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Unlock the potential of your DSLR or mirrorless camera and capture amazing images in any conditions.
Unlock the potential of your DSLR or mirrorless camera and capture amazing images in any conditions.
15,766 backers pledged $2,650,310 to help bring this project to life.

August 28 Update

Posted by Ryan Stout (Creator)

Hey everyone, Ryan here with this week’s update. 

I’ll start by saying that with over 15,000 units in the field, we’re seeing some great shots taken #withArsenal. It’s been exciting to see how folks are using Arsenal and hear the success stories. While we know there are still some bugs to work out and improvements to make, we’re really encouraged by these results.  

Shipping Update  

We’re a bit behind schedule on shipping over the last week and a half. We had hoped to send out 15,000 units from August 13 to August 26, but we ended up shipping 9,040. We ran into a few issues with German and Canadian shipments, and had to hold those until we could resolve the issues (we’ve since changed service providers for Canada and included more paperwork for shipments to Germany to help with customs; if you’re in Germany or the EU and having an issue with customs, see this article for help and documentation). 

Based on the support queue and some delays in the app release (more on that below), we also made a call late last week to hold shipments for a few days. Now that the app release is pending again and we have some support improvements (more on that below as well), we’re back to shipping at fullsteam. As a result, we’re extending the shipping schedule two weeks. Many of you will experience a delay smaller than that. We’ll complete shipping the week of September 10. 

This is the updated schedule for those that backed or ordered before April 1, 2018: 

Week of June 18 - 211 units shipped 

Week of June 25 - 338 units shipped 

Week of July 16 - 578 units shipped 

Week of July 23 - 4,098 units shipped 

Week of July 30 - 7,166 units shipped 

Week of August 6 - 7,680 units shipped 

Week of August 13 - 6,012 units shipped 

Week of August 20 - 3,028 units shipped 

Week of August 27 - 6,000 units expected 

Week of September 3 - 7,500 units expected

Week of September 10 - all remaining confirmed pre-orders 

Shipping Timeframes 

In addition to the Canada and Germany changes noted above, we’ve also experienced some delays when using the SwissPost for EU customers, particularly those in Great Britain. We’re working with them to speed up service going forward, as well as resolve any outstanding packages with long delivery durations. 

For those of you that have received a shipping confirmation and tracking email, we understand that it can be frustrating if you have not seen movement on your package for a few days (or even a week). However, please allow the full 14 days (from your shipping date) for your package to make it to the final delivery destination before contacting support. Most issues can be resolved by calling the courier who is delivering the package in your country. If your package has not arrived 14 days after your ship date and the courier is not able to provide any additional information, please contact us so we can file a claim on your behalf or help track down the missing package. If you run into any other issues, please feel free to reach out.  

My Arsenal Still Hasn’t Shipped! 

We’ve had lots of folks write to us that their Arsenal hasn’t shipped yet and should have per the above schedule. If you’re a Kickstarter or Indiegogo backer and don’t think your Arsenal has shipped, greater than 90% of the time this means either A) the tracking email is in your Spam/Promotions/Update/other folder, (look for an email from or B) we didn’t have your order marked as confirmed based on the emails we sent out back in April/May. If after checking your email you still don’t have anything, send us an email ( and we can help you confirm. 

If you’re a order and you can’t find an email from, you should be shipping in the next two and a half weeks per the above schedule. 

Software Update 

On the software side, our app release planned for last week had been delayed. We submitted the app to the app stores, but as we were waiting for its release, a few of our external testers found an issue with the WifiDirect drivers. While they were working well on the vast majority of phones/carriers, we had to resolve the issue for a more comprehensive solution that served everyone (to the extent that saying “everyone” is possible when there are 25,000 Android devices; given the nature of the fix, we feel pretty confident Android folks won’t run into any connection issues). With that said, we’re really excited about this release; it is a really large release and it will have a big positive impact on user experience. 

The new app release (v0.9.10) was pushed to Apple and Android stores last night (August 27). It should hit the app stores in the the usual 1-3 day approval timeline. The v0.9.10 release includes the WifiDirect support for Android phones, Sony camera support improvements, a new multipoint, whole scene, and focus stacking system, power management upgrade, handheld mode improvements, and additional reported bug fixes. If you want read the full app release notes for v0.9.10 and what’s coming next, you can access them here, but below is a quick snapshot of what’s included: 

1) WifiDirect Support: the Android app will now be using WifiDirect to connect Arsenal to your smartphone; this will address connection issues reported by ndroid users for future firmware updates. To do the upgrade to v0.9.10, you’ll still need to either change some settings on your Android or update via a desktop app. We’ve included better workflow procedures in the app, and links to articles to help you with each step (if you’re having trouble performing a firmware update, see these instructions). Once done, you won’t have to do that again and the firmware updates will complete over Wifi, enabling a much better experience. 

2) Sony Camera Improvements: fixes for live view lag, speed improvements to exposure bracketing, triggering, and setting changes; also fixes for a number of Sony models (all of our supported Sony cameras should be functioning well, except the A77, A77 II and A99, which we’re still working on). 

3) New Multipoint, Whole Scene, and Focus Stacking System: the new system is able to leverage the camera’s autofocus system to more quickly determine optimal focus positions 

4) Power Management: 20% longer battery life 

5) Handheld Mode Improvements: added a blue LED animation to indicate when Arsenal is running in handheld mode 

We still have a handful of the less frequently used cameras that we need to make improvements on. A few, like the X-T1, D3100, and D3000, you’ll see a ‘camera not supported’ message in the app until we can get them up to par (the experience just wasn’t great on these, and we didn’t want folks trying to troubleshoot or to have a poor experience while we worked through it). We’re working on these as a very high priority, and we expect to work through these in the next 1-2 weeks. 

A note on firmware updates: to use the desktop firmware update process, you still need to have the most recent version of the mobile app installed first. The mobile app and firmware versions must match. Our firmware download site will only update the Apple/Android versions once approved in the app stores. 

Android Customers 

We strongly recommend using the desktop firmware update process to get to v0.9.10. This process is much more straightforward than adjusting settings on your Android phone. You won’t have to do that again once you’re on v0.9.10 or later versions; future updates will be downloadable/installable via your phone. 

Customer Support 

The support queue is still quite backed up, but we are working to make improvements there. The quality of improvements in this release will be a huge help, but we’ve also done the following: 

1) Added a chat bot to our website that will help customers self-serve solutions 

2) Included a form for contacting tech support. The form asks for your camera model, app version, phone model, phone carrier, and phone operating system version. If you’re emailing our support team, including this info will speed up your response time, reduce extra emails, and improve your time to resolution. 

3) Improved in-app messaging in v0.9.70 

4) Updated quick start guide that is more specific given nuances for Android and Sony users 

We are committed to responding to each inquiry we receive and are working hard to get back to a more manageable response time. 

Wrap Up 

The Arsenal team is excited by the strides we’ve made so far in getting units into the hands of customers and working to optimize the Arsenal experience across the various camera models and smartphone devices. However, we know this isn’t the time for reflection. We are still focused and committed to giving our customers the best Arsenal experience possible and ensuring we deliver on the features our customers are excited to use in their photography workflows. Thank you to everyone for sticking with us and we can’t wait to hear your feedback on this latest app release in a few days. 



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    1. Missing avatar

      Matthew Loh on

      Reading the comments from everyone, I see the problem remains the same/similar....why can't we use our arsenal device when we paid so much for it?

      Who do I actually contact for REAL help?

    2. @nt1

      My message on this semi-public forum is published here since nobody at WithArsenal (note I was not even actually able to find out the company name and corporation type) replied to my or any of my wishes. I hope this message will trigger a reaction to my last attempt to contact Ryan, as Witharsenal make a fake invoice which put me in a very difficult and annoying situation.

      At the present time, my simple advise is: do not buy from or support this company, especially people unfortunately living outside of the USA.

      And this is sad that such a an interesting concept (product) has been mishandled by a bunch of people who do not read (Alex*****), or force customers into very unpleasant situation (Na**).

      The worse is their lies on official paperwork, over billing invoices making the custom fees higher that what they should be, it's a shame!

      Again, @Ryan, you can contact me privately I might not read any more of these lies.

      @backers or potential future @customers, there are now 2+ competitive products on the market, think twice! (I cannot advice on the others unfortunately).

    3. Missing avatar

      Michael Poon on

      Ryan, please response to me ASAP

    4. Ryan Stout 2-time creator on

      I believe everyone here has been responded to in other channels. If not, shoot support a note ( New update is out and only checking that thread now. Thanks!

    5. Missing avatar

      Rick Roby on

      Backer #12,152. Still waiting on a shipping notice. Have contacted with no response in over 2 - 3 weeks. Have sent Ryan a PM via Kickstarter. No response.

      I have back many projects and have been very patient. I'm beginning to lose that patients however. I can understand taking a while to respond to a technical issue, but updating a customer on the status of their device shipping?

    6. Missing avatar

      Alberto on

      Hi Ryan, I am the the backer #13547 and my order number is #795174. I'm still waiting, what happen?

    7. Missing avatar

      Sascha Schünemann on

      Michael Poon , Same here... :(

    8. Missing avatar

      Cody Cha on

      Michael McCracken yes, you can get any micro to micro USB cable off Amazon. That's going to be a lot faster than trying to get replacement from Arsenal.

    9. Missing avatar

      Michael Poon on

      I still have not received my device.
      Nobody can response to me...
      Very disappointed at all !!!!!!!!!

      Pls. refund to me ASAP....

      This is my first time to use kickstarter, Ryan and his tem is not reliable !!!!!!

    10. Missing avatar

      Michael McCracken on

      I've got the wrong cable, emailed support multiple times emailed pictures and have heard nothing back. I need the cable for a Nikon D7500, can I just buy a data cable and will it work? I have not been able to use the arsenal!

    11. Missing avatar

      Marcel on

      iOS still no v0.9.10... or is that different from region to region?

    12. Missing avatar

      Antonio Daroya on

      Hi Ryan, I've written to the Support team several times and given very specific notes on my problems connecting with my Fujifilm XT1. The last time they wrote back was on 18 Aug, haven't heard back from anyone since, more than 2 weeks. In the firmware update notes (for v9 - still not available on Apple store to date) it's mentioned that connecting to Fujifilm XT-1 still has issues, does that mean this firmware update doesn't fix the bugs for me to connect? It's unfortunately been a very frustrating experience so far.

    13. Missing avatar

      Jeff on

      Decided to spend sometime trying to connect Arsenal today...I think its some sort of Network/Wifi Conflict.

      Camera: A6000...for me to get everything connected. Changed phone to Flight Mode. Forget WiFi network (Phone not connected to any Wifi). Turn on Arsenal, Set Camera to remote connection. Open Arsenal App on phone! Connect to Arsenal!! connected.

      Not the best, but it's working. I still want my phone to be connected to my phone service.

    14. Missing avatar

      Bruce Rutherford on

      Updated to v0.9.10 and every time I try to use Arsenal the app on my phone says that it needs to update Arsenal. Round and round we go but we always end up in the same place. Can't use Arsenal at all since the update.

    15. Missing avatar

      Salman Jamal on

      Hi Ryan, I understand how busy you and your team are with solving issues and making sure everyone receives Arsenal. I just want to know when I can receive mine. I am backer 6404 and emailed the team on August 20th. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



    16. Missing avatar

      William Fitts on

      Really disappointing. Why would you list a camera as supported, then not support it? I’d just like my money back.

    17. Missing avatar

      Ekberg on

      Shipment was lost by FedEx in Memphis, contacted you several time but no reply. I go on a 3,5 week holiday to Canada on september 18. Please sort this out. Really disappointed right now.

    18. RXCORE

      I have not received mine yet :(

    19. Dada Ni Kuletz on

      my AARSE-nal is still a an EXPENSIVE BRICK, does not work, support is taking his sweet time.

    20. Missing avatar

      Bruce Rutherford on

      I've installed the update v0.9.10 twice and I just tried to connect to arsenal and it says that I need to update the firmware again. I tried downloading it to my computer but it won't download. What's going on?

    21. Alvaro Uhagón on

      Hi, I'm kickstarter backer number 7033, but I have not received any shipping information yet.

      Could you help me with this matter?

      Thank you.


    22. Artem Plyasunov on

      Finally got my device. Connected it to charger. Connected to it with my phone (Android). Followed instruction to update firmware. Device rebooted. Connected to device and it was able to connect to camera (who would know that it was the first and the last time ever). The device was very-very hot and the interface was slow. Camera Canon 60D.
      Next day, turned on the device, connected to it with my phone but device wasn't able to connect to the camera anymore.
      Tried with another phone - iPhone this time. Connected to device, it asked to update firmware - updated. Still cannot connect to the camera.

      Updated firmware using desktop as recommended in this article. After update connected to device and it asked me to update the firmware. BTW, the device wifi name reset back to "arsenal". OK, I updated the firmware this time from my phone. Waited - the device rebooted. Connecting to it from my phone (wifi name still "arsenal") and it again asks me to update firmware. Endless loop!
      The only thing I could do with my Arsenal device now:
      1. turn it on
      2. update firmware
      3. repeat starting from 1
      Great! If got bored, I could use desktop to upgrade, bored again - return back to the same routine with my phone...

      5 days since my first email to support - no reply...

    23. Missing avatar

      Daniel Schumacker on


      what s the forecast to South America shipping? Nothing was mentioned.


    24. Kevin Lewis on

      So much for the major improvements in v0.9.10. Using a Canon 5D4 and Huawei P20 Pro phone with the Arsenal app updated via the store and the firmware updated via my laptop

      1. Auto Exposure bracketing doesn't work AT ALL, Manual exposure bracketing works but the blended dng file isn't written to the camera sd card. I still don't believe that there is anyway of writing to a camera sd card by an external device, hopefully I'm wrong.

      2. Focus stacking is a joke and again nothing is written back to the camera.

      3. Mirror lock up doesn't work.

      4. Switching from 'Smart' mode to Manual still doesn't allow the user to change the shutter speed (it is locked to Auto) i.e. the camera stays in Av mode. I think the definition of 'Smart' needs to be redefined for the Arsenal.

      and that is just in 5 minutes of testing !!!! bloody useless piece of plastic

    25. Missing avatar

      Sascha Schünemann on

      Still no response to any Message... thats really frustrating... :( ... cant get my arsenal cause of no CE-Mark/No declaration of confirmity.... since 3 Weeks now, i got the "its in germany" but i cant get it and got now since 1,5 weeks the message that it will be send back to hong kong. The Documents you just posted here are useless...! They dont accept that.

    26. Missing avatar

      Bruce Rutherford on

      I upgraded to firmware 0.9.10 hoping it would fix the spotty connection to my Canon 7D. Now it can't find the camera at all.I've tried everything. I've emailed support 4 times but no response. My 6D and my 1100D both work but the 7D is a no go.

    27. Missing avatar

      gotoid on

      I have been waiting for a support reply since August 21. In the meantime I have upgraded to firmware 0.9.10, first from a computer. Then I fired up the previous version of the app, as my phone had not received the latest app version yet. The app requested to upgrade the already upgraded Arsenal. I upgraded.

      Then I received the v0.9.10 app from the Play store, the app requested to upgrade the already upgraded Arsenal. I upgraded, again. I still cannot connect to my Canon 5D MKIII. I haven't been able to connect Arsenal to my camera not once since I got it.

      Just now the app prompted me to upgrade for the fourth time. So I did just that from the computer. Still have not been able to connect. I see the SSID changing each time Arsenal connects with the app. Arsenal reports that the firmware version installed is 0.9.10. I checked every time before upgrading.

      The curly wire is connected to the left port, the one away from the power button, and the mini usb on my camera. I tested that the port works on my camera as I can control it from my mac.

      I have tried to respect the request not to start different lines of enquiries from different sources but it seems that posting publicly gets you more visibility..

    28. Missing avatar

      Jeff on

      Head is going to explode! A6000 here. Updated firmware successfully. Arsenal on app found. Trying to connect App to Arsenal...connection failed. Camera WiFi is on. Don't really know what I'm doing wrong or did I missed a step. Also, sometime it tells me to update firmware...choose phone or desktop.

    29. Missing avatar

      Adrian Alcaide on

      My update worked from my phone (Android Nexus 5X).
      I just had my Arsenal plugged into a power source.

    30. Ryan Stout 2-time creator on

      @Piotr We've posted about the USB vs Wifi connection for Sony's before. In short, most Sony's were working better over Wifi, so we made that switch for performance reasons. USB is much slower in this instance. I've sent your note to our support team and they will be responding shortly to help you through it.

    31. Ryan Stout 2-time creator on

      @Marcel A6000 should be connecting in new release. Let us know if you have any issues with it. Thanks!

    32. Edward Gold

      Awesome, Ryan! I see it now. Thanks! I'll let you know if I have any issues but I expect it will be fine.

    33. Ryan Stout 2-time creator on

      @Dada Ni Kuletz I see the support ticket and they are responding today.

    34. Ryan Stout 2-time creator on

      @Amor Lomibao I sent you a PM a few days ago and another just now. Did you see it? Thanks

    35. Ryan Stout 2-time creator on

      @Edward Gold v0.9.10 is on the page and in the app store for Android. Still pending Apple approval.

    36. Ryan Stout 2-time creator on

      @Ahmad Zaki Abdullah Let us know what error message you're seeing at and we can help. Screenshots, your phone model, and Arsenal app version are also helpful. Thanks!

    37. Ryan Stout 2-time creator on

      @Oded Finkels Support responded to your inquiry.

    38. Ryan Stout 2-time creator on

      @Sarah Hodge Possible, though the Nikon cables have been pretty good. Is it dropping connection during the update process or after you've downloaded and installed the firmware? Any error message, or just dropping? Once I have this info I can help and/or send a new cable. Thanks.

    39. Missing avatar

      Piotr on

      Hi, i have a6000 and android 5.11 phone, I just updated android app and firmware from pc to 0.9.10, Just did update to android app and also firmware 0.9.10 (from computer),
      Android App is still not able to self connect to arsenal's wifi, shows message "please enable location permission", when I connect manually arsenal / or DIRECT-something, then i see well known message "no camera detected". Posted instruction for sony is still not clear, does not say noting about "please enable location permision", while it has all permisions since this android enables all or nothing, also gps location have enabled, and cannot work without manual operations. Insruction for Sony want me to launch Smart Remote App on camera, which means it uses WIFI, am I right ? PLEASE EXPLAIN THIS CLEARLY RYAN!. This is pure deception, lie to people that arsenal uses USB to connect to camera. I would never buy this brick to use it as wifi repeater.

    40. Missing avatar

      Marcel on

      While you just wrote "older Sony Cameras" I hope that a6000 will connect now.

    41. Missing avatar

      Gert Uytdewilligen on

      Thanks for the update, i cannot wait to get started with v0.9.10 on my Sony a6000.

    42. Mark Dela Cruz on

      ORIGINAL BACKER #2714 on 2017-05-27, 6:13 PM PST. Shipping to Point Roberts, Washington. still no tracking, still no product. contacted by Ryan himself to say there was a hold, multiple replies to Ryan, haven't heard back in 2+ weeks.

      multiple emails sent to with no response.

    43. Missing avatar

      Cindy Garcia on

      Ryan, I also emailed help@witharsenal twice and have received no response yet. I was told previously that my Arsenal should ship early August and have not receive a tracking number. Just want a status update please.

    44. Dada Ni Kuletz on

      i received mine last week but after firmware upgrade it does not connect to the camera. my nikon d5300 is detected as sony. why? so now this very expensive equipment is just idle -- useless. and nobody replying to the support inquiry. so you guys who have not received their unit, be happy, because once you do -- then all the sadness begins.

    45. Amor Lomibao on

      How about my arsenal? I am one of the original backers. Did you leave me out? Im planning to go to Patagonia soon. I hope I can bring this with my A7RIII.

    46. Edward Gold

      Updated to 0.8.53 via fine. However, v0.9.10 is not listed on the firmware update page. When will that be posted? Thank you. PS - no, it hasn't connected yet.

    47. Ahmad Zaki Abdullah on

      Rcv mine after I depart for my 2nd vacation. Just started to hook up arsernal to my A9. Still can connect. Where did I go wrong? All steps as per YouTube instructions... Help

    48. Missing avatar

      Marc Linsey on

      Hello? (hello) (hello)
      Is there anybody in there?
      Just nod if you can hear me
      Is there anyone at home?

    49. Missing avatar

      Marc Linsey on


    50. Oded Finkels on

      Hey Ryan!
      I had enough with bad costumer service.
      I think that waiting a year to get arsenal is more then enough.
      Please contact me to cancel my reservation.
      Disappointed backer number 1392