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Andere über dieses Projekt informieren

Unlock the potential of your DSLR or mirrorless camera and capture amazing images in any conditions.
Unlock the potential of your DSLR or mirrorless camera and capture amazing images in any conditions.
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Update #10

Geposted von Ryan Stout (Projektgründer)
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Hey everyone, Ryan here. Happy new year. The Arsenal team and I have been working around the clock to get Arsenal out the door and shipped. Here’s what we’ve been working on and where we are as of today.

Apple Certification

Arsenal uses Bluetooth classic as the normal method to connect to the phone. (Wifi is supported also, but it’s not ideal since you have to switch wifi networks). Apple requires all devices that connect to iOS using Bluetooth classic go through an extremely rigorous certification process. Apple will only test on production versions of a product, including packaging. Unfortunately, the delays we’ve experienced with our enclosure are pushing back our certification timeline and ultimately our ship date. Which leads me to…

Updated Timeline

I know you’re all excited to get Arsenal in your hands. We were originally hoping to ship Arsenal to our Kickstarter backers by the end of January. I’m very sorry to say we won’t be able to hit that date. We thought we had plenty of padding in our timeline to hit the January target. Unfortunately, some of the setbacks we hit in the last few weeks have blocked other parts of the process from moving forward. This is not an excuse, but I want you to know that if we could have gone faster we would have and I wanted to give transparency to the process/update.

Our new estimated ship date is early April. Unfortunately, the Apple certification isn’t something we have much control over, but we are doing everything we can to complete it and get Arsenal to you as fast as possible. I want to say I’m extremely sorry for the delay.

Sony A7Riii Support

We were able to get a hold of a Sony A7Riii last month and run it through the Arsenal test suite. Everything worked great, so we are adding it to the list of supported cameras. (It’s still hard to believe Sony got rid of their apps on new cameras. Hopefully Arsenal can fill in the gaps a bit.)


The injection mold tooling for the enclosure is almost complete. We’ve had a few minor changes to improve the flow as the plastic is injected. Thanks to Rubin for all of the hard work on this. The VIP/beta units will go out as soon as the new enclosures are ready.

Antenna Tuning

After doing some more controlled tests of the wifi/bluetooth connections, we decided to do a bit more work tuning the antenna. This involves renting some very expensive test equipment and setting parameters on the radio. The new parameters help improve the connection speed and range.


We spent a lot of the last month working through some more logistics getting ready for the final production run and shipping. (supply chain management, acceptance testing, defect handling, taxes, etc…) This isn’t the most exciting thing, but it needs to happen. 

Quality Control

Because Arsenal contains so many BGA components on our PCB, we can’t take advantage of testing methods you might use for products with a more open circuit board. We need all systems on each Arsenal to be well tested before it goes out the door. To make this happen, we’ve been working on a set of devices and software that can run functional tests over all of the boards systems and then flash the firmware (assuming the board passes). Making sure this process catches all issues, is fast, and is repeatable takes a lot of work. There’s been a lot of back and forth with our manufacturer in the past month as we make adjustments to ensure our rigs keep up as boards are coming off the line.

Machine Learning

The machine learning team has been making improvements to our depth mapping system. The depth mapper looks at a scene and estimates distances based on the frames pulled from the sensor. This data is fed into the main setting suggestions algorithm and helps better match settings to the current environment.


The software team has been spending most of their time tracking down some last bugs. They have also been working on a refactor of the core device code. The refactor improves the abstraction between camera API’s, camera configurations (code specific to individual cameras), and the communication layer. When this refactor is complete, it will make it faster for us to add new features and new cameras. The team is doing a good job moving forward while also keeping on top of technical debt.

The dev team is wrapping up a few little things, then we’re going to put together a full demo video to show the app with the updated interface. Should be out in the next week or two.


The delay is unfortunate but we are as committed as ever to getting Arsenal to each of our backers as fast as possible. We’re going to use the extra time to continue to improve the quality control process, software, core technology, and product as a whole. We’re also going to start putting together some video tutorials and documentation to help everyone get up to speed with using Arsenal. It’s pretty simple to use, but we’ve had lots of requests for documentation, so we’ll get that ready before we ship. 

We’ll be sure to keep you posted as we move through the final stages. Thanks to the Arsenal team for the long hours, travel, and going the extra mile. Thanks to all of our backers for their support and patience.

- Ryan

P.S. We’ve been so heads down on production the team hasn’t had much time lately to get out and take photos that aren’t for testing the system. (The snow on the ground hasn’t helped :-) Here’s some older shots we took with Arsenal.








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    1. Avatar fehlt

      Jarsaillon Michel am

      Hi Ryan, now is going to reach September of 2018 but still no delivery of Arsenal camera assistant. I am very disappointed for supporting you as no news or email to inform me. Now please rush advise me when is delivering date and where is my Arsenal camera assistant.

    2. The Production Studio am

      Has this shipped yet?

    3. Avatar fehlt

      perez alain am

      hello. when is the date for delivry please

    4. Avatar fehlt am

      Hi Ryan, now is going to reach May of 2018 but still no delivery of Arsenal camera assistant. I am very disappointed for supporting you as no news or email to inform me. Now please rush advise me when is delivering date if unable I need full refund as soon as possible.
      Orathai Bh.

    5. Avatar fehlt

      Ta Da Isa am

      How about a shipping update? And how do we get the app to begin learning prior to shipping? I would like to use it as soon as it arrives. Thanks

    6. Ryan Stout 2 eigene Projekte am

      @Joe Polecheck Yep, we just posted an update here: The d850 is supported now. Thanks!

    7. Joe Polecheck am

      Is the timeline still early April for the D850 Arsenal release?

    8. Ryan Stout 2 eigene Projekte am

      @Marta Magiera Yeah, for some reason Crowdox doesn't let you change the country, but I can do it. Just message me here or e-mail help(at) and we can take care of it for you. Thanks!

    9. Ryan Stout 2 eigene Projekte am

      @Mark Delbridge Yes, we will request address changes shortly before we ship. For some reason, Crowdox won't let you change your own address, so you'll want to message me or e-mail help(at) and we can take care of it for you. Thanks!

    10. Ryan Stout 2 eigene Projekte am

      @Horst Wurf Tablet support is on the short list. We still have a few things we need to get through before we start on that. (It should go quick, but we need to get through a few more things before we start on tablet support) I think we'll be able to get it out sometime this summer. Thanks!

    11. Marta Magiera am

      Is there a possibility to change the country of shipping? I have changed the country since I took the survey.

    12. Avatar fehlt

      Mark Delbridge am

      Hi Ryan,
      I'm wondering if you'll be confirming shipping addresses again before it all happens? I'm moving countries. (I'm certain a bunch of people will have moved too). Thanks!
      Still looking forward to it!

    13. Avatar fehlt

      Horst Wulf am

      Hi Ryan,
      While you wait for the apple certification are you considering to take the iPad support forward?

    14. Ryan Stout 2 eigene Projekte am

      Hey @Juan Pronao The next update will go out Monday. (Sorry it's taking so long) tl;dr is we're on track for April delivery. I've also got a walk-through video of the app (that turned out way too detailed, but hopefully everyone will find it interesting) Thanks!

    15. Juan Proano am

      Do you have any upcoming updates?

    16. Ryan Stout 2 eigene Projekte am

      @RYAN CRISTOBAL Thanks! We're working hard to get them in everyone hands ASAP. Also, fyi, I've got another update almost ready to go out, just finishing one thing on it. (Hopefully it will go out tomorrow) tl;dr... We're on track for the April ship timeline. Thanks


      i get everyone's side. as a backer, i just can't hardly wait to get my unit and start shooting with it, but at the same time i understand on the production side, all the i's must be dotted and all the t's must be crossed. it's about quality and functionality, as a backer i sure would like to receive my unit complete and ready once i un-box it. so, Ryan and Arsenal team, i'll let you get to working. #PatientlyWaiting

    18. Ryan Stout 2 eigene Projekte am

      @Ralph Buisman Hey Ralph, sorry it's been a while since I updated. (We've been swamped getting the last things ready for production) I'm finishing up the last stuff on a demo video for the update. Hoping to have it out tomorrow. Sorry it's taking so long.

    19. Ryan Stout 2 eigene Projekte am

      @Florian Priester There's an component on our PCB that we include with Arsenal that allows for authentication to iOS devices. It just responds to a "challenge auth" so the connection won't get rejected by the iOS device. (And so Apple can verify it's an approved device) Thanks!

    20. Ralph Buisman am

      a addition to my comment:

      Especially now you've another product that does the same on kickstarter:…

    21. Ralph Buisman am

      Don't want to be a bummer, but why is the estimated delivery date pushed back a couple off times now and why didn't we get an email/update about it more often? We are the backers/buyers and without us this isn't happening at all and I'm started to wonder (and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one) that it isn't going to happen. In my oppinion this is just bad faith....

    22. Avatar fehlt

      Florian Priester am

      Hi there!

      I've read in the comments below you need to add some Apple hardware to your device? I'm a bit worried about that... what is it for? Certainly not only for privacy reasons...

    23. Ryan Stout 2 eigene Projekte am

      @Ron Jacobson Hey Ron, sorry I've been slow with the updates. I'm working on an update today. Will definitely be out sometime this week. (Everything is looking great for the April ship timeline btw)

    24. Ron Jacobson

      I like many other backs, just want to be kept in the loop. There's never such a thing as too much information or too many updates. So what's happening?

    25. Prabhupada Padayachee am

      thanks for the updates Ryan

    26. Ryan Stout 2 eigene Projekte am

      @Josh Justic The Apple certification requires adding a piece of Apple hardware to the design and we're not allowed to ship any units until we get approval. Unfortunately, doing a 2nd product for Android phones only would require some other testing, logistics, etc, and most likely wouldn't result in things getting out the door sooner. The Apple certification is the big thing we'll be waiting on. It gives us a bit more time to prepare for production. Really sorry about the delay. This is our fault, we should have had more padding in our schedule. If you would rather not wait, we can issue you a full refund.

    27. Ryan Stout 2 eigene Projekte am

      @Jeremy Weisser sorry, the M6 isn't supported. We don't know if or when support for it will be added. We're happy to give you a full refund if you'd like.

    28. Josh Justic am

      I have no use for or any desire to ever use an apple product. Please do not let their certification process delay shipment for my unit.

    29. Elam Noor am

      The ol’ Apple certification process. Catches me off guard every time. Kickstarter should have a button that says “does your product work with Apple?” And then adds a year to the estimated ship date automatically.
      Not that I don’t appreciate it! Their products work well. Just that product designers never estimate time accurately.

    30. Jeremy Weisser am

      I'm switching from a 70D to a EOS M6. I don't see that model specifically as supported. Any plans on adding support?

    31. Ryan Stout 2 eigene Projekte am

      @Michael Johnson Will do, working on an update this week. Thanks!

    32. Avatar fehlt

      Dennis Oosthuizen am

      I am still excited about this product so I do not mind waiting, I would prefer receiving a proper operational product than something that is rushed and does not work at all.

    33. Michael Johnson am

      Early April... what is a little while longer? Just keep us in the loop. =)

    34. Louis Sutter am

      No worries about the delay. Keep us up to speed though. Can't wait. ;)

    35. Ryan Stout 2 eigene Projekte am

      @Thierry thanks!

    36. Avatar fehlt

      MantaCH am

      As I worked in a startup several years ago, I understand your deadline explosion... the delay isn't a problem in fact. The real one is to provide the best device you can with the best quality in order to be significantly different and over the others. Otherwise all your efforts will certainly go in the water........

      So, do your best and no stress about delay. The important thing is a revolutionnary device, a real one.

      Thanks for your hard work and all the best for the incoming ones ! ;o)

      Regards and encouragments

    37. Ryan Stout 2 eigene Projekte am

      @Andrea Mazzoleni you can look up your survey here and check/edit your shipping address. Just be sure to close the survey when you're done. Thanks!

    38. Avatar fehlt

      Andrea Mazzoleni am

      Hi Ryan, how can I see where will you send the package? Because I just moved and I'd like to verify it.

    39. Ryan Stout 2 eigene Projekte am

      @Angelito Jusay we are on track for April. Thanks!

    40. Ryan Stout 2 eigene Projekte am

      @ Pat O'Shea No problem. I just sent you a message.

    41. Avatar fehlt

      Angelito Jusay am

      Hi Ryan, do you have an updated ship date for this?

    42. Avatar fehlt

      Pat O'Shea am

      This was a gift for my girlfriend I’ve explained the issues you’re having but she would still rather something else. So unfortunately I’ll have to ask for a refund please.

    43. Ryan Stout 2 eigene Projekte am

      @Rena Gottfried and @Alberto Rojas-Maldonado no problem. I've issued your refunds. Really sorry about the delay.

    44. Alberto Rojas-Maldonado am

      Hello! April is also late for my trip to Iceland and Finland. I bought this product for the sole purpose of getting some help capturing night shots. How do I proceed for a full refund?

    45. Rena Gottfried am

      Hello, April is to late for my trip to the US. I would like the full refund, offered to other backers. Tell me how to proceed please. Thank you

    46. Ryan Stout 2 eigene Projekte am

      @Rebecca Tye Really sorry about the delay. We can do a full refund if you would rather not wait.

    47. Ryan Stout 2 eigene Projekte am

      @carlos restrepo Thanks!

    48. Ryan Stout 2 eigene Projekte am

      @Arno Van Huyssteen Yea, we've got a bunch of Fuji cameras we want to work on getting supported. Unfortunately, we haven't had much time to focus on adding more cameras. Once we ship though, we will have more time to add more cameras. If you need X-T10 support now, we can issue a full refund. Thanks.

    49. Avatar fehlt

      Rebecca Tye am

      At what point should I call it quits and ask for a refund? I planned to take this with me to Asia in late March...abd watch, cone March

    50. Avatar fehlt

      Pat O'Shea am

      Thanks for the update. I’m sure I speak for all of us when I say that’s all we want. To be kept in the loop as much as you can December and January was torture knowing nothing. So please keep the updates coming and for the most part we’ll be happy 👍