize my Sony A7riii again, because it stopped doing that on the last one, at least with android.

    49. Timothy Hemenway on

      I am in a similar situation where I am working with support on my order and seeing two week delays in a response. They are saying there as a delay because I didn't confirm my order, but I have the email from CrowdOx showing I did. I don't mind waiting if there are delays due to MFG issues or things of that nature. But it is frustrating that it appears we are past that and now I must wait again because of an issue with order processing? Ugh....maybe I will get mine before the end of 2019.

    50. Ben Chadwick

      Hi Ryan, I'm a backer from June 2017 that falls under the completed milestone. I would appreciate your help, when I email the help address I received a generic reply; I followed up with two messages via Kickstarter twenty days apart with no reply back. If time allows please reply from Kickstarter. Thank you!