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A roleplaying game of professional assassination using an original, fast-paced dice pool mechanic. Play an assassin or be the Director.
A roleplaying game of professional assassination using an original, fast-paced dice pool mechanic. Play an assassin or be the Director.
36 backers pledged $1,516 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. The Warden 3-time creator on March 5, 2012

      Sent out the very first Killshot email update (AKA Bullet Points) this morning. If you haven't received them, check your junk mail or email me at and I'll resend.

    2. The Warden 3-time creator on February 27, 2012

      Thanks. Would have been double + $16 but someone's attempt at backing for $100 was cancelled by Kickstarter. Oh well, I'm incredibly happy with what we've achieved.

    3. Rone Barton on February 27, 2012

      You almost doubled your initial goal. Way to go!

    4. The Warden 3-time creator on February 22, 2012

      Thanks and big thanks to all the backers. Free copies of The Killshot Files for all backers!

    5. Rone Barton on February 22, 2012

      Past $1,200.... congratulations!

    6. The Warden 3-time creator on February 17, 2012


    7. Missing avatar

      2percentright on February 17, 2012

      Holy crap. Where did we suddenly get $500 worth of backers in less than 24 hours?

    8. The Warden 3-time creator on February 13, 2012

      Nah, you don't wanna do that. Directors have to set a good example for all the Assassins out there. Plus I'll have your character buried under a pile of something less sexy. ;)

    9. Missing avatar

      2percentright on February 10, 2012


      I keep thinking how I could be a real bastard and change my pledge to a lower level. ;-)

    10. The Warden 3-time creator on February 10, 2012

      Yes, but it'll be a closed casket funeral.

    11. Missing avatar

      2percentright on February 10, 2012

      "How do you want to die?"

      In my sleep, old, buried under a pile of sexy women. Can this be arranged?

    12. The Warden 3-time creator on February 10, 2012

      BOO-YAH!! The funny thing is that I was in the middle of writing an article for Roleplayer's Chronicle on the difficulties and challenges of raising funds for projects with the good news came in.

      I'll have some more comments and updates to add now that we're a go (and of course, more $ would be awesome), but suffice it to say I'll be looking for suggestions on forums to set up for Killshot playtesting and submission from Directors for their marks. How do you want to die?

    13. Rone Barton on February 10, 2012

      Funded, baby. Now come get me! (Taunts assassins with unfriendly gestures)

    14. Missing avatar

      2percentright on February 7, 2012

      Holy crap this guy needs to clean up his webpage. It took me forever and a day (in internet time) to dig through the possible locations he hid a simple hyperlink to download his show.

      Here's the hyperlink for the episode:

      Warning, it will likely autoplay in a browser. You'll have to right click>>save as to just download it to listen to at your leisure.

    15. The Warden 3-time creator on February 7, 2012

      Very nice! Thanks again, Andrew. I like the catch phrase "Your dice are trying to kill you!"

    16. Andrew Barrett-Venn
      on February 7, 2012

      2%, the blurb posted on today's (2/6/12) show of the Morning Stream at the 31:25 mark. It is just a short little thing telling people to check out the game on Kickstarter. If you're not familiar with the Mornig Stream, it is a morning show for all things geek and awesome. Here is a link to the show site. I don't know how to post a direct link because I get it off itunes, and I am not super computer smart. Things are looking great with 17 days still to go!

    17. The Warden 3-time creator on February 6, 2012

      Speaking of advertising, I've had a request from another backer for print ads to post on FLGS/community boards for Killshot and have some in mind. Nothing crazy, lots of white space to make it easy to print at home, but will be available for anyone interested to print out and post to help spread the word. With only $250 to go and 18 days to do it, I'd like to push for a new goal: 200%.

      They should be ready by tomorrow. Stay tuned.

    18. Missing avatar

      2percentright on February 6, 2012

      Andrew: You going to post a link when that ad airs?

    19. The Warden 3-time creator on February 3, 2012

      I want a word which says "awesome" and "spectacular" so I'm going with "awestacular!"

      10 days in and we're already at 50%!! At this rate, we can expect to hit $1500, which will be used for additional art in An Assassin's Journal and Direction. I'd like to have something special for The Director's Cut cover, but the size of this project has increased and will require some recalculations and consultations with the artist.

      On that note, I'm getting a bio of the artist, Kieron O'Gorman, ready for a future update. Aside from being the artist, he's also a playtester.

      I'll keep my ears open for the podcast, every bit helps and podcasts can only double that impact in my book.

    20. Andrew Barrett-Venn
      on February 3, 2012

      Following 2%'s lead - I sponsered a segment on The Morning Stream Podcast telling people to check out the game. Hasn't aired yet, but when it does it might catch a few ears

    21. Andrew Barrett-Venn
      on February 3, 2012

      Loved your latest update (#6). Taking the game to different eras sounds like a winning idea. I hope to run this game at cons, as it sounds like a great "one-shot" set up. Did I say "set up?" Probably not a great choice of phrasing in our profession...

    22. The Warden 3-time creator on February 2, 2012

      Can do. It'll be the latest version and already subject to changes, but I'll make the character sheet my next update.

    23. Missing avatar

      2percentright on February 2, 2012

      Are you going to have an update with a copy of a character sheet? I'm always a sucker for character sheets.

    24. The Warden 3-time creator on February 2, 2012

      First off, it's awesome to wake up to see more backers added to the Team. Welcome aboard! With 3 weeks left to go, hitting this mark comes closer and closer every day.

      As for hits and damage, 2percent, very early drafts of the game did have a "hit point" system and each attacks reduced points aided by weapons doing bonus hits. In fact, this version was used during initial tests of the Optional System in a fantasy setting and it worked to a degree, but there are two reasons why hit points didn't feel right for Killshot.

      First, they don't feel gritty enough, too fantasy. Second, falling back on a hit point system when so many other conventions of the game are so unique seemed out of place.

      For hit in damage made against an opponent, they take a -1 hit penalty to all active rolls. This builds until they reach -5 and die (cause having all your rolls reduced by 5 hits makes you useless). It also makes a kill shot of 5 hits fatal. Making a successful attack without any hits doesn't necessarily mean nothing happens to your opponent, it's just not hard enough to make an impact of a hit penalty. Gaining a bonus option allows you to immediately follow through with another attack right away. Think of it as pummeling your opponent. Plus, the same situation could happen to your character.

      All that aside, I'm including various game options for those who like to customize their games. Having a hit point system still works and if you want to use it, you can. A game using a mechanic called the Optional System should never be locked in stone. I plan to make variants of the game a big part of its continuity to help it grow and evolve.

    25. Missing avatar

      2percentright on February 2, 2012

      I don't know how hard set the rules are but if someone succeeded with the highest roll then they probably should actually succeed at the most basic level. If the shooter got the highest roll bit neither the defender nor the attacker got any "Hits" then the defender really shouldn't have dodged it completely. Not sure if you're using hit points or not but a situation like thY should do a single point of damage to be like he got winged in the shoulder or took some shrapnel.

      Also, instead of adding up *all* the dice why not just the top two? With the ability to add more dice to the total using some kind of ability or something? To cut down on calculation times?

    26. Andrew Barrett-Venn
      on February 2, 2012

      Sounds like a very interesting system. Pulling for it!

    27. The Warden 3-time creator on February 1, 2012

      The person with the highest total roll succeeds. From there, you determine how many hits each one rolled to determine effect. If you end up with 0 hits, it simply means you just barely succeeded enough to gain a bonus option. For example, you shoot at an opponent with a roll of 32 versus the opponent's defense of 30. The attack succeeds, but 0 hits means the opponent dodged the bullet to avoid being struck, but left him exposed for another attack.

    28. Missing avatar

      2percentright on February 1, 2012

      I've only just kind of skimmed through the testers' PDF you've linked. One thing that's getting me though is the results on "hits." in which, even if the player gets 0 hits he still succeeds. This seems a bit odd, not to mention a pain in the ass when the target is rolling as well. If the attacker gets 0 hits but succeeds and the defender gets 0 hits and succeeds...then...nothing happens? Paradox destroys the universe? And isn't success in the opposed roll based on highest die? So is the steps 1)Oppose roll 2)Determine who succeeded by who has the highest number 3)Calculate Hits 4)?????

      Though, to be fair, as I said I've only really read the PDF piecemeal

    29. The Warden 3-time creator on February 1, 2012

      Here's the RPGNet post on the Optional System mechanics. Some really good feedback there and it's been very helpful learning the initial reaction players may have to the game, particularly the idea of an opposed roll dice pool mechanic. I'm already taking suggestions from it to revise the Rules chapter.…

      On that note, any feedback regarding the Rules chapter posted in Updates would be very helpful. I've just finished a rewrite of it and will now be going in and making another revision to it for clarity and cutting back on some of the in-game flavor text. If there's anything else about it in particular, it would be very helpful towards this project.

      I meant to mention this earlier, but there's always a possibility this funding drive may fail because it's the first one set up by a "nobody." That's not going to get rid of Killshot; it's happening one way or the other. So regardless of how it pans out, everyone who backs the project will automatically be added to the list and be kept in the loop. The mere fact that you're willing to offer your hard earned cash to see this thing come alive is good enough incentive for me to include you in the process.

    30. The Warden 3-time creator on February 1, 2012

      I do have a couple of older threads on RPGNet about the mechanics of the game and how there's a Kickstarter fund for those interested to learn more. It takes a while for some momentum to build, but reaching 25% in the first week is excellent progress, I'm told, especially for a first project.

      I'm working on some suggestions given to me by a couple of experienced Kickstarters to give this sucker a boost and should have them ready by the end of the week. Thanks for the additional posts, it all helps in the end.

    31. Missing avatar

      2percentright on February 1, 2012

      I'm doing all I can to spread the word. Only been at it for about 24 hours though so I haven't seen much (or really any) impact on the Pledges.

      Posted here:

      and xposted here:

      Not to mention the normal places like Facebook/twitter/G+

      Hope it helps. Not sure if anyone has posted to yet, but maybe you could start a discussion on the forum. See if that gets some attention.