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Unlock the potential of your DSLR or mirrorless camera and capture amazing images in any conditions.
Unlock the potential of your DSLR or mirrorless camera and capture amazing images in any conditions.
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August 19 Update

Posted by Ryan Stout (Creator)

Hey everyone, Ryan here with this week’s update.  

Shipping Update  

Good news on the shipping front overall. We continue to remain on track with our current shipping schedule. Our goal was to ship 7,500 units last week, and we sent 7,680 units. The rest of the schedule remains the same per our last update. This is the schedule for those that backed or ordered before April 1, 2018:  

Week of June 18 - 211 units shipped  

Week of June 25 - 338 units shipped  

Week of July 16 - 578 units shipped  

Week of July 23 - 4,098 units shipped  

Week of July 30 - 7,166 units shipped  

Week of August 6 - 7,680 units shipped  

Week of August 13 - 7,500 units - orders began shipping  

Week of August 20 - 7,500 units  

Week of August 27 - all remaining confirmed pre-orders from prior to 4/1/18  

Shipping Logistics Update  

For those of you that have received a shipping confirmation and tracking email, we understand that it can be frustrating if you have not seen movement on your package for a few days (or even a week). However, please allow the full 14 days (from your shipping date) for your package to make it to the final delivery destination before contacting support. Most issues can be resolved by calling the courier delivering the package in your country. If your package has not arrived 14 days after your ship date and the courier is not able to provide any additional information, please contact us so we can file a claim on your behalf or help track down the missing package. If you run into any other issues, of course please feel free to reach out.  

For our Canadian customers, we wanted to make you aware of an issue with our fulfillment vendor. Packages were delivered to the Canada Post affiliate warehouse in Hong Kong over the last two-plus weeks, but have not received tracking updates and their status was unclear. You can read the full update here, but please know all delayed Canadian shipments are scheduled to arrive in Canada the morning of Monday, August 20. From there, they’ll continue on to their final destination. We’ll post an update on those Canadian shipments Monday. Lastly, going forward we are committed to securing a better service for our customers in Canada and are currently evaluating options.  

My Arsenal Still Hasn’t Shipped!  

We’ve had lots of folks write to us that their Arsenal hadn’t shipped yet and should have per the above schedule. If you’re a Kickstarter or Indiegogo backer and don’t think your Arsenal has shipped, greater than 90% of the time this means either A) the tracking email is in your Spam/Promotions/Update/other folder, look for an email from or B) we didn’t have your order marked as confirmed based on the emails we sent out back in April/May. If after checking your email you still don’t have anything, send us an email ( and we can help you confirm.  

If you’re a order and you can’t find an email from, you should be shipping in the next two weeks per the above schedule.  

Software Update  

On the software side, our app release (v0.9.10) we anticipated pushing out early this week has been moved out a week. We'll be pushing it to the app stores on Monday, and then the usual 1-3 day approval timeline. We completed our testing (after identifying a few issues and addressing them) and are really excited about what this latest release entails. It’s a really large release and it will have a big positive impact on user experience.  

This release will include the WifiDirect support for Android phones, Sony camera support improvements, a new multipoint, whole scene, and focus stacking system, power management upgrade, handheld mode improvements, and additional reported bug fixes. If you want read the full app release notes for v0.9.10 and what’s coming next, you can access them here, but below is a quick snapshot of what’s included:

WifiDirect Support: the Android app will now be using WifiDirect to connect Arsenal to your smartphone; this will address connection issues reported by Android users for future firmware updates. To do the upgrade to v0.9.10, you’ll still need to either change some settings on your Android or update via a desktop app. We’ve included better workflow procedures in the app, and links to articles to help you with each step (if you’re having trouble performing a firmware update, see these instructions). Once done, you won’t have to do that again and the firmware updates will complete over Wifi, enabling a much better experience.  

Sony Camera Improvements: fixes for live view lag, speed improvements to exposure bracketing, triggering, and setting changes; also fixes for a number of Sony models (all of our supported Sony cameras should be functioning well, except the A77, A77 II and A99, which we’re still working on).  

New Multipoint, Whole Scene, and Focus Stacking System: the new system is able to leverage the camera’s autofocus system to more quickly determine optimal focus positions  

Power Management: 20% longer battery life  

Handheld Mode Improvements: added a blue LED animation to indicate when Arsenal is running in handheld mode  

Customer Support  

I also want to address the longer than normal wait times customers have experienced when trying to reach out to the Customer Support team. The team has been working extremely hard to troubleshoot and assist customers with technical issues and the many shipping update requests. We understand that some folks have been waiting for responses for a few days. This is something we are working to improve on our end in a number of ways, including better/more recommend articles, a helpful chat bot, clearer instructions for Android and Sony users, improvements to the Android messaging in app (referenced above), and more. Additionally, we kindly ask your help with two small things that will allow us to provide more timely responses and better support.  

First, if you have opened a support ticket with us (either by sending us a chat message on the website, PM on Facebook, or an email via, please do not open another ticket via an additional channel. By only writing in once, we can quickly address the ticket and not have to track down information from multiple discussions. This will also help to ensure that we don't spend time answering the same inquiries more than once. We, of course, want you to write in if you have questions or need help, but please keep it to one thread. We are committed to responding to every inquiry and want to make sure you are receiving a response in a reasonable amount of time.

Second, please avoid sending follow-up emails if you have already emailed us the first time. Once you open a ticket with us, our system assigns it a timestamp. The team is working on the oldest tickets first. If you send an additional message after your initial one, the system resets your timestamp and makes your ticket appear to be “new” in our system. Apologies for any inconvenience these wait times may have caused, but we assure we are working to improve this system and are confident we can get there with your help.  

Wrap Up  

Thank you to everyone that continues to share their images #withArsenal as well as share their personal experiences in online forums and with us directly. For those that are still waiting on your units to ship, we are so grateful for your patience. Please keep sending us your feedback; it drives us to continue improving Arsenal.  


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    1. Missing avatar

      Michael Poon on

      Ryan, please response to me ASAP

    2. Missing avatar

      Sascha Schünemann on

      No Comment via Forum/Mail/Support/FB... really best support ever /not

    3. Sokvichet on

      Still waiting on 0.09.10 update. It's a brick until I can connect to it.

    4. Mark Gwynne on

      Not happy, package looks like it may have tried to arrive (small white box?) while I was at work but wanting £34.05 customs charge..., yet before I backed this product I checked what the situation with customs was and got confirmation from @Ryan that there would be no customs charge to pay. Now not got a product and not happy at being expected to pay more to receive it when I was told that this would not be the case since I wouldn’t have backed it with the extra charge...

    5. Mark Dela Cruz on

      Backer 2714. Shipping to Point Roberts, Washington. still no tracking, still no product.

    6. Missing avatar

      Sascha Schünemann on

      OK- Today i recieved the message that i am not allowed to recieve it. No CE-Mark, no declaration of confirmity, no german manual... and it will be shiped back.

      What can i do now :(

    7. Urban Haglund on

      I have also sent many requests trying to find out where my order is. No trackingnumber or anything received. Checked spam . But no answer whatsoever from you.???

    8. Missing avatar

      George Neill on

      When all else fails, RTFM (Read The Freaking Manual). I was indeed plugged into the wrong USB port on the Arsenal. I'm now able to connect and get the App options to appear, though no LIve View or any ability to actually control the camera when it does recognize the camera, which seems to be about 10% of the time.

    9. Missing avatar

      George Neill on

      Well, the firmware update completed successfully and resulted in a new WiFi SID. However, I'm still getting 'Camera Not Detected'.

    10. Missing avatar

      George Neill on

      Has anyone been successful getting their Arsenal to connect to a Fuji X-T1? I was able to update the Arsenal firmware to 8.53 and have installed the app on my Galaxy S5. I was only able to get the app to connect to the Arsenal after turning off Mobile Data on my phone. Once connected, I then get a Camera Not Detected message. I've tried reseating the cable and all are connected correctly and firmly. Still no camera recognition. Perhaps, I'll try to upload the firmware again. :(
      Samsung Galaxy S5 and Fujifilm X-T1

    11. Missing avatar

      Zardasht on

      Got mine yesterday. It was a headache just updating it but finally updated through my Laptop after trying for 3 hours. It did connect but I couldn't control anything and the live preview didn't work. Now I can't even connect to it and it keeps telling me it can't find the camera and everything is plugged in. The update Arsenal is talking about should hopefully fix all these problems.

      Google Pixel 2XL and a Nikon D5100

    12. Missing avatar

      angel orellana on

      wow, you guys have the worst customer service, my Order Number is 790386, I have sent many requests trying to find out where my order is, i am one of those that contributed to you trough Kickstarter and i haven't yet receive a tracking number or any information on my order. please some body answer, this is my last resort because nobody answers through emails.

    13. James Tarry on

      Hi guys,

      I'm sorry to write this here but i've finally been able to get the Arsenal. But its not connecting with SonyA7R2. I've gone through every single step, all the trouble shooting, rebooted. Phones fully charged, batteries fully charged.... and all it says constantly is "no camera detected"

      I'm writing this here as it took 2 weeks to get the last failed delivery reply answered, I understand there is a lot of issues, but I dont know what to do know with this. To be honest the aggro even setting it up with the Sony is making me want to send it back.

      Can anyone advise??

    14. James Tarry on

      @Ian Hardacre

      HI Ian I had same issue. I called the Swiss courier who said it was left with a post office, they didnt know which one, there was no note, no delivery attempt, they ended the call with "good luck finding it"

      It was at my local sorting office, who wouldnt release it due to not having a paid the customs charge and they would have to mail out another charge docket... which they didnt do. Its been two weeks in the post office, and i've been back to day to finally get it.

    15. Andrey Zykov on

      Sorry to put this here, but I’ve tried to communicate with arsenal support without luck - I’m waiting for reply more than 1 week! My Arsenal was delivered more than 2 weeks ago, but I don’t know if it’s working or not. After the first connection and updating the firmware I can’t connect to the arsenal wifi. It is not connecting automatically and I can’t find the arsenal network manually. Also, I can’t switch it off normally - every time I shoul hold the on/off button for a 30-40 seconds to switch it off, but I know that yhis is not a normal way. Looks like factory defect. How can I fix the problem? Where should I go? Why nobody answering me in Arsenal support chat or by email?

    16. Ian Hardacre on


      I live in England, why do I have to ring an International number in Switzerland to contact the courier???!

      While I was out someone in ENGLAND tried to deliver my Arsenal, no note, no UK telephone number, no website.... just an email from you guys offering a +41 number after a failed delivery

      At this rate my kit will be on a slow boat back to Hong Kong as I have no idea when I have to be in to take delivery


    17. Missing avatar

      Bruce Rutherford on

      Follow up to my email from a day ago. I had Magic Lantern on my 7D and apparently Arsenal won't work with Magic Lantern. I put in a blank card and it works! Everything seems to do what it's supposed to now. Time to take some practice shots.

    18. Missing avatar

      Keshava S R Mysore on

      here is my latest video using Arsenal out in the field.
      If you like what I do, please feel free to follow me at
      #withArsenal #Nikon #NikonD750 #KeshavaMysorePhotography

    19. Andraw Andrei on

      On 4th they say they sent my arsenal. 20 days later i still didn’t receive-it. Ryan, i tell you again: I want full refund!

    20. Daniel Raymer on

      @ryan Was V0.9.10 submitted to the App Store this week? What day? Really dying to see it and hopefully get this thing working, thought it would be 1-3 days from Monday...

    21. Missing avatar

      David Akers on

      Hi, I too received my Arsenal yesterday (I had to pay £34.05) and I also had issues when setting up - with a constant blue light. I have however managed to get connection and resolved the problem. Whilst the video states that you can use the Arsenal whilst charging, my advise would be to completely charge the battery before use. Then try to connect and carry out the update - this resolved my problem, hope this helps.

    22. Missing avatar

      DAN MOR on

      After more than a year I received the item. it doesn’t work!! i send several emails no reply. Bad Product. Horrible service. Waist of Money.

    23. Missing avatar

      Bruce Rutherford on

      Got my Arsenal yesterday and spent 3 hours trying to get it to work this morning. I have a Canon 7D and an Android phone and it kept crashing, locking up...I had to pull the battery out of the camera 3 or 4 times because it wouldn't shut off. The phone kept saying that it couldn't connect to the Arsenal or it couldn't connect to the camera. I managed to take 3 pictures but I got so frustrated I gave up. I hope the app release (v0.9.10) fixes it!

    24. Sokvichet on

      @celegorm - it's a 'perk' of living in the UK, most likely. Have you not paid VAT on an online purchase imported from another country before?

    25. celegorm on

      My package arrived today. I am asked for more than 40 € (41.28€=47.80$) tax to recover it. Can I know why I should pay this extra money to get KS?

    26. Anup Rajan on

      @ryan I dont mean to be a pain - I sent a mail to the email id 2 days ago and dont have a response. I need a packing list and/or commercial invoice to be able to release the product from customs. Can you guys send me the same please.


    27. Missing avatar

      Scott Esterly on

      I emailed a couple times (before I had read the latest update about sending follow-up emails...sorry!!!). Had an amazing initial experience with Arsenal but after about an hour/90 minutes of shooting with it the Arsenal totally shut down and now I can't reconnect. When it was working it was awesome.

    28. Missing avatar

      Nathan Hamaluik on

      @Ryan - message sent via kickstarter messages.

    29. Ryan Stout 2-time creator on

      @Nathan Hamaluik Let me check on that and follow-up. Would you mind sending me a PM? I will follow-up there. Thanks.

    30. Ryan Stout 2-time creator on

      @Gert Uytdewilligen Will be this week, thanks!

    31. Ryan Stout 2-time creator on

      @Robert Reid We are having delays with the Swiss Post. They are assuring us this isn't normal, but we have quite a few in a similar bucket of too long a delivery time. We're investigating your order and all others with delivery times that are too long.

    32. Missing avatar

      Nathan Hamaluik on

      In Canada here, was told I would receive my tracking number but I still have not. Arsenal team told me some time ago that it was actually shipped and would get a tracking number by August 20th. I still have not received any tracking number whatsoever. So, I am wondering if will be gettng my Arsenal at all? Why are other Canadian backers receiving tracking number when I am not?...and Arsenal team said it was in fact shipped?

    33. Ryan Stout 2-time creator on

      @Paul Gomez No worries Paul, there are/were quite a few folks in a similar boat! Will send you a PM.

    34. Missing avatar

      Gert Uytdewilligen on

      When will V0.9.10 firmware be available? It's a bit confusing: this week, or next week?
      I am eager to get my Sony a6000 connected, and need this firmware, as it will not work with the current firmware.
      Apart from that: all looks great, and in general a bit of patience is part of backing a kickstarter project!

    35. Robert Reid on

      I'm reading many of the posts about shipping and I'm also experiencing a real issue with the courier! I received my shipping confirmation on the 4th August, 18 days ago now. Ryan advises to contact the courier, then Arsenal. Okay, I have done both:-
      SwissPost can't tell me any more than what I can see online .. useless!
      Arsenal haven't answered my email for help .. disappointed!

      @Ryan, please review your estimated shipping times to customers as I think the courier is very optimistic! Maybe 21 days should be the minimum expectation to cut down on even more frustration for, what has to be, very patient backers, thank you!

    36. Paul Gomez on

      @Ryan, what happens for the people, let's say an early backer of the project, that didn't check the status updates or email for the April/May confirmation in a sea of other emails and daily life issues but are wondering where that really cool tool they backed is, and how long until they can get their hands on it? :-)

      But in all seriousness, I think I did the confirmation a little late, maybe June/July, but haven't gotten an email with confirmation yet or tracking yet. I did check the spam filter and did a search of my mailbox and added the to the whitelist.

      I imagine there was a plan to get them out, was just curious what that plan was?

    37. Ryan Stout 2-time creator on

      @Brian Collett Can you send us a screenshot of the error message ( We can help you through it. Thanks.

    38. Missing avatar

      Nathan Hamaluik on

      @Brian Collett - Would like to add one more comment about your issue, users have reported that it took sometimes over 20 attempts (including updating firmware). To get their Camera's working

    39. Missing avatar

      Nathan Hamaluik on

      @Brian Collett, To the users with issues with Arsenal, there are some solutions that may work for you (as they have for several users with similar issues) at the Arsenal Forums:

    40. Missing avatar

      Brian Collett on

      After a long wait, I opened the box, updated the firmware and connected it to my canon rebel t7i. The website says it’s compatible with the camera however I can not get it to work.

    41. Missing avatar

      Brian Collett on

      I finally received the Arsenal after a very long wait. I keep receiving a message that my canon rebel t7i is not compatible even though on the website it says it is. I did reinstall the app and update firmware with no luck.

    42. Sokvichet on

      Oh, I'm sorry. I see it in the update above now. The firmware update was submitted today, but is awaiting Google Play approval. So we should see it in 1-3 days. Thanks again!

    43. Sokvichet on

      Wait, when is the 0.9.10 firmware going to be released? It's talked about as the solution to the connection problems (via WifiDirect), but it's not in the app or on the firmware page (

    44. Sokvichet on

      We received our unit today. Shipping times were considerable, but it was expected. Great tracking and communication. Still working through the Arsenal disconnection issue on my Note 5 Android phone. The connection was stable during the first firmware update, but it only updated to 0.8.53, and will not stay connected. I'll try the desktop firmware upgrade process if my wife's iPhone doesn't manage it.

    45. Missing avatar

      Florian Schnarr on

      Hint for missing deliveries on the way - I had the same experience to Germany. I decided to contact the local subcontractor for Swiss Post, which is DHL. They exactly told me where my package was and what to do (in terms of customs).

      Why not post your questions in the unoffical forum so everyone can help?…

    46. Jeff Frisch on

      Got my tracking number 3 aug. Still no changes in tracking.
      I contacted via email an no answer from Arsenal.

      I'm disappointed.

    47. Kristin McElroy on

      I received an email stating my package has shipped on Aug 2nd. It's now saying that as of Aug 16th it has been in Forest Park GA. It is now the 20th and no update to the tracking number and I called and they can't give me any further information other than the original expected delivery date was Aug 17. That day has come and gone and the package is still not here. It's been 18 days.

    48. MissKitty

      Thank you Arsenal Team for your update! I am very happy you specifically addressed Canada as That is where I am from. I am aware from backing many Kickstarter/Indiegogo projects that S&H can come with it's own set of challenges. It is difficult to be both excited and have patience at the same time. I hope all backers understand this. I look forward to receiving my Arsenal and wish all backers incredible photography in the future using Arsenal! =^.^=

    49. Missing avatar

      Sascha Schünemann on

      @Bastian Muth My package got also the same... then i get a document from customs/toll/duty... i was there today but only thing they said after i open the package was "oh sorry there is no declaration of conformity and no CE-Symbol and so on..." so i have to wait at least a week or so to get a message if i can get it (with paying the toll its 19% from 150) OR i have to send it back/destroy it if its not allowed to import this.... its soooo stupid sorry but after all i am a bit pissed off! it took me over an hour to get to there and 1 hour 25 minutes waiting to get this answer and then over 1 hour home and i have to go early from work again next time so it will be another 2 hours i have to work more(catch up my week time of working) just to get to this office cause of the time they're open. :((

    50. Missing avatar

      Florian Schnarr on

      @Bastian Muth check this thread for shipping questions to Germany:…