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WISH is a short film Written & Directed by Seattle filmmaker Norm Tumolva. This modern day genie story touches on themes of loss & hope

Norm Tumolva and his team of local Seattle filmmakers are currently working on production of Norm's debut film "Wish." The short will be a suspenseful, spectral narrative, sure to make audiences both squirm at times, as well instill thought provoking contemplation. Sincere characters and delicate dialogue form the basis for this modern day genie story that's core thematic elements explore the disparagement of attaining redemption through avarice and the folly of dealing with loss through denial.

We are currently in the process of production on the project and hope to submit the film to festivals later this year. While we already have the funds that we need for principal photography, there will be post production costs and expenses associated with submitting the film to festivals that we will need support to cover. That's where you come in! Please consider backing this great independent film project and get something cool in exchange for your support. We are committed to making a great film with the help of the Seattle film community and with the help of all of your support. Norm and the production team of WISH are grateful for your contribution, . Thank you all.


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