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Paper Sorcerer is a stylish first-person turn-based RPG with adventure game elements.
Paper Sorcerer is a stylish first-person turn-based RPG with adventure game elements.
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Character customization, skill mechanics, and search

Posted by UltraRunawayGames (Creator)

Thanks for all your support guys, we're all the way up to $1,500! You guys are the best!

I thought now would be a good time to go into more detail about the summons and character customization in the game. As of right now, there's a total of twelve summons planned for the game. Each summon has a base class, and once each reaches a certain level, you'll have a choice of two advanced classes.

The main way you customize characters is by purchasing skills and skill upgrades in town. Each character has a predetermined start growth but you can customize the characters by purchasing passive skills and skill upgrades. Also the class determines what kind of skills you can purchase, so when you choose an advanced class, that determines what kind of mid- and late-game skills you can get.  For example, the goblin is focused on disabling enemies, but if I wanted him to be more of a physical damage-dealer, I could buy him strength upgrades that would affect him permanently, or I could buy him equipment that increases his strength for now. The reasoning behind this is that money should be valuable through the whole game, not just in the beginning, and it shouldn't become useless late-game.

Next, the equipment system: all of the possible equip slots are: head, armor, weapon, off-hand, accessory one, and accessory two.
However, the only character that can equip all slots is the sorcerer. Summons each get three equipment slots, varying summon to summon. For example, the goblin has weapon, armor, and one accessory slot; whereas the imp has a weapon slot and two accessories.

Lastly, let's do a basic rundown of the summons you start with:

Acolyte: A corrupted priest, he's focused on protecting the party through buffs and healing injured. He can wear up to chain armor and use maces, so he isn't frail.

Starting Abilities:
Divine Power: gives the party a +2 damage adjustment, and generates 1 energy.
Focus: increases his magic stat, so he can heal more, and generates 1 energy.
Heal: restores HP of a party member, costs 1 energy.

Goblin: An agile thief, his focus is on disabling the enemy with status effects and stealing items. He can use leather armor and daggers.

Starting Abilities:
Stealth: gives him a 25% chance to dodge attacks, and a bonus to stealing, generates 1 energy.
Steal: steals an item from an enemy, generates 1 energy.
Trick Attack: attack with slight damage bonus and also dazes the enemy, costs a 1 energy.

Imp: Elemental damage dealer, focuses on fire and ice damage, and manipulating enemies resistances. Uses elemental bracelets to increase magic damage, relies on his demonic skin for defense [no armor].

Starting Abilities:
Ice Claw: deals ice damage, reduces enemies' fire resistance, generates 1 energy.
Fire Claw:  deals fire damage, reduces enemies' ice resistance, generates 1 energy.
Abyssal Frost: deals Ice damage based on how much energy you have stored up, consumes all energy.

Also I recently implemented and pinned down a search function too. Certain rooms, after you defeat all the enemies in the level, will have a contextual search icon appear in the corner.
If you click this option, then you have a chance to find treasure, a room feature, or... have a chance of springing a trap or encountering an enemy.
By implementing the search feature, I'm hoping that it'll spice up dungeon exploration and make every play session different.

By the way, today's my birthday. So I'm counting all pledges today as birthday presents! Thanks everybody! 

Hope you guys enjoyed the new info and screenshots, and see you next update! Thanks for your support and have a nice Jesse birthday and maybe say hi to your dad.


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    1. UltraRunawayGames Creator on

      The socks are for my feet of course. About the summons, they're with you all the time, like a normal party. You can have up to three with you at any time [four character total including yourself]. So later you have more than three, you swap them in and out of your party through the summon menu.

    2. Ryan

      Happy birthday dude :). I don't quite get what the socks are for but hey I don't judge. As far as the game goes the customization system sounds awesome. About the summons tho. Are they with you at all times or do you have to summon them during battle?