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Unlock the potential of your DSLR or mirrorless camera and capture amazing images in any conditions.
Unlock the potential of your DSLR or mirrorless camera and capture amazing images in any conditions.
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July 31 Update

Posted by Ryan Stout (Creator)

Hey everyone, Ryan here with this week’s update.  

I’m excited to report that we remain on track with our current shipping schedule. Our goal was to ship 4,000 units last week, and we sent 4,098 Arsenals! 

The rest of the schedule remains the same per our last update. About 7,200 units are in the process of being shipped from our fulfillment center and will go out this week. As a reminder, this is the schedule for those that backed or ordered before April 1, 2018: 

Week of 6/18 - 211 units shipped 

Week of 6/25 - 338 units shipped 

Week of 7/16 - 578 units shipped 

Week of 7/23 - 4,098 units shipped 

Week of 7/30 - Goal: 7,000 units (anticipated: 7,200 units) 

Week of 8/6 - 7,500 units - Kickstarter complete; Indiegogo complete 

Week of 8/13 - 7,500 units - orders start shipping 

Week of 8/20 - 7,500 units 

Week of 8/27 - all remaining pre-orders from prior to 4/1/18 

On the software side we released version 0.8.51 last week for both Apple and Android. Take a look at the release notes for the details of what's included, as well as what we're working on next. The release includes fixes for a bunch of camera-specific issues, including most of the impacted Sony models. Sony camera users should also take notes of Sony-specific instructions to connect to Arsenal. 

We’re very focused on customer support as we launch. If you have an issue, write our support team ( and we’ll do everything we can to help you through, solve, or escalate the issue to get it fixed. The more feedback we get, the better Arsenal will be, and the faster we will get there. This doesn’t just have to be challenges you run into; recommended improvements or new features are more than welcome, in fact they’re encouraged. Thanks for everyone’s support as we continue through launch, and keep sharing your results #withArsenal. 

- Ryan

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    1. Missing avatar

      Vaughn Wright

      When does ships g to the US start?

    2. Kaenas O'Connor on


      My package has arrived but has been stopped by customs and I have to pay 55,31 Euro for them to release it. It is an absolute imperative that you make clear in the future that shipping comes from outside the European Union - it means we have to pay a 50% tax on imports, which if I had know I would have thought twice about backing this project. I'm quite disappointed.

    3. Ryan Stout 2-time creator on

      Also, if you have any questions, I'm not checking this thread any longer, write to or post in the most recent update thread. Thanks.

    4. Ryan Stout 2-time creator on

      @Kean Hsu - It shouldn't take that long to the U.S. Use the tracking number to check the USPS site. If you don't see an update tomorrow, send us an email ( Thanks

    5. Kean Hsu on

      I'm wondering if customs is delaying shipping in the USA.
      My tracking has been "Out for Delivery" for 12 days now. Anyone in the USA receive theirs yet? East coast?

    6. Missing avatar

      Roger on

      Received the tracking number ob the 4. August, now it is still in Hongkong where it is sent from... 7 days no change?

    7. Missing avatar

      Richard AGAR on

      Backer 2066 and I still have not received a tracking number.

    8. Missing avatar

      Einstein Barathyraj on

      I hate to ask you this . I am backer #290. Until now I haven’t received any shipment details. on July 27 the I asked Nate for a change of the cable. and he refused and said it already:” Process of shipping “. He asked me to order the cable separately and also offer free shipping. ( He refund me the shipping cost). I received the extra cable on 7 th of August. Very thankful to Nate and understand his situation. But until now I didn’t receive any notification of shipping of my arsenal unit Am I missing something here?. “Process of shipping ‘ taking more than 12 days? I have seen lots of backers already received the arsenal unit. I don’t think they are just VIP backers and early birds who orders before me. I am totally confused what to do with my cable without Arsenal ?

    9. Andrew McGlinn on

      Hi Ryan,

      I'm backer 5450 and I have not received anything. Numerically I should have been part of the 7000 batch from last week 07/30.

    10. Missing avatar

      Alberto on

      Still waiting my kickstarter, oh lord give me patience

    11. Missing avatar

      Russell Gwynne on

      For anyone desperate to know, I got my tracking email on Monday the 6th and it was delivered today, Friday the 10th, to Adelaide, Australia. Pretty quick to arrive once you get the tracker. Cheers to Ryan and his team on a massive undertaking!

    12. Missing avatar

      柯志勝 on

      I'm backer 6054 and haven't received mine or a shipping confirmation. (I am in Taiwan)

    13. Missing avatar

      Nathan Hamaluik on

      Hi Ryan, Backer #4189 Firmandika here in the comments has received his shipping email...3 days ago about Aug 6, it is Aug 9 today, meaning his Arsenal was shipped. I am backer #2,986, I have not received any email nothing. I have already confirmed my shipping details with you guys and got confirmation from you guys that you have received my shipping details as well as an additional cable for my Sony a5000. Why was his shipped before mine? I have not received any shipping notifications that my Arsenal was shipped.

    14. Missing avatar

      Kim Tinuviel on

      I received my tracking number. My unit shipped out of Hong Kong on 8/3. Today is 8/9. DHL's online tracking had no useful information so I called DHL customer service to track the package. Apparently it has not yet left Hong Kong and is stuck in Customs. The agent estimated 17-30 days for delivery.

    15. Missing avatar

      DW on

      Hi Ryan,
      I am backer 3,528 and I sent an email like you asked. Twice in fact. I have not heard back nor have I gotten a shipping notification.

    16. Missing avatar

      YenTing on

      Hi Ryan,
      I'm backer #9143 and haven't received tracking number email.

    17. Missing avatar

      Roger on

      "The consignment has left the origin border point" since 4. August, still no update :(

    18. Missing avatar

      Robert B on

      I'm backer 1845 and haven't received mine or a shipping confirmation.

    19. Missing avatar

      Jim Roche on

      I am a backer and here it is, 8/8 and still no email, no contact, no Arsenal. In 4 days I’m leaving the country, regretfully for a photo trip. No one will be home. A few months ago you promised delivery by a certain date, I put off a trip and waited, nothing. I am so frustrated. The last update says they would be shipped, but I hear nothing!

    20. Missing avatar

      Hongbo Zhang on

      I have backer number 6424, but still have not received tracking number yet. I am a little bit worried since I am moving to a new place on Aug 20...

    21. Ryan Stout 2-time creator on

      @LiYi Hsu I think your ticket was responded to. Let me know if not. Thanks!

    22. Ryan Stout 2-time creator on

      @Morten Flagstad Sent you a PM. Thanks!

    23. Ryan Stout 2-time creator on

      @Fidel Villa Will check on that and PM you in a bit. Thanks!

    24. Ryan Stout 2-time creator on

      @Shashank Sunkavalli Sent you a PM. Thanks!

    25. Missing avatar

      Trenton Miller on

      Just to confirm for everyone. Mine was shipped on 8/4 out of Hong Kong. I saw Ryan note that the shipping is 5-12 days but tends to be a bit earlier.

      For anyone that has had one shipped, what is your experience on timeline? Has it been received?

      Fingers crossed to use this out at Second Beach/La Push here in Washington this weekend! Woot!

    26. Ryan Stout 2-time creator on

      @Frederico Ferro Schuh Hey, your order details need to be confirmed before shipment. I will send you a PM with details. Thanks!

    27. Ryan Stout 2-time creator on

      @Michael Greene Yes, you should already have one. It is going to the email address associated with your KS account. Check for emails from

    28. Ryan Stout 2-time creator on

      @Michael Kelso It's quoted as 5-12 days, so it should update shortly. Most of our U.S. shipments from the first batch have updated to be in the U.S. If you don't see anything by Friday let me know and I'll double check to see if there's any hangup. Thanks!

    29. Ryan Stout 2-time creator on

      @Firmandika Sent you a PM. Thanks!

    30. Ryan Stout 2-time creator on

      @Calvin Chan Responded in other thread.

    31. Missing avatar

      LiYi Hsu on

      Hi Ryan,
      I tried to send you an email but no one answers...
      I'm Backer number 15,468.
      Any shipment information will be appreciated.


    32. Morten Flagstad on

      Hi Ryan,
      I'm Backer number 8,945
      If you can indicate approx. when I'm getting information regarding the shipment I would be a happy "camper" ;)

      I have sent all the requested shipping details when asked for and after that it has been quiet.

      Appreciate your kind help :)

    33. Missing avatar

      Fidel Villa on

      I'm backer #9,191 (should have been on the 7/30 shipping) and it would be nice to receive it to use for my 90-day road trip starting August 15. Also, I have moved since May 8. I tried to change my address by going back to the original survey. I thought I was successful but it would be nice if you can PM me to confirm. Thanks.

    34. Missing avatar

      Shashank Sunkavalli on

      Hello Ryan, I was notified by Lindsay that my order would be shipped the week of 07/30, but I haven't received any tracking number. I am backer #5,004. Thank you!

    35. Frederico Ferro Schuh on

      Hi Ryan, are the shippings following the backer number orderings?
      I'm backer number 1180 and so far haven't received a tracking number email.
      Shouldn't my shipment be on the week of 7/23?

      Looking forward to trying Arsenal, thanks :)

    36. Missing avatar

      Michael Greene on

      Ryan, will we receive a tracking number?

    37. Michael Kelso on

      Hi Ryan,
      Do you know what the typical time frame is for the shipment to reach the US after it is processed through Singapore? Received notification it had gone through on July 27 but nothing after that, even through USPS.

    38. Firmandika on

      Hi Ryan,

      i'm backer #4189, no shipment email until now. cant wait to play with my unit.


    39. Missing avatar

      Calvin Chan on

      Hi, im backer from Hong Kong, my Backer number 5,455
      Til now i still not yet receive any tracking email
      What Happen Now?

    40. Ryan Stout 2-time creator on

      @Akash J You'll get updates once it is in the U.S. with the USPS. Give it another day or two and then let us know if you don't see any updates. Thanks.

    41. Ryan Stout 2-time creator on

      @Adam Brown Sent you a PM.

    42. Ryan Stout 2-time creator on

      @Luis Fernando Franco Think there's some confusion on that, I sent you a PM.

    43. Ryan Stout 2-time creator on

      @Bruce Rutherford Our apologies on the delays. Your reward has shipped and you should have received a tracking email; let us know if you didn't. Thanks.

    44. Ryan Stout 2-time creator on

      @Roger Patric Landolt Based on your backer #, that should be right yes.

    45. Missing avatar

      Akash J on

      I got a tracking number via Singapore Post for US transfer, however no tracking info once it left Singapore. How do i know when it will be received? Anyway of getting tracking after Overseas Shipment is done?

    46. Adam Brown on

      I am backer #5047, and thought that my device would have been shipped the week of 7/23, but not so. Then I was told that my device would ship the week of 7/30, but now it is Saturday night and no shipping number. Is there any better way to get an updated on the status?

    47. Missing avatar

      Luis Fernando Franco on

      I have a Sony A77 which is the camera I intend to use Arsenal for. Now I read there's a special one time setup for Sony, I go to the page and don't find the A77. Even worse, it says only a few models are supported.

      So that means when my Arsenal arrives (if someday that happens), I won't be able to use it with my camera?

      If you knew from the several mails you sent, I had an A77 wouldnt be the honest thing to do, to tell "we won't support that model, even when its listed on our page"?

    48. Missing avatar

      Bruce Rutherford on

      I am Backer #6,473 and I am really unhappy that you didn't ship in the same order that we bought in. I'm giving up. One day it might show up in my mailbox or maybe not? Time to move on.

    49. Missing avatar

      Adrian Alcaide on

      I got my email that it is in transit!

    50. Missing avatar

      Roger on

      As backer 12.440 Ishould get it next week, right? How long will shipping to Switzerland take? (ordered 19. June 2017)