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Unlock the potential of your DSLR or mirrorless camera and capture amazing images in any conditions.
Unlock the potential of your DSLR or mirrorless camera and capture amazing images in any conditions.
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September 15 Update

Posted by Ryan Stout (Creator)

Hey everyone, Ryan here with this week’s update.  

Software Update  

Mobile app/firmware version 0.9.14 was published in the last week. From what we’ve seen the release seems to be improving things quite a bit, particularly for Android and Sony users. We are seeing a small percentage of users on Android reporting update/connectivity issues and are working to track the last of those down. We’re also aware of some focusing issues; similarly, this appears to be functioning better, but some edge cases still need to be solved, particularly for multi-point and whole scene focus. Additionally, we have some performance improvements for Canons (including faster triggering), more Sony edge case handling, and we’ll be releasing support for the Fuji X-T1 (we’re still working on a few things related to focusing and unsure if they’ll make the release, but everything else is done and testing well).  

We expect to submit the next app release for approval on Wednesday, 9/19, and then see it live in the stores after Apple/Android approve it (typically in 1-3 days). This release is mostly focused on bug fixes and performance improvements, including most of the focusing-related bugs reported, plus a number of smaller items. We’ll have release notes out early next week and publish them on and in the apps. If you have other bugs you're running into, please let us know.  

Shipping Update - Pre and Post April 1, 2018 Orders  

Our updates to-date have focused on orders placed before April 1, 2018. Starting today, we will begin to provide updates on those newer orders placed after April 1, 2018. We will also continue to provide updates on the held orders shipping to Germany. We were a bit short of our goal this week on units sent, shipping 4,003 instead of the 6,000 we intended. We are working to get caught up this week.  

This is the current schedule for those that backed or ordered before April 1, 2018:  

Week of June 18 - 211 units shipped 

Week of June 25 - 338 units shipped 

Week of July 16 - 578 units shipped 

Week of July 23 - 4,098 units shipped 

Week of July 30 - 7,166 units shipped 

Week of August 6 - 7,680 units shipped 

Week of August 13 - 6,012 units shipped 

Week of August 20 - 3,028 units shipped 

Week of August 27 - 6,251 units shipped

Week of September 3 - 4,003 units shipped

Week of September 10 - 6,000 units estimated

Week of September 17 - all remaining confirmed pre-orders from prior to April 1, 2018 

Week of September 24 - newly confirmed/fixed pre-orders from prior to April 1, 2018 

Week of October 15 - held German orders from earlier batches (tentative) 

Week of October 15 - orders placed between April 1, 2018 and September 30, 2018 begin shipping (tentative) 

Week of October 22 - orders placed between April 1, 2018 and September 30, 2018 complete shipping 

I wrote about the customs-related delay for German orders last week. In case you missed it, you can read the details here. We should have the units with a CE marking on the device the first week of October, and then it takes two weeks to get them delivered to the fulfillment house, labels printed, packaged, and shipped. I’m marking the October 15 date as tentative until a few more things fall into place, but I feel reasonably confident in it. 

For those that ordered between April 1, 2018 and through September 30, 2018, these units will be shipped the week of October 15 or the week of October 22. We had targeted to get these units out in late September, and up until this week felt this was doable. Unfortunately, our production test run this week showed some issues with the new plastics we’re using and caused another modification cycle, which takes a few weeks. Overall we’re really excited with the new plastics, but there is one modification that is necessary. I’m also marking this tentative until we see the new plastics run in the next few days. 

After the week of October 22 we’ll be transitioning to a daily shipping model, where orders are sent straight from our ordering system to our fulfillment center to start the packaging/shipping process. More details on that to come. 

Shipping Timeframes 

For those of you that have received a shipping confirmation and tracking email, we understand that it can be frustrating if you have not seen movement on your package for a few days (or even a week). However, please allow the full 14 days (from your shipping date) for your package to make it to the final delivery destination before contacting support. Most issues can be resolved by calling the courier who is delivering the package in your country. If your package has not arrived 14 days after your ship date and the courier is not able to provide any additional information, please contact us via email ( so we can file a claim on your behalf or help track down the missing package. If you run into any other issues, please feel free to reach out. 

Wrap Up 

We are really excited by the recent feedback and photos posted #withArsenal. Thank you to those that have shared their experiences with us and other users. For those still waiting on their shipments, we continue to feel grateful for your patience and support. 


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    1. Missing avatar

      Geoff on

      To backers it may concern: I have located this form on Arsenal's website that you can complete to track your complaint and missing package in an organized database. I hope this helps.


    2. Missing avatar

      Biagio Murciano on

      Dear Ryan, dear Arsenal Team, here I am again. on the 7th of September I wrote you (in a private mail and in a public comment here) to ask details about my order, I am a kickstarter backer, n. 12.889. A guy of your team, Matt, got in touch with me, and said I had to complete a survey (survey that I had already completed, but hey, let's do it again). On the same day he told me finally my order was in status "complete", so ready to be shipped. Incredible, 20 days later still nothing, no track number, no arsenal, NOTHING!!! May you please explain what are you doing with it and with my money?? If really you have shipped as much how is possible you haven't respected the priority of kickstarter? if not, why you are telling you have shipped as many? Hope to get a serious answer! Ps. about your suggestion to be respectful and considerate, I would suggest you the exact same thing: be respectful and considerate!!

    3. Missing avatar

      Marc Linsey on

      At least stop calling these Updates and call them what they are: Weekly BS! Step up and admit you have screwed this up and see if you can find someone to come in and clean this mess up. I was going to just write this off until you continued to lie about the status of my unit, continued with the weekly BS and as a final straw blocked me from your facebook page. The fact that Kickstarter is standing by and watching this mess is also very concerning to me. It is very difficult to be respectful and considerate in the face of the problems with this project. Refund my money!

    4. Missing avatar

      Michael Poon on

      Ryan, go to hell quickly! Fuck!!!!

    5. Missing avatar

      Michael Poon on

      Can anyone tell me that this fucking kickstarter and Ryan`s team what doing???

      We funded more than a year but nothing received.

      Delay....delay....delay no more

    6. Missing avatar

      Anthony Truong on

      If a creator is unable to complete their project and fulfill rewards, they’ve failed to live up to the basic obligations of this agreement. To right this, they must make every reasonable effort to find another way of bringing the project to the best possible conclusion for backers. A creator in this position has only remedied the situation and met their obligations to backers if:

      they post an update that explains what work has been done, how funds were used, and what prevents them from finishing the project as planned;

      they work diligently and in good faith to bring the project to the best possible conclusion in a timeframe that’s communicated to backers;

      they’re able to demonstrate that they’ve used funds appropriately and made every reasonable effort to complete the project as promised;

      they’ve been honest, and have made no material misrepresentations in their communication to backers; and

      they offer to return any remaining funds to backers who have not received their reward (in proportion to the amounts pledged), or else explain how those funds will be used to complete the project in some alternate form.

    7. Missing avatar

      Marc Linsey on

      Another week has passed with no email or anything else. The posts are supposed to be respectful and considerate. ow is it respectful or considerate to take my money and the blatantly lie to me about the product? The real question is why Kickstarter has not done anything about this.

    8. Blake Dahle

      After installing this update I can no longer connect to my camera. The app connects to my Arsenal but then gives me an error that the camera is not detected.

      Android 8.0
      Canon T4i

      It was working fine prior to this update...

    9. Andrew McGlinn on

      @Ryan Stout

      On the last update I pasted two emails from Arsenal, both stating my unit would ship weeks ago. You yourself replied telling me it was to ship week 17.

      Well, week 17 has now passed and no shipping notification again. I don't understand how your service can be so incredibly bad. Going by my backer number my unit should have shipped back in July. I'm continually fed lines about how it's shipping soon, and am continually let down.

      What excuse do you have for me this week?

    10. Missing avatar

      Michelle Skewes on

      I’ve emailed and messaged and not heard back
      I backed in June 2017, I have heard nothing about where my unit is.
      Could someone please let me know?

    11. RXCORE

      Please let us know our shipping details.

    12. Missing avatar

      Michael Poon on

      I'm backer #15100, My Order Number is 796667.

      PURCHASE DATE IS 21 Jun 2017.

      Where is my unit????

    13. Missing avatar

      Piotr on

      0.9.14 is improved but, still WIFI only for sony instead of USB promised in promo campaign.
      Still issues with connections from android 5, stupid asking for permissions, and app is unable to find arsenal network although app has them all, have to connect to it manually. Lost connection between app and arsenal is not recovered, have to reboot arsenal to restore, and force kill app in the phone from app list, at the same time connection between arsenal and camera was present, because can see that on the camera screen. Also tried android 6, much better experience, and can see app screens that are not shown on android 5.1, but still the same wifi connections issues, and cannot to self reconect, THAT IS WHY I DO NOT WANT IT TO WORK BY WIFI, I have lots of wifi radios here and. Disabling Bluetooth in the camera (a6500) and in the smartphone improves connection dramatically, but stability far from desired. I WANT USB for SONY CONNECTION AS ADVERTISED. This is not 'older sony camera', newer aps-c sony camera than a6500 does not exist!

    14. Gary Yarrow on

      And what about the Sony's? Like the A77II

    15. Dushyant Ahuja on

      Hi Ryan, can you please check what the issue is with my shipment.

    16. Ira arnon on

      Latest upgrade improved a lot.
      Still have problems to upgrade via phone due connectivity problems.can only do it via deskboard.
      Own a canon d550

    17. Missing avatar

      Michael Poon on

      Ryan, please response to me ASAP

    18. Missing avatar

      Michael Poon on

      I no need what updates here.
      Biscally, I need my device......
      The original shipment should be Jan 2018....


      Such delay more than 8 months...

      What`s going on.....

    19. Missing avatar

      John Waring on

      I gave up after 2 months of trying to connect to either camera @6500 and canon 6d, did all the software upgrades after waiting ages for release, still a lemon, won’t connect, unit flashes on and turns off. Waste of time, money and a bunch of frustration, not fit for market. Now in 1001 pieces in the bin where it belongs.

    20. Adam Brown on

      Two updates ago you told us about the issues with the D3000 and D3100 models of Nikon, and told us that there would be an update two weeks from then. Can we get an update for those models? These cameras still show up in the supported cameras list on the website, but we are still waiting.

    21. Missing avatar

      Prem Shah on

      Aha! Managed to get it to work eventually. Updated to most recent firmware using my wife's android phone. The device now supports the Canon 760D. Strange that it didnt work when updating via the iphone. Anyhoo- it's now working on my iphone as well.

      Perhaps something to note- the advanced menu item headers are 'cut off' on my iphone, so I'll just need to list what they are!

    22. Missing avatar

      Blair on

      Stay to course Ryan. Vast majority of backers are patient and optimistic.

    23. Missing avatar

      Papa maxi on

      I have not received yet my order

    24. Mattias Geisler on

      I have now sent you tio emial to, and no responsen. I haven’t got any shipping confirmation. Please sort this out now.

    25. Missing avatar

      Ares Kralendonk on

      Direct Wifi for Android is a big step in the stability of the connection!
      I guess the main focus is on fixing issues right now, but I'm very curious about the functions now marked as 'coming soon' ;)

    26. Missing avatar

      DAN MOR on

      This product is not ready to be used!!! waist of time energy hope and money!

    27. Petri Nykänen on

      0.9.14 has been big improvement in stability, thank you!

      I have not been able to use bulb with Nikon D7100 although another external timer can control the bulb times above 30sec. This is connected to another port so maybe the feature is only available on that.

      Focus stacking images still needs improvement, although the multipoint focus is now a bit more reliable.

      Thanks for keeping the firmware updates coming.