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Unlock the potential of your DSLR or mirrorless camera and capture amazing images in any conditions.
Unlock the potential of your DSLR or mirrorless camera and capture amazing images in any conditions.
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September 26 Update

Posted by Ryan Stout (Creator)

Hey everyone, Ryan here with this week’s update.  

Software Update  

We have a new app/firmware release that is now live in the Apple/Android stores. We were really pleased with the feedback from everyone on our last update and are confident this version brings even more improvements. Version 0.9.16 includes support for the Fujifilm X-T1*, bug fixes for some Canon models that were unable to save files to the card in handheld mode, improved Sony Wifi handling, and significant stacking improvements. Please take a moment to update the app version on your smartphone as well as allow for enough time to complete the firmware update on the Arsenal unit before heading out to shoot. You can find the full release notes here.  

*Make sure to switch the USB Mode to ‘PC Shoot Auto’ for the Fuji X-T1. We’ll add a screen as a reminder in a future release.  

Shipping Update  

We had some hiccups with our fulfillment center this past week that delayed our shipping for a number of users. That said, we’re really close to completing shipping for all of the orders confirmed prior to April 1, 2018. All of the orders have been submitted and are in the pick/pack process or awaiting pickup from the courier. We had 3,600 units picked up on Monday of this week alone, so we’re looking to catch up fast and be done late this week or early next.  

This is the current schedule:  

Week of September 24 - Continue to ship remaining confirmed pre-orders from prior to April 1, 2018  

Week of October 1 - Finalize shipping all confirmed pre-orders from prior to April 1, 2018 and Ship newly confirmed/fixed pre-orders from prior to April 1, 2018  

Week of October 15 - Held German orders from earlier batches and orders placed between April 1, 2018 and September 30, 2018 begin shipping  

Week of October 22 - Orders placed between April 1, 2018 and September 30, 2018 complete shipping  

We are still tackling our German customs issues and moving forward with our customs-approved units with CE markings on the devices. We are feeling more confident we will hit our previously announced target ship week of October 15. We are still tracking to ship units for those that ordered between April 1, 2018 and through September 30, 2018 between the weeks of October 15 and the week of October 22.  

Shipping Timeframes 

Reminder For those of you that have received a shipping confirmation and tracking email, we understand that it can be frustrating if you have not seen movement on your package for a few days (or even a week). However, please allow the full 14 days (from your shipping date) for your package to make it to the final delivery destination before contacting support. Most issues can be resolved by calling the courier who is delivering the package in your country. If your package has not arrived 14 days after your ship date and the courier is not able to provide any additional information, please contact us via email ( so we can file a claim on your behalf or help track down the missing package. If you run into any other issues, please feel free to reach out.  

Wrap Up  

Please continue to post your #withArsenal photos and share your experiences with us. We are extremely appreciative of the active members in the online communities and forums that continue to share their knowledge and technical troubleshooting tips with other users in the groups. Your first hand feedback and suggestions have helped us understand what types of support articles may be lacking as well as provided support to fellow photographers looking for immediate assistance. We cannot thank you enough for your support.  


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    1. Missing avatar

      Herman Ali on

      Any latest update.. Im in Singapore waiting for my set

    2. Jeffrey Ge on

      Haven't received any sort of shipment information and I was a very early backer too.

    3. Missing avatar

      Michael Chow on

      @NewTripod: Same here. I'm backer 1019 (May 2017) and have not received any news, let alone the item. Very disappointed so far.

    4. Missing avatar

      Florian Langer on

      @Pitor... yeah that train hast left the station... how should i have known beforehand? :(

    5. Missing avatar

      Piotr on

      @Yoshinori Miyahara
      Did you try disable phone app auto update? Maybe when app is newer than firmware, it forces to update firmware, and maybe if both are the same version, firmware is not forced to update.

    6. Missing avatar

      Florian Langer on

      oh one more thing: updating via mac didint work either so dont suggest that please :(

    7. Missing avatar

      Florian Langer on

      Since beeing forced to update to the new firmware nothing works anymore... cant connect to device... then when that works and the download of the firmware completest ... cant connect to device... after 100000 tries and it says transferring it either does not start transferring or it looses connection in between.. and IF by some mirracle it hast transfered and even says that it updates the firmware ON the device.... guess what -> blue light of death... rebboting after waiting for even a few hours then says (you might guess) -> update to the new firmware so the whole process starts again...
      I dont give up easily on technical difficulties... but this has left me hopeless... thinking about returning it if I cont resolve this problem this week.

    8. NewTripod?

      I am backer 5645. I have made previous attempts to contact you to get an update on the status of my order. The first time I got a reply with no information just some vague assurance that everything would be fine. Subsequent requests have been ignored.

      Could someone please let me know what is going on? I have never received a shipping notice or product.

      I would just like to know what to expect.


    9. Missing avatar

      andreas neubauer on

      @nt1 which are the 2+ competitive products on the market ?

    10. drahcir on

      I’m stuck with the blue light of death as well. waiting to hear back from support. i hope this doesn't become a brick and unfortunately never even used and try out any of it's promised feature as I was more troubleshooting most of the time as well.

    11. Kristin McElroy on

      Just did recent firmware update and now I’m stuck with the blue light of death. Where can I trouble shoot? I’ve spent more time troubleshooting and updating than actually using the device.

    12. Missing avatar

      Eliya Gyurkovska on

      The worst experience ever!!! Backed up this project june 2017,after tons of emails including the past few demanding full refund,since i have not received anything,now i got an email-
      Saying “ Dear Christine” and that the Arsenal has been shipped to Singapore ?!?! Wtf?!?
      I gave them my adrerss in Bulgaria and additional one in Canada where was the past few months.
      Not sure about Christine and Singapore.
      Of course send them email asking about that? Well guess what - you guessed it right NOTHING !!
      So so disapointed!
      Just send my money back IMMEDIATELY

    13. Zack Jones on

      Like many others I'm in the USA and haven't received my device nor any response from your support staff :(.

    14. Missing avatar

      Sascha Schünemann on

      It is so stupid, all the fucking "words" for nothing... since month / start of the year... now almost a year is over and so much ppl didnt get the product. some like me couldnt get it cause its at custom and will be send back but while i am reading all the negative issues and so on i dont want that even more NOT... and the support is a fucking joke!

    15. Missing avatar

      Daniel Wiersema on

      I have still not received a response on my issue. I can not get my Sony A7riii to connect. It has been almost a month.

    16. Missing avatar

      Luis Fernando Franco on

      Any update on the Sony A77?

      Few MONTHS ago you offered me a refund, yeah, I'll take it, my model is of course not one of your priorities.

    17. Missing avatar

      Peter Horstink on

      Just updated to 0.9.16. Using an Android phone. The app no longer sees any camera while it is connected. The camera is an A7riii and the phone a Google Pixel 2XL. Tried reinstalling the software from a PC as well but to no avail. The phone connects to the arsenal and arsenal does connect to the camera, but the app does not recognize it anymore. Worked reasonable well before the update.
      Please help.

    18. Lynel Dsouza on

      Just received an email confirming my order being shipped, along with the tracking number. Can’t wait to receive it and try it out.

    19. Missing avatar

      Christian Chef on

      I received the Arsenal, but because of no proper identification of the CE, it was not allowed the entry by German customs. They send it back and until today I have no answer from Ryan and his team about my refund. Hope to hear something soon

    20. Andrew McGlinn on

      @Ryan Stout

      So let me get this right. After being told twice, once at end of August, then a the start of September my unit was shipping imminently. Then you, yourself, replied directly to me on the Sept 6th update that YOU had confirmed my unit was in the fulfilment centre to ship week of Sept 17th (which it did not), you are now telling me that it's to ship week of October 22nd?

      I am stunned at the level of incompetence and what I can only assume is complete lies here. It beggars belief.

    21. @nt1

      My message on this semi-public forum is published here since nobody at WithArsenal (note I was not even actually able to find out the company name and corporation type) replied to my or any of my wishes. I hope this message will trigger a reaction to my last attempt to contact Ryan, as Witharsenal make a fake invoice which put me in a very difficult and annoying situation.

      At the present time, my simple advise is: do not buy from or support this company, especially people unfortunately living outside of the USA.

      And this is sad that such a an interesting concept (product) has been mishandled by a bunch of people who do not read (Alex*****), or force customers into very unpleasant situation (Na**).

      The worse is their lies on official paperwork, over billing invoices making the custom fees higher that what they should be, it's a shame!

      Again, @Ryan, you can contact me privately I might not read any more of these lies.
      You MUST answer these type of messages, your company is lying on official document this is a serious offense!

      @backers or potential future @customers, there are now 2+ competitive products on the market, think twice! (I cannot advice on the others unfortunately).

    22. Missing avatar

      Stefan Golonka on

      "Week of October 22 - Orders placed between April 1, 2018 and September 30, 2018 complete shipping"


      I'm a backer from MAY 2017 and wait and wait ...

      Very bad support, I do not enjoy to get my money back, I'll want my Arsenal.

      Is t he D750 (I use) the problem?

      Stefan Golonka

    23. Missing avatar

      Tony Gorham on

      Any timeline on support for fuji xt2 and xt3

    24. Missing avatar

      Fred M. Rhoades on

      After receiving Ryan's note about the new update, I went and upgraded the iPhone app for my SE and installed the new firmware. All of this took me about 30 minutes. ONLY THEN when I started up the new firmware version on the new iPhone version am I told that this version is not supported on my Sony A7RIII ! It won't even start and attempt to work (last versions connected just fine, just didn't perform). I understand you are having issues with some Sony cameras -- there certainly have been plenty with the previous software and firmware versions. BUT PLEASE -- let us know which of the cameras it is supposed to work on in your note (nothing above on its not working at all on Sony A7RIII before those of us with those cameras waste our time upgrading. This is not the way to build a long-lasting relationship with your clients. I must say, however, that all my issues have been listened to and there has been a response from a member of your team. I appreciate that.

    25. Missing avatar

      Blair on

      Arsenal Remote Review September 26, 2018

      App Version 0.9.16

      iPhone 7s with Nikon D7100

      - Downloaded with no issue.
      - Firmware updated to Arsenal with no issue.
      - Overall through testing no crashes or freezing and was very stable. Did experience some image flicker near the end of 3 hours as noted near end of report.


      Initial thoughts on Smart Mode. I have yet to take out to somewhere where the AI will really benefit such as a waterfall to see what it does with the waterfall vs. what the camera Auto function would do. I believe this is where the AI will really shine.

      The scene I used was the same scene for testing in my backyard with objects at various depths of field. I don’t expect AI to be some ‘Miracle’ photo cure for a scene such as this. Particularly with single shots.
      Again I believe this will be more relevant for less than static scenes such as a backyard or living room.

      - Single Point Focus
      o Very quick to focus a single point chosen on phone screen. No issues.
      o Tried various focus position in scene and accuracy of focus very good.
      o Trigger response time from touching to shot taken <3 seconds. No issue.
      o Image quality excellent.

      - Exposure Stacking 4 shots
      o Using single focus point.
      o Time to capture 4 shots <15 seconds. No issue.
      o Time after 4 shots taken to completed EB shot <60 seconds.
      o Total duration <1:15 seconds for 4 shots and final bracketed shot. No issue.
      o The Exposure stack was a very pleasant shot merging the exposure very nicely for a balance shot in comparison to the 4 extremes taken.

      - Focus Stacking w/ Multipoint (4 focus points)
      o Selecting Focus with MULTIPOINT
      • If you select the 4 points in quick succession the app and camera work together and quickly lock the points. <6 seconds to acquire all 4.
      • Setting optimal focus distance < 48 seconds
      • Setting Aperture < 6 seconds
      • TOTAL DURATION < 60 seconds
      o Actual Capture of picture.
      • Analyzing Scene for focus stack < 60 seconds
      • Capture < 22 seconds
      • Building Stack and Enhancing <3:00 minutes

      - Was able to easily change settings and camera image would reflect corresponding changes.
      - Time to focus and take shot with single focus <3 seconds
      - Time to capture multipoint focus shot and build <4:00 minutes

      - As noted previously if you select the 4 points in quick succession Arsenal captures the 4 points and turns the focus squares green and does the analysis smoothly
      - If you are slow to choose all 4 points this is where it seems to struggle. Will not turn all 4 green and in some case the go yellow or red.

      - Ran three short time lapses with a shot count up to 100 with no issue.

      The images are saved and when the timelapse is completed you can play within the app. How do you play outside of the Aresnal App? Meaning how do you know which pictures were captured for the timelapse if you took pictures before and after the actual timelapse? Should it not group the photos or somehow indicate they were intended for a timelapse. Separate folder?

      - At times the view would be a stable picture. This was for the duration of 3 hours of testing until towards the end when the image on the phone would flicker repeatedly and would not stop. Have attached image.
      - I closed the App and and turned Arsenal off and back on. Seemed to resolve. But happened again.
      - Live View drains the battery. Is Live View always on even when not showing on the main Arsenal screen? I ask this as when you go to focus view there is in fact a live view. So is it on all the time in light of this? This would be a major battery drain issue particularly if doing a very long times lapse.
      Thought. When going to Focus mode still make it a requirement to go to Live View so that its not on all the time if in fact it is.



      Overall very happy with the progression made with the updates. Aresnal team has made significant improvements to the firmware/stability.

      1. Pictures taken stored on camera as JPG yet camera is set to RAW????
      2. Stacked images still not being written to SD????
      3. Time from taking a stacked image to completion of stacked image can be as much as 4:00 minutes which is a considerable amount of time.
      NOTE: once the images have been taken, you can take other photos with Arsenal while the stack is being made.

    26. Missing avatar

      Paulie Walnits on

      The worst thing about this Kickstarter is not that I haven’t received anything, and not that there are still software bugs to be ironed out...but that they keep releasing these updates as if everything is moving along as planned.

      This is made worse by the useless customer service that I’ve been going back and forth with for months.

      Congrats you conned me into giving you my money.

      Not even sure why I bother anymore. No one involved in the campaign gives a damn.

    27. Missing avatar

      Florian Werbinek

      Still no Autofocus Fix for the EOS 5DS R in Smartphone Mode. No AF possible.

    28. Missing avatar

      Anthony Wallace on

      Hi there, I still haven’t received mine yet. Is there an expected delivery date please?

    29. Adam Brown on

      Thank you for the update, Ryan. In your August 28 update you said that you expected the Nikon D3000 / D3100 support to be released in about two weeks. Can we please get an update? These models still show on the supported cameras list, but there is apparently not a working support.

    30. Missing avatar

      Yoshinori Miyahara on

      Hi Ryan,
      I have started using Arsenal, which seems to be good so far. One thing that I want you to consider is the firmware update. When using Arsenal, unless Arsenal has the latest firmware, we cannot use until latest firmware is installed. This is very inconvenient because firmware update takes long time and I tend to miss the good chance to take photos. If I use Arsenal everyday, I can notice the firmware update. But, I do not use it so often. Therefore, last week, I went to travel with my wife and tried to use Arsenal but I could not use it because my Arsenal did not have the latest firmware. I could not spend time to install it in the travelling location, and gave up using Arsenal. If possible, I would like you to make Arsenal used without having the latest firmware. Appreciate your consideration. Yoshi

    31. Missing avatar

      Ed Quigley on

      I guess that I should also add that I was an early Kickstarter supporter of this project!

    32. Missing avatar

      Ed Quigley on

      This is for Ryan, and I would appreciate an answer; I sent this to the “help” link in the last update, on Sept. 16, but never got an answer, so I'm posting it here, hoping for some response:

      I know that you're having some issues with Arsenal on some of the Sony’s, and, unfortunately, they are the ones I own, namely: The A77II and the A99! Dang, “Quigley-luck” strikes again! 🙄 I kicked in $150, and added an extra cable, And back when you sent me the “Confirmation” request, I sent it back, confirming you had the right info. Up until this newsletter, you had always addressed that issue directly, but in this one, there was only a passing reference to it, so I'm assuming you're still working on the hardware itself, besides the software issue, because I've not received a notice of shipping. Could you confirm that my assumption is correct, and set my mind at ease?



    33. Missing avatar

      Jacky on

      Backer #2,299 and still have not received my unit. Contacted them and a month later replied to me with a BS saying I have not confirmed my address. I've remembered I did it because I specifically asked if the Sony a6300 is compatible which at the time the camera was not purchased and just wanted to make sure before shipping. This is just a bunch of ridiculous crap and already given up to see my unit coming.

    34. Jason Rutherford on

      Unfortunately my Arsenal is still completely unusable with my Nikon. At least I received my unit though?

    35. ponso

      it's good to see you guys still updating the firmware. thanks!

    36. Missing avatar

      Derrick Nguyen on

      I’m still having problem connectinf the Arsenal with my Nikon D7100...
      Email back and forth with customer support for the past month and they still couldn’t help me.

    37. Missing avatar

      Michael Poon on

      don't tell lies anymore, I still have not receive my unit

    38. Steven Eror Jr. on

      Yeah I still haven’t received mine and I was a kickstarter backer. I’ve gone to the website like I was asked to confirm now multiple times. Now it seems my emails just aren’t getting answered...

    39. Missing avatar

      Blair on

      Thanks for the update Ryan. Moving forward and latest update was a great improvement.

    40. Missing avatar

      Philip on

      frustrating. even though i was a kickstarter backer. i still haven’t receive the product. let me know how i can get the refund and cancel order.

    41. Kalistoga on

      Hey Ryan, thanks for the update. I haven’t seen any shipping info come my way. I did have an email exchange with your support several weeks back, but haven’t heard confirmation one way or the other. Any way I might get a status update? Thanks! Kal