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Unlock the potential of your DSLR or mirrorless camera and capture amazing images in any conditions.
Unlock the potential of your DSLR or mirrorless camera and capture amazing images in any conditions.
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Update #10

Posted by Ryan Stout (Creator)

Hey everyone, Ryan here. Happy new year. The Arsenal team and I have been working around the clock to get Arsenal out the door and shipped. Here’s what we’ve been working on and where we are as of today.

Apple Certification

Arsenal uses Bluetooth classic as the normal method to connect to the phone. (Wifi is supported also, but it’s not ideal since you have to switch wifi networks). Apple requires all devices that connect to iOS using Bluetooth classic go through an extremely rigorous certification process. Apple will only test on production versions of a product, including packaging. Unfortunately, the delays we’ve experienced with our enclosure are pushing back our certification timeline and ultimately our ship date. Which leads me to…

Updated Timeline

I know you’re all excited to get Arsenal in your hands. We were originally hoping to ship Arsenal to our Kickstarter backers by the end of January. I’m very sorry to say we won’t be able to hit that date. We thought we had plenty of padding in our timeline to hit the January target. Unfortunately, some of the setbacks we hit in the last few weeks have blocked other parts of the process from moving forward. This is not an excuse, but I want you to know that if we could have gone faster we would have and I wanted to give transparency to the process/update.

Our new estimated ship date is early April. Unfortunately, the Apple certification isn’t something we have much control over, but we are doing everything we can to complete it and get Arsenal to you as fast as possible. I want to say I’m extremely sorry for the delay.

Sony A7Riii Support

We were able to get a hold of a Sony A7Riii last month and run it through the Arsenal test suite. Everything worked great, so we are adding it to the list of supported cameras. (It’s still hard to believe Sony got rid of their apps on new cameras. Hopefully Arsenal can fill in the gaps a bit.)


The injection mold tooling for the enclosure is almost complete. We’ve had a few minor changes to improve the flow as the plastic is injected. Thanks to Rubin for all of the hard work on this. The VIP/beta units will go out as soon as the new enclosures are ready.

Antenna Tuning

After doing some more controlled tests of the wifi/bluetooth connections, we decided to do a bit more work tuning the antenna. This involves renting some very expensive test equipment and setting parameters on the radio. The new parameters help improve the connection speed and range.


We spent a lot of the last month working through some more logistics getting ready for the final production run and shipping. (supply chain management, acceptance testing, defect handling, taxes, etc…) This isn’t the most exciting thing, but it needs to happen. 

Quality Control

Because Arsenal contains so many BGA components on our PCB, we can’t take advantage of testing methods you might use for products with a more open circuit board. We need all systems on each Arsenal to be well tested before it goes out the door. To make this happen, we’ve been working on a set of devices and software that can run functional tests over all of the boards systems and then flash the firmware (assuming the board passes). Making sure this process catches all issues, is fast, and is repeatable takes a lot of work. There’s been a lot of back and forth with our manufacturer in the past month as we make adjustments to ensure our rigs keep up as boards are coming off the line.

Machine Learning

The machine learning team has been making improvements to our depth mapping system. The depth mapper looks at a scene and estimates distances based on the frames pulled from the sensor. This data is fed into the main setting suggestions algorithm and helps better match settings to the current environment.


The software team has been spending most of their time tracking down some last bugs. They have also been working on a refactor of the core device code. The refactor improves the abstraction between camera API’s, camera configurations (code specific to individual cameras), and the communication layer. When this refactor is complete, it will make it faster for us to add new features and new cameras. The team is doing a good job moving forward while also keeping on top of technical debt.

The dev team is wrapping up a few little things, then we’re going to put together a full demo video to show the app with the updated interface. Should be out in the next week or two.


The delay is unfortunate but we are as committed as ever to getting Arsenal to each of our backers as fast as possible. We’re going to use the extra time to continue to improve the quality control process, software, core technology, and product as a whole. We’re also going to start putting together some video tutorials and documentation to help everyone get up to speed with using Arsenal. It’s pretty simple to use, but we’ve had lots of requests for documentation, so we’ll get that ready before we ship. 

We’ll be sure to keep you posted as we move through the final stages. Thanks to the Arsenal team for the long hours, travel, and going the extra mile. Thanks to all of our backers for their support and patience.

- Ryan

P.S. We’ve been so heads down on production the team hasn’t had much time lately to get out and take photos that aren’t for testing the system. (The snow on the ground hasn’t helped :-) Here’s some older shots we took with Arsenal.








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    1. Missing avatar

      carlos restrepo

      I prefer to wait for a superb product rather have something faster but not so great as this one... take your time to get all the things planned running as they should, is your company´s name on each unit.... so... make it worth it. keep the good work

    2. Arno Van Huyssteen on

      Hey Ryan,

      The devil is always in the details. Looking forward to the product versions' list of supported cameras. I have a (extremely capable) Fujifilm X-T10 (which I love), but last I looked it wasn't on the candidate list. Once I get my Arsenal I will probably have to swap. Will the cables be available separately?

    3. Ryan Stout 2-time creator on

      @Hector Yes, really sorry for the delay. The timetable for the certification ended up being a longer than we initially though. (A mix of bad information and a few unexpected complexities) If you would rather not wait, we can do a full refund.

      The A7Rii is fully supported also. If you go into your survey here: You can add another cable for the A7Rii. Be sure to close the survey when you're done. Thanks!

    4. Missing avatar

      Hector on

      I've been following with attention all the developments and progress you have been posting and sending to us. I have to admit I'm surprised that something as important as this issue was not previously considered in the production timetable when it looks you guys had everything under control, and you were making improvements on the units but not having problems with basic functions as the Bluetooth connectivity. This is the first time I back up a kickstart project and I hope it won't be the last. Also, I have a Sony A7rii now besides the canon 5 d mark iii, how can I get the arsenal to work with that camera too?

    5. Missing avatar

      Saad Ahmad on

      such a shame re: the delay. but not your fault and as you said, there are lots of things not in your control. i'm still uber excited and looking forward to getting my hands on this. Thank you for being honest and upfront about the delays and your timely updates.

    6. Missing avatar

      Paula Tant on

      I've been much looking forward to Arsenal and am disappointed about the delay but I do understand. All good things are worth waiting for.....and it gives you a chance to make it even better prior to shipping :-)

    7. Ryan Stout 2-time creator on

      @Ian No problem. Sorry about the delay. I issued you a full refund. It may take 3 to 5 days to show up on your credit card. Thanks.

    8. Ryan Stout 2-time creator on

      @glenn pullin I'll be posting another update soon. Sorry we had to push back. Things are on track for the updated April ship date and looking good.

    9. Missing avatar

      Ian on

      Hi Ryan,
      I'm sorry you're going through unexpected procedures with apple but I find April to be too long of a delay. So, I'd like to proceed with a refund as you suggested to "@conny graumann".
      Please let me know how to proceed.

    10. Missing avatar

      glenn pullin on

      Is there a delivery update please?

    11. John Mace on

      Grrr was so looking forward to using Arsenal on my next trip to Japan beginning of march I am going to Hokkaido and it will still be snow around would have been wonderful to test it out under those conditions but alas not going to happen its a shame about Apple have never used an Apple product and it will be a cold day in hell before I ever will and this delay guarantees I never will

    12. Ryan Stout 2-time creator on

      @conny graumann The X-T2 is our top priority camera to add right now. (We've gotten tons of requests for it) Unfortunately we hit one issue adding it and haven't had the time to work through the issue yet. We think we'll be able to get it working, but our time we can spend on new cameras is limited right now. Sorry we don't have support yet. If you are needing X-T2 support, we can do a full refund. Thanks!

    13. Ryan Stout 2-time creator on

      @Mark Ellis We did consider making a 2nd product that was an Android only version. The Apple certification requires adding a piece of hardware to the design and we're not allowed to ship any units until we get approval. Unfortunately, doing a 2nd product would require some other testing, logistics, etc, and most likely wouldn't result in things getting out the door sooner. Really sorry about the delay.

    14. Mark Ellis on

      What about those of us who have nothing to do with Apple. I'm strictly android and windows.

    15. Missing avatar

      conny graumann on

      Not sure - does the system support Fuji xt-2 cameras?

    16. Ryan Stout 2-time creator on

      @Anuj Kotwal Really sorry about the delay. We can do a full refund if you would rather not wait.

    17. Ryan Stout 2-time creator on

      @P We're waiting on the final enclosures before the VIP units go out. We have other beta units in peoples hands. Lots of good feedback. We're making a few UI changes because of it. Lots of features going on the "future firmware updates" list. Some bugs, etc...

    18. Anuj Kotwal on

      Kickstarter has become a shithole.. I would be surprised if the product comes before midyear. If it does at all

    19. P on

      During the initial campaign you mentioned beta units would be shipped out to testers in November - has that been completed? If so, what kind of feedback did the testers provide?

    20. Ryan Stout 2-time creator on

      @Will Parkin Hey Will, sorry for the late reply. So the NX1 is a great camera. That said, since Samsung is out of the camera business I don't think we'll be able to get it added anytime soon. It's quite a bit of work to add cameras of different brands. That said, when things slow down a bit I'll look into it just incase it's an easier add than I would think.

      If you want, you can enter your name and e-mail here to get notified when new cameras are added:

    21. Ryan Stout 2-time creator on

      @Alex Quinn Thanks!

    22. Missing avatar

      Will Parkin on

      Hi, the delay is unfortunate but can I request you use some of that time broadening the range of supported cameras beyond the big three? I have a Samsung NX1 I would like to use this device with, the firmware is linux based and should be straight forward to communicate with. Regards

    23. Missing avatar

      Alex Quinn on

      Just wanted to echo the positive comments below. The joy of Kickstarter is getting early access to these projects and helping them become a reality. Of course, delays are disappointing but that's the reality of product development.
      Really looking forward to Arsenal's release and appreciate the honest updates.

    24. Ryan Stout 2-time creator on

      @matthew Ibbotson, you can use the link to locate your crowdox survey and update your address. Just be sure to close the survey when you're done. Thanks!

    25. Missing avatar

      Matthew Ibbotson on

      Hi Ryan. Thanks for the update. I’m actually going to move back to the UK in the next few months. Can I update my shipping address somewhere please? Many thanks

    26. Lucy Reyes on

      Bummer! I was hoping to use it on a birthday trip to the Grand Canyon at the end of March. Guess I'll have to shoot and edit my pictures "old school" style LOL

    27. Chris Roberts on

      Ryan, thank you for your reply and forthrightness. I'm eager to get this on my camera. Looking forward to April.

    28. Missing avatar

      ManabuKanno on

      I am looking forward to arrival! Good luck!

    29. Ryan Stout 2-time creator on

      @Dave Sanders Really sorry about the delay. We did consider making a 2nd product that was an Android only version. The Apple certification requires adding a piece of Apple hardware to the design and we're not allowed to ship any units until we get approval. Unfortunately, doing a 2nd product would require some other testing, logistics, etc, and most likely wouldn't result in things getting out the door sooner. Really sorry about the delay.

    30. Missing avatar

      Dave Sanders on

      So why not release the Android version? This kind of thing with Apple is well-known to any mobile developer...

    31. Ryan Stout 2-time creator on

      @Nicolas Prawitz Yea, those numbers were surprising to us as well. I think there's a few reasons. Our dev team is working hard on both platforms. (And we have an Apple fanboy and an Android fanboy on the team.. :-) The majority of the code base runs on the hardware. The mobile apps are somewhat front ends to the device interface, so we have an easier time maintaining two apps than most companies do.

    32. Missing avatar

      Nicolas Prawitz on

      Hello Ryan, strange to see that your customer basis is that unbalanced with the overall market figures which probably are more 75 to 80% of Android platforms (even 85% IDC q2'2017). Although photographers have forever been Apple's favorite playground, I couldn't figure this out. I hope that despite this pretty unbalanced share you will still make best efforts to develop and maintain an Android app at the same standard as iOS. Thanks for your answer. Nicolas

    33. Ryan Stout 2-time creator on

      @Nicolas Prawitz We did consider making a 2nd product that was an Android only version. As you know, the Apple certification requires adding a piece of hardware to the design and we're not allowed to ship any units until we get approval. Unfortunately, doing a 2nd product would require some other testing, logistics, etc, and most likely wouldn't result in things getting out the door sooner. Really sorry about the delay.

    34. Missing avatar

      Nicolas Prawitz on

      Similar feeling as Jonathan Moore. Not that happy that Apple's practices delay wider Android base delivery. Not that happy either to pay Apple's made for iPhone license, as I will never ever be using such of a closed system. Anyway, no option but waiting, unless you wish introducing Apple support as an option and a faster and cooler Android only version. After all removing Apple's authentication chip management may not be such of an issue. In any case, thanks and keep up the good work. Nicolas

    35. Ryan Stout 2-time creator on

      @Echoryan Thanks!

    36. Missing avatar

      Oliver Winderoll on

      @ryan: of course i will wait - just not happy about it. Best, Oliver

    37. Missing avatar

      Echoryan on

      Thanks Ryan for the transparency and all the hard work you and your team are putting in to ensure that we have an amazing product. Delays are inevitable, especially with tech. It always sucks when you are super excited to get something, but it's so much better to wait a little longer to get a better product, than to get an inferior product early that has issues. I look forward to adding the Arsenal to my gear bag this spring! Appreciate the update and thanks again to you and your team for all you guys are doing!

    38. Ryan Stout 2-time creator on

      @Joe Owens Thanks!

    39. Ryan Stout 2-time creator on

      @Ira arnon Thanks for the support.

    40. Ryan Stout 2-time creator on

      @Francesco Santini There's things on iOS that are easier than Android, and things that are a lot harder :-) They dropped the certification requirement on homekit recently, hopefully some day they will follow suit on bluetooth.

    41. Ryan Stout 2-time creator on

      @Oliver Winderoll I take responsibilty for not having enough padding in the schedule on our end. Really sorry about the delay. I can issue a full refund if you would rather not wait.

    42. Ryan Stout 2-time creator on

      @Ahmad Zaki Abdullah First let me say I'm really sorry about the delay. With shipping time, we most likely won't be able to get Arsenal to you before the 1st of April. We can change the shipping address to anywhere in the world at no cost for you if that helps. Thanks.

    43. Ryan Stout 2-time creator on

      @Greg Kingston Thanks for the patience. Really sorry about the delay.

    44. Ryan Stout 2-time creator on

      @Ragnar Võrel Thanks

    45. Ryan Stout 2-time creator on

      @Andrew McGlinn Really sorry about the delay. I'm happy to do a refund if you would like.

    46. Ryan Stout 2-time creator on

      @Markus Schnabel The USB cables are a combination of an OTG cable and a standard cable. (So you could buy both and put them together) We will be selling more cables through our site ( after we ship for $10 USD. You can also add more cables to your survey here: Be sure to close the survey after making any changes. Thanks!

    47. Ryan Stout 2-time creator on

      @yehuda zeiri I forgot to mention you'll be able to update your cable selection if you login here: Be sure to close the survey when you're done making any changes. Thanks!

    48. Ryan Stout 2-time creator on

      @yehuda zeiri The current list of supported cameras is here: I have the 6D Mk ii on my desk and should be getting to adding support this week. Unfortunately the Fujifilm X-E3 isn't on our currently supported list. It's on our long term list, but probably won't get support until after we ship (really sorry) We can issue a full refund if you needed X-E3 support.

    49. Missing avatar

      Joe Owens on

      Hello Ryan, thank you for the update. It must be difficult to put yourself out there to all of those that have backed you.

      Thank you for owning the set back and sharing this set back with an honest update. This alone may maintains my confidence that you will continue to produce a “quality” product and not push out a piece of crap gimmick!

      Keep it up I am looking forward to receiving the product when “you” see it fit to be released! Thank you , joe.

    50. Ira arnon on

      by backing a project in Kickstarter you are taking the risk that final product will be delayed due to technical,logistic or any other reasons.that is understandable and accepted.
      don't forget,all backers,that your are putting/investing/contributing money on a project and not on the item itself.the item is only a reward,so all of us need lots of patient to give enough air to the team,as long as needed,in order to finally producing an exceelent item.
      meantime everybody can use the camera with its own exceelent functions...
      Arsenal team,go ahead and take your time. rushing always bring bad products.