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32-page colorful children's book about Missy Moo, an adventurous cow that loves to try new things... In the debut adventure, SURFING!

About Missy Moo

Missy Moo, Where are you off to? (Surfing Adventure) is a fun story about a cow, Miss Moo! Whenever Frieda Farmer goes to town, Missy Moo is off, usually with her farm friends right behind her!  This time, Missy Moo is off to the beach where she wants to try surfing!  

Find out what happens while waiting for a wave.  Will Missy Moo and her farm friends get back before the farmer?

Inspired by my youngest daughter who liked to crawl enthusiastically away from me at the time, I would call after her, "Where are you off to, Missy Moo?"  Within months and the help of my other 2 wonderful children, I have more characters and lots of adventures for Missy Moo to go on.

Missy Moo really came to life in the hands of David Harston and his bright colorful illustrations and expressive faces of the farm animals.

Grateful For The Support Thus Far

From a husband willing to take the financial risk on paying for artwork, to family and friends that helped to edit Missy Moo and inspire other stories that I would love to bring to fans in the future.  I hope to find support from you now as a book lover.

In addition to providing funds in exchange for a book, a great way to support will be to tell your friends about Missy Moo and this project.  Throughout the funding period, I will be releasing artwork from the book meant to be shared with others far and wide.  I hope that you do just that.

Why are we raising $5,616?

The funding level of $5,616 will cover the following expenses:

  • Manufacturing of 1,000 books.
  • Shipping to the United States.
  • Delivery of reward copies.
  • Kickstarter and Amazon fees.


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