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I don't know if anyone's reading this, but people have to know. Nowhere is safe anymore. Stay away from strangers. Stay indoors.

I don't know if anyone's reading this, but people have to know. Nowhere is safe anymore. Stay away from strangers. Stay indoors. Read More
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This project's funding goal was not reached on July 8, 2014.

About this project

What is this?
It's a Zombie survival adventure video game, a form of interactive media whereby the owner participates in the events of the text and possibly affects the outcome.

Here are some of the things you can expect:

Darkness - Events have trapped the player in a building with the power failing. As time goes on, the environments will become darker and darker. The player starts with only a flashlight and their wits to face the dangers ahead...

Zombies - The creatures passively search the building for anything tasty to eat. The design of the enemies has them move in randomly selected paths, so each playthrough of each level will feel different and the player will never be certain what lays at the end of any dark corridor.

- The score will add to the feeling of uncertainty and insecurity in the level. The music for any given moment is dynamically chosen to match the action on screen.

Ugh, zombies?
Yes, zombies. We could say something about how zombies remain a popular feature in media, or flexible symbol of various thematic elements, or non-human enemies are less psychologically damaging to attack, or maybe SHUT UP!

So you guys are making this for XBOX, Playstation…?
This will be a PC and Mac exclusive game for the time being. It's being designed with the Unity®Pro engine, the same engine used by BroForce, Gone Home, and Kerbal Space Program, (Go, Unity Software!) and we plan to sell it through our website initially, as well as submit it for consideration to Steam Greenlight.

Where did this idea come from?
In game development, design concepts start very, very simple, before spiraling into something much more complex. Such was the case with Agoraphobia. What began as a template project evolved into something that we're using to reconstruct the experience of the first-person horror genre. It's not always about outfighting the monsters and sometimes running for your life is the better option.

Lay it out for me.
Agoraphobia is a survival/horror adventure game. What does that mean? That means that the player explores an area, finding items that will help the player or open the way out. While the player explores the darkened building, the undead hunt. You’ll never know if a zombie hides behind the door you’re about to open or down the sketchy corridor ahead of you.

We're producing this game as the first episode in what we hope will be a four episode franchise of a survivor getting to safety. Each episode would be set in a different location with its own challenges and puzzles. The continued story is dependent on game sales after the conclusion of this campaign.

For this first episode, we are looking to make each level last from 30 minutes to an hour for a total of 4-10 hours of gameplay, depending on how many of the stretch goals we meet.

So these Stretch Goals you mentioned...?
~Phase I - $20,000~
As stated above, we're looking for $20,000 to make the initial game. Over half of our budget is going to art, with another ten percent going to audio and music.

~Phase II - $4,000~
This level sees the complexity of the game itself increase, with more intricate tasks and environmental challenges being required of the player in their attempts to escape each level. Also, we'll unlock another reward tier at $750 featuring all previous rewards and you'll be assigned to an in-game NPC.

~Phase III - $12,500~
This level has us deepening the story and background of the game, basically doing more world-building and fleshing out the "little touches" that make things more fun for repeat playthroughs, with left behind journals, accessible computer terminals, and last-minute scrawls on the scenery.

~Phase IV - $7,500~
This final level is designed to polish the population of the game world by polishing the player models, NPC models and add additional zombie models.

Any money beyond this level of funding, we'd put towards more levels, more puzzles, more models, and more game content in general for Agoraphobia. We'd also be open to polling the community and asking what they'd like to see additional funds be used for.

This game sounds like it could be fun, but where's all your art, your mock-ups, your pre-renders?
The simple fact is, we aren't coming to Kickstarter after five years of pre-production, looking to our backers to get us over the last hump. This campaign is our complete run at producing this game in its entirety. We've storyboarded, architectured, designed, and outlined as much as possible on a shoestring budget, but extra talent cost money and we've wanted to hire additional full-time staff for a while. Modelers, artists, designers are available, but it takes contracts and solid capital to make things happen. We'd rather showcase what we've accomplished on our own for now, and not use smoke and mirrors to get backing.

Agoraphobia, the zombie survival game where fighting may not be the best option and the darkness doesn’t hide you from the enemy.

Risks and challenges

The number one concern of anyone backing a project like this is that even if they pledge money, will they ever actually see a game launch? It happens to the big name pros, what's to stop it happening to you guys?

Well, we already have a game that is stable, but without much pizazz. That's what we want to improve upon. We know precisely what direction the game should take and we know when we're veering off track and need to just get back to making a horror game.

It's understandable that not being "seasoned veterans of the industry" makes us seem like listless amateurs who'll never deliver anything. We've never gotten a chance to become professionals so we’ve decided to do it ourselves, with your help.

Despite taking our first big leap into indie game development, this isn't our first major business project. We’ve worked on projects for very demanding clients, some of the largest banks in the US, and one of the largest development firms in the Dallas area all spending millions of dollars to get things just right. We've managed vendors, staff, and large budgets before. We've been trusted with time critical tasks and executive-level decisions. It's definitely in our wheel house. We’ve gotten to do that as software developers, comptrollers, assistant managers, and team leads and now we want to do that as game developers and designers. Agoraphobia is about the "buck stops here" being a reality for us.

If our project gets funded, the number one issue faced isn't anything but time (and maybe computer glitches causing poor programmers to experience male pattern baldness). Beyond that, we're heavy advocates of K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid).We’ve done what we can, but the unexpected can still happen such as shipping delays, assets taking longer than originally planned to create, or family issues. We will be crafting the visual part of the experience as time goes on so there is a very real risk of the expected release date slipping as we work to achieve a unified visual presence that fits the feel of the game.

With those risks in mind, our production and release outline is built around flexibility and rolling with the punches. We have spent over 500+ hours on the back work already over the last year and one of us is working full-time on Agoraphobia already to bring you the best game that we can.

But our company's goal is to always be engaged with our customers in developing our products, as well as keeping them informed every step of the way, often with tongue-planted-firmly-in-cheek. So whatever mishaps or hiccups occur, you won't be the last to know. So whatever mishaps or hiccups occur, you won't be the last to know.

Thanks for reading, and thank you for your support. Your involvement and feedback will help shape the development and direction of the game and help us do what we love.

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