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Zombies as PCs, trust issues, cinematic rules, betrayal, shotguns, fast or slow zombies, hiding zombie bites -- it's all here.
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WJ MacGuffin

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PDF is almost done!

Hi folks, just sending out an update about the status of the project. In other words, I'm answering the question, "Where the heck is my stuff?" :)

The PDF is almost complete. All the artwork is placed, the headers indented, and the appendixes complete. We are now arguing with InDesign over the table of contents and the index, but we will win this argument soon. Unless the zombie apocalypse happens this weekend, we will email out the PDF next week!

Here's the rest of the schedule:

  • Once the PDF is done, we need to print a proof copy. That means we order a single softcover and see what mistakes we need to fix, such as artwork that doesn't print right. 
  • While doing that, we'll be editing the Triune RPG that everyone gets for free.
  • Then we'll be ordering our print runs, both softcover and hardcover. 

Be on the lookout for an official "Survey" from Kickstarter about this project. Despite the name, this is not a survey. (Go figure.) Instead, it's the official Kickstarer way to collect email, shipping addresses, and the like. 

Lastly, if you chose customization options (either in the introductory adventure or a zombified pic), please send us your options to if you haven't already sent it. Thanks!