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Zombies as PCs, trust issues, cinematic rules, betrayal, shotguns, fast or slow zombies, hiding zombie bites -- it's all here.
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New Outlive Outdead Companion book Kickstarter!

Hi folks, 

I know I said my last update would be the last one, but we've started a new Kickstarter campaign for a companion book to Outlive Outdead and thought you would be interested. Besides, we can use your support!

First, the book itself is a collection of five adventures, each with its own time period and rule modifications. We're talking caveman zombies, zombie knights, Jacobite zombies, even robot zombies! All are compatible with the Outlive Outdead book you have. 

What do we need? 

  • Backers! If you liked Outlive Outdead, you will definitely like the companion book. Head over to the Kickstarter page and take a look. We have plenty of reward levels and we offer something for everyone. 
  • Spread the word! You know how it is with small press game companies. We cannot afford advertisements, so we rely on word of mouth. If you like what you see on the Outlive Outdead Companion page, email your friends and tell them about it! 
Lastly, this really will be our last communication to you, so don't worry about getting spammed with emails and updates for the companion book.  

Thank you so much!

The Last Update

Hi folks! Yes, this is the last update about Outlive Outdead. That's because I'm finally close to finishing!

As of today, I have ordered all of the hardcovers and softcovers from Lulu. If you backed at the $25 level, your customized (or not) softcover should already be on its way to your home. (Those are shipped directly from Lulu.) I will be mailing out your stickers and/or other rewards in the next two days. 

If you pledged at the $35 or higher, the books will come to me first so I can sign them. Then I'll ship them plus any other rewards to your home. These packages will come from Aurora, Illinois (my beautiful hometown) and NOT from Lulu. Just so you know what to look for. Lulu says it will take a few days to get the books to me, so I'm guessing US residents will get their copy late next week or a little longer. Non-US residents ... I have no clue. International mail isn't an exact science, you know? Sorry about that!

Just because this is the last Kickstarter update doesn't mean I'm unavailable. If you don't get your book, have some questions about the rules, or just want to chat about rpg design, you are always welcome to contact me via email:

One last thing. I'm going to put Outlive Outdead up for sale in August. Would any of y'all be willing to write an honest review for sites like or rpggeek? Customer reviews are the bread-and-butter of small press marketing; they can make or break sales. I cannot offer anything in return--that kinda makes the review suspicious--but it would help my teeny tiny company a lot. I want to stress this is a request for an honest review, not a perfect one. You should be honest in your review. 

Well, there you go. It's been a wonderful ride, and it's all thanks to you. Seriously, thank you so much for your support! Remember, email me if you need anything. Take care, and remember: The zombie apocalypse is always just around the corner. 

-- WJ

Some softcovers are on their way, more to come

Hi folks,

As of this evening (07/11/12) a whole bunch of softcovers have left the printer and are on their way. Most of these are uncustomized versions because I only had to download the PDF once to Lulu. The customized versions are heading out as well, but these are slower because I have to spend 45 minutes uploading every customized PDF to Lulu separately. But don't worry--we are hard at work getting these out to you!

Speaking of which, if there is anyone who still hasn't received their two PDFs (Outlive Outdead and Triune), then please drop me a line. As far as I can tell, they've all been delivered to your email inboxes. 

One question: If we were to do another Kickstarter project--a collection of Outlive Outdead episodes set in different time periods with small rule additions--is that something y'all would be interested in backing? 

-- WJ

Printing begins this weekend

Hello backers! By now, everyone should have a link to download their PDF copy of Outlive Outdead. (If you don't, let me know!) That means I'll be sending PDFs to for printing softcovers and hardcovers. 

That also means the window to make changes is open but closing. If you need any changes to your PDF for any reason--typos, changed your mind about a customization, or whatever--please PLEASE send me an email ASAP!!! I really want everyone to get what they wanted, but once the print order has been given, there's nothing I can do. I will check for typos on my end but if you see anything that needs changing, let me know. 

Those at the $25 level will have the softcover mailed direct from Lulu to your address. (The "I Heart Zombies" sticker will come from me, though.) Those at the $35 level or higher will get their softcover/hardcover and assorted trinkets direct from beautiful Aurora, Illinois, USA--my home. Just so you know what to look for. 

One last thing. Once the last print order is on its way, we will be selling Outlive Outdead PDFs to the general public through DriveThruRPG, RPG Now, and Indie Press Revolution. We are hoping that some of y'all would be willing to write a review of Outlive Outdead and post it on the regular sites like, RPGGeek, EN World, etc. Small companies like us rely on word-of-mouth and customer reviews as our main marketing. And let's make sure this is abundantly clear: We are seeking honest reviews, and as such, we cannot offer any compensation for fear of muddying the review's authenticity. We know this game is awesome--we just need some other people to say so on teh interwebs!

Thanks again. You guys rock!

-- WJ

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