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The Never Daunted Radio Network is looking to fund a new, expanded season of live podcasts (Up to 250 episodes).

The Never Daunted Radio Network is looking to fund a new, expanded season of live podcasts (Up to 250 episodes). Read More
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About this project

Since launching in March 2013, the Never Daunted Radio Network has grown a solid and reliable listener base at 11pm five nights a week. Covering a number of topics from today's headlines, the show gives listeners a unique perspective on the insanity we call our daily lives. Whether it's teakettles like look like Hitler or the difference between girls and women who go wild, listeners can rely on the Never Daunted Radio Network to bring the funny, while making them think.

Since launching, we've completed a variety of shows on a number of topics, and it looks like we're gaining traction and more fans. We know that there is a market for us, and we know we can grow our fanbase to even higher heights. The plan is to branch out and create a new year of episodes (around 250 episodes) at an expanded time and new 9 p.m. time. We don't plan on changing the show one bit, we simply plan on making the show better, adding things such as interviews with authors, celebrities and pop culture legends.

But we can’t make it happen without your support.


When we started the show, there was really only one goal - to put out a show every weeknight, even if we didn’t quite know what we were doing. We figured we’d learn along the way, with mistakes aplenty, which happened. It was trial by fire. We started developing the show back in 2008, which then split off and became someone else's show. Fast forward to 2013, and the Never Daunted Radio Network was born on a second whim, with a design to be focused on Indiana Basketball and other sports in general.

As the show took off, we realized that if we wanted to grow, we couldn't do it tethered to a sport that is relevant only three or four months a year. (Make no mistake, IU basketball is relevant everyday), so we decided to expand our scope beyond sports and take a look at the issues of the day, often with a less than serious tone. Learning our path has been a challenge, but now we know where we want to go, and how we want to get there. The show’s been hard, but we’re thankful for it.

In the beginning, it was a struggle just to fill 30 minutes of time, now that we have 40 shows under our belt, along with a co-host and new guests, 30 minutes simply isn't enough anymore. It's one thing to just make due, and something totally different to handicap something you love to do.


We’ve created a path to expanding the show and bringing it to an earlier time. We’ve thrown every last resource we have into putting up this Kickstarter. We’ve come up with a kick ass plan, and promised we’d tell everyone what’s going on. We’ve got a way to pull this off, and we need you!

Funding this Kickstarter will allow us to make the show bigger and better. We’ll be able to schedule shows well in advance, which is presently one of our biggest problems as no one can show up to do a live interview at 11 at night. We’ve also budgeted through the remaining roadblocks, such as a more reliable VoIP system that can run independently and make it easier for guests to call in and NOT get disconnected.

The clear goal is to create a year's worth of live podcasts, expanding to an hour or more and move up our live show into primetime hours (9 p.m. EST). We're not asking for you to pad our wallets, we're asking you to help truly build the show.


In asking you to help fund the show, we’re really asking you to do more than just show up. We're asking you to take ownership in your entertainment and come on on the ground floor of something really great. We also still want you to show up.

What we really want is for you to be an active collaborator on the show. We want your input, your feedback and your participation. We can't do this night in and night out without you, and it's not just your mind and your time we want...well, we want those, be we also need your creativity and your humor.


We have so many ideas about the direction of the show. There’s so much more to learn, so many more places to explore, so much more Bob Knight profanity to share. Our journeys need to go on.

If we at the Never Daunted Radio Network can be proud of anything, it’s being there four or five nights a week sharing the weird and wonderful that we run across. We may be looking for things to change some,  but we’ve got a plan to make the show even better. With your help, this will only be the beginning.

Let’s make this happen!

Risks and challenges

Nothing comes without risk. The entire point of our Kickstarter is to lay the foundation that builds a bigger and better show. This is our dream, and we want it to be a permanent one. We want to deliver a weeknight show that is consistent, and amazing.

While we're sure funding will allow us to expand and produce longer and earlier episodes of the show, ensuring guests show or always cultivating entertaining guests will be difficult at times. We may hit road bumps along the way but will do our best to overcome any challenges that arise.

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    Pledge $25 or more About $25 USD

    SPONSOR AN EPISODE! An entire episode will be dedicated to you! We’ll thank you (or whoever you want) at the beginning of each show. We’ll also throw in a small plug for whatever you want! Your website, blog, Twitter, you name it.

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    Pledge $50 or more About $50 USD

    EXECUTIVE PRODUCER CREDIT! Five backers will become executive producers. This means you’ll get to sit back without doing any of the work, and we’ll graciously credit you on every single episode for 25 weeks in a row - five producers for the first half of the year, five for the second half.

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    Limited 2 backers
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    Pledge $100 or more About $100 USD

    PICK A TOPIC! Finally, here it is! We’ll take any topic you provide and do a show on it! Along with doing your topic, we'll send you a signed copy of the show in question, along with a transcript of the same show.

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    Ships to Only United States
    Limited 1 backer
  4. Select this reward

    Pledge $250 or more About $250 USD

    CO-HOST A SHOW! Not only will you be able to select a topic of your choosing, you will have a opportunity to co-host an episode of the Never Daunted Radio Network in addition to a signed copy of the show and transcript.

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    Ships to Only United States
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    Pledge $1,000 or more About $1,000 USD

    QUARTERLY SPONSORSHIP! For THREE MONTHS, you will be a sponsor for up to 60 episodes of the Never Daunted Radio Network, your name or organization will be mentioned prominently during the broadcast, in addition to the show description before each show. You will also get the option to co-host one episode a month, along with receiving a signed copy and transcript for each show.

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