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You've never had artisan tamales like these!  In Chicago or at your doorstep!  Plus, farm to fork catering with a Rock-n-Roll edge!
You've never had artisan tamales like these! In Chicago or at your doorstep! Plus, farm to fork catering with a Rock-n-Roll edge!
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    1. michael on

      i still dont have my sweatshirt or tamales

    2. Zack Finer on

      Also, make sure to check your Kickstarter Inbox for a message or messages from GOTC - I was expecting some kind of certificate with which to pick up the tamales, but it was just a simple note indicating that I could come and pick up my tamales whenever. So you may want to check that out as well!



    3. Zack Finer on

      Hey folks - I have been in contact with Jeni Wahl from Get Off The Couch Catering, and expressed concern at the lack of communication on the Kickstarter site. She responded with the following message:

      "I'm just sending you a follow up message in regards to your rewards from our Kickstarter campaign in case you didn't receive my message via the internal Kickstarter site. Your rewards (a dozen tamales) are available for pickup at the restaurant anytime during business hours.
      In regards to the comment section on our campaign, all backers who have not yet received their rewards have received many private messages regarding the status of their rewards. So nobody has been left in the dark.
      Please let me know if you have additional questions."

      Since she and Get Off The Couch Catering are apparently unwilling to post a comment or update on this topic, I thought I would let you guys know.

      If you are looking for an update, my best advice is to contact Jeni directly via Facebook:

      Good luck!


    4. Christopher M Perez on

      Any update on my "reward" arrival? Got seem to have enough Tamales to sell in Chicago every weekend and day according to your Facebook page, I don't know why you can't fulfill your backers.

    5. Christopher M Perez on

      Have YET to hear ANYTHING about my "reward". Where are my Tamales?

    6. Christopher M Perez on

      WHERE ARE MY TAMALES? This is how you treat your backers, by not having any updates and not responding to those of us that have to sit and wait for nothing? However others that didn't believe in you get to enjoy tamales.

    7. james steele on

      got my box , thank you looking forward to trying them out.

    8. Bruce Brown on

      Three weeks now and not a word. You stated that you were ready to ship and yet you haven't. What is the delay? I am not being unreasonable, just want an honest time line. Again, what is holding back the shipments? Thank you.

    9. Bruce Brown on

      It has been over two weeks since you stated in your update, that rewards are ready to ship. OK, when did they ship and what is the expected completion date?

    10. Bruce Brown on

      It now has been over four weeks since we received the last update and we have not heard anything from you as to the progress. We know your storefront is now open for business. What is happening with the Kickstarter products? ? An update is in order. Finally when can we expect our packages? Thank you.

    11. Bruce Brown on

      It has been over three weeks since we received the last update. Surely something has happened. It doesn't take three weeks to make a tamale. Please let us know what is happening and when we can expect our packages. Thank you

    12. Missing avatar

      Beatriz Castillo on

      So no one else has received their goodies, yet?

    13. Jackie Erdmann Lopez on

      When is the estimated ship dates for the kickstarter items?

    14. Bruce Brown on

      What is the current estimated ship date? Thank you

    15. Missing avatar

      john dykstra on

      I'm gonna have to exercise alittle free speech here and just say: "FUCK-N-A its funded!!!!" oh and hell yeah also ;-)
      much love from Johnny, Angie and little T-Rose

    16. Missing avatar

      jody miller on

      A wise investment, trust me.

    17. Andrew & KayLeigh Maurer on

      Good for you Keith; I'm really happy life has smiled on you!