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GRiTworks, Inc.By GRiTworks, Inc.
First created
GRiTworks, Inc.By GRiTworks, Inc.
First created
pledged of 100.000 $ goal
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Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Sun, March 10 2013 3:07 AM UTC +00:00

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    1. Johan Skott on

      To bad this did not get successfully founded! I do still want one

    2. RJ

      Great product and I hope to have one in the future. These are something I would love to have and use. Please keep us posted.

    3. Michael Bugajski on

      Please keep us updated, looking forward to seeing more from ya'll in the future!

    4. GRiTworks, Inc. Creator on

      Hey Steam J,

      We appreciate the kinds words. We're not down and out, so we'll definitely keep you updated on future developments.


    5. GRiTworks, Inc. Creator on

      Hi Courtney,

      Thanks for backing us and for the very positive comment. Kickstarter is but one aspect of our launch plans and once it is over, we will be considering our next steps, especially with regards to any other Kickstarter drive. We will definitely keep you updated on our plans.

      Thanks again!

    6. Jason on

      Sorry you didn't make it. I could use a pair but let us all know what your next plans are.

    7. Courtney on

      Sorry, guys. Was really looking forward to one of these :(

    8. Courtney on

      Can't really see this hitting $100k in the next 48hrs, though you never know. Will you be running this again but with a lower pledge goal? I really want one of these GRiTs ;) Great product design guys

    9. GRiTworks, Inc. Creator on

      Hey Burzin,

      We really appreciate your comments and both your financial and verbal support! You have some good thoughts on the progression of our project here on Kickstarter, but we actually haven't given up quite yet! And this is only one of the avenues we're exploring to advance our project, company, and incredible line of products.

      We hope you'll continue to support GRiTworks as we move forward successfully, whether on Kickstarter or through other methods.

      Thanks again!

    10. RJ

      @GRiTworks - Thanks for the info! Appreciate it :)

    11. GRiTworks, Inc. Creator on

      Hi RJ,

      We know what you are referring to and that is precisely the reason we have 6 different sizes of eartips to allow just the right fit to seal your ear with minimal pressure. Unlike your Etymotics, our earbud design does not require the eartips to do double duty as the main means to keep the earbud in your ear. This means the tips can fit in your ear with much less pressure, translating into far greater comfort. For these reasons, we have not seen any need to offer foam tips.

      Thanks for the great question!

    12. Burzin Colah on

      p.s MAYBE a lil too high on the start up cost? dunno i may be completely off in saying that...

    13. Burzin Colah on

      hey guys this is an AWESOME and amazing idea at the time i pledged i had done so early with not much money adn was hoping to repledge more if it had taken off. REALLY sad to see it hasnt! wicked idea though and the best of luck for the future!

    14. RJ

      Saw these and I love the idea. I don't like walking in the city wearing headphones as you can't hear what is around you. So these would be perfect for walking around and being able to hear ambient sounds.

      I have a set of Etymotic's which I only use with their foam insert as the silicone ones hurt after a while. Would your inserts have similar issues and would you offer a foam insert?

    15. GRiTworks, Inc. Creator on

      Hey Michael,

      Thanks for your kind words! We might just be able to help you "try these out" since you're local. We'll be in touch.

    16. Michael Bugajski on

      Alright, I'm in. I was excited to see a Kickstarter from here in Carbondale- I saw the video, and I was like "I know those places!" But, I work out a lot, and tend to go through headphones that are either poorly constructed or very uncomfortable, so I am excited to try these out!

    17. GRiTworks, Inc. Creator on

      Hey Mike,

      Thanks a bunch for your excitement and support! We're very excited about the line too, and we promise it's even cooler in person. Everyone who sees/hears the prototypes are ecstatic about them.

    18. Mike Bender on

      Gritworks...I am so excited to get me some Nek-1's . I am a mobile nerd that travels a lot and think this is perfect for so many situations in my work and play... VERY VERY kewl product! I always joke about selective hearing after being married so long :) but this gives new meaning. Good luck on this project!

    19. GRiTworks, Inc. Creator on

      Hi Oscar,

      When we progressed through the design phases, we had mixed feedback regarding the use of an angled versus a straight jack/plug. If the majority of backers were to tell us that they would prefer an angled plug, we could make that happen! It is not too late to accommodate that request. As for offering more colors, we definitely want to do that. It all depends on reaching a critical order number to justify the production run. So the more orders we receive, the more colors options will be possible.

    20. Oscar Alvarado on

      Why not use a 90 degree jack or at least a 45 degree jack? Also, are there plans for other colors after the goal is reached? I'm a big fan of armature IEM's so I'm very eager to try these out.

    21. GRiTworks, Inc. Creator on

      Hi James,

      Thank you for the compliment and support. Yes it is certainly possible to create a NeK version of either the Wired or Bluetooth models but we did not offer it out of concern for the extra cost it would add. If you want to try soliciting support for these models, we are all ears! If there was enough demand, we would certainly do everything possible to fulfill it. Regarding the addition of a cable connect option for the Bluetooth model, we do not offer that but we will certainly keep it in mind for the future.

    22. James Marks on

      Looks like an awesome product. Couple questions. Can y'all make a nek version that is balanced so it has the better sound quality ? And also on the Bluetooth model do y'all have an optional 3.5 cable you can attach to it incase your somewhere that you can't charge it or you forgot to charge it?

    23. GRiTworks, Inc. Creator on

      Hey Patrick,

      The difference between the Dynamic and Balanced versions, besides color, is the type of speaker (“driver”) used. As the names suggest, the Dynamic version uses what is called a “dynamic, moving coil” and the Balanced version uses “balanced armature” speakers. Both are excellent at reproducing sounds across the entire frequency range, with the Dynamic version slightly favoring the lower frequencies, and both are especially good when paired with the powerful equalizer apps available for today’s smart phones and tablets.

      The big difference between them comes down to the clarity of the sound and their ability to reproduce the detail and nuances of your audio. The Balanced version will produce almost lifelike sound where you will hear subtle nuances like a guitarist’s fingers on the fingerboard, or the singer breathing between bars. For those who have used our prototypes, they are amazed to hear aspects of their music that they had never heard before. Almost like rediscovering the old songs!

      If you’d like more information, please ask, or visit our website for info on both products: http://www.gritworks.com/collection/rox/gem-1-dynamic/

      And thanks for your great question!

    24. GRiTworks, Inc. Creator on

      Hey Gregoire,

      We looked into the use of the Bluetooth 3.0 or 4.0 for our headset and discovered, just as most other stereo headphone manufacturers have found, that there were unfortunately no performance advantages over the 2.1 standard in real world usage. We are always investigating our options, and if we determine there's a significant advantage to the user in the long run, then we'll certainly look into implementing them.

    25. Missing avatar

      Patrick on

      I was curious what the difference is between the GeM-1 dynamic and Balanced earphones.

    26. Greg on

      Why you choose bt 2.0+?

      Bt 4.0 is consuming less energy and have bigger range.

    27. GRiTworks, Inc. Creator on

      Alastair, thanks for your support!

      No, our current line-up is not waterproof. The GeM series are similar to what you would expect from any other high end earphones and we wanted to stress the audio quality in our first product introductions. This higher quality audio requires the earbuds and mic units to be vented with very small ports to allow air movement.

      So they're unlikely to melt on a foggy day, but we can't promise they'll be completely safe in really wet conditions.

    28. Alastair Shields on

      I'm in, but I notice on your website that none of the headphones are waterproof. I tend to wear my headphones when I'm out running and, as I'm in the UK, this usually means running in the rain! Just how "not waterproof" are they - am I likely to ruin them the first trip out, or could they stand up to a small rain shower?

    29. GRiTworks, Inc. Creator on

      Hey Boris, thanks much for your support!

      You can find detailed specifications near the bottom of each individual product's page on our website. I've included those links below.


      Let us know if you have any more specific questions, and thanks again.

    30. Missing avatar

      b on

      Just backed, but can you post some specs please.

    31. GRiTworks, Inc. Creator on

      Hey Jeff, we're glad to hear your excitement! The mics are fully-functioning for communication, and they definitely amplify ambient sound, not to mention that's all controllable. So I think they might just meet all your needs! And the fit is a pretty great selling point, among others, so we're glad you noticed.

    32. Missing avatar

      Jeff Fryman on

      I can't wait to play with these things. To find out stuff like ... will the mics allow me to make a call while wearing a full face helmet? -or- Will they amplify the ambient sounds enough to hear more of your surroundings? Just the idea that they stay put comfortably, while active, sold me.

    33. GRiTworks, Inc. Creator on

      Yes Chris, the mics absolutely the mics can be used for making phone calls and that's true for all the models! And thanks for backing, it's much appreciated!

    34. Chris Alcantar on

      I didn't see it mentioned, but i was curious if one would be able to make/receive calls with the mic part of the headphones? Already backed, but was just curious! Looks awesome!

    35. GRiTworks, Inc. Creator on

      Yes Victor you are the first. Thank you so much!
      David and the rest of the GRiTworks team.

    36. Victor Carrano on

      Looks like I'm first. Good luck!!