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Paper Sorcerer is a stylish first-person turn-based RPG with adventure game elements.
Paper Sorcerer is a stylish first-person turn-based RPG with adventure game elements.
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Posted by UltraRunawayGames (Creator)


So a couple of things to report today, first, found this useful tool, It lets you track a kickstarter's progress with with cool graphs. Everybody likes graphs, right?

We're also starting to show up a bunch online, too. Thanks everyone, for helping spread the word around!

Lastly, I got a question about how the game differs from Return of Werdna, and it made me realize that there isn't much info about gameplay up yet, especially how battles work, so I thought I'd post what I'm currently doing for that.

The overall battle system is different from the classic Wizardry model.
There are no to-hit rolls [all attacks always hit, except for special abilities that give a chance to dodge], instead all characters have a defense bar, which reduces incoming damage by a static number, for example, if you have a defense of 6, it'll subtract 6 from every attack that hits you, and your defense meter will go down one. Your defense is adjusted by armor and certain skills.

In addition to normal attacks, all characters have attack skills, these skill take anywhere from one to three rounds to refresh [to be usable again] and they're unique for each character, for example: one of the first summons you get, the goblin, has a trick attack that stuns the enemy and a stealth ability that gives him a chance to dodge attacks.

Normal attacks and skills both charge your energy meter. You use energy to execute more powerful abilities. For example: the goblin has a smoke bomb that can blind all enemies, but using it costs energy. The main goal in a system like this is to make it so that you don't constantly use only your normal attack, you have to strategically use all of your abilities. I'm currently balancing the game to be more difficult so that it encourages the use of all your skills and powers.

And as always, thanks for all of your support! You guys are awesome!


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    1. UltraRunawayGames Creator on

      Thanks for your support! I'm composing music myself, but if anyone is interested in composing music for Paper Sorcerer in exchange for credit, I'd be glad to give it a listen!

    2. Ryan

      Hello! so i just happened upon you kickstarter today. Love the over all concept and art style so you can count me in. I do have one question tho. As for your music. Are you writing it yourself or are you looking for outside help?