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A pixelart exploration game where you play a shape-shifting girl whose powers are destroying the world she is trying to save.
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New Rewards!

Posted by Andrew Stewart (Creator)

Well, here we are: creeping towards the final 48 hours and just 15% of the way to go! Kickstarter is due to send out notifications at midnight tonight to anyone who has starred the project.

This is also the perfect time to tweet about the game or recommend it on Facebook, so please do that as much as you can! Don't worry about getting blocked by your friends, they'll forgive you, given a little time...


New Rewards

This is normally the time of a campaign where creators tend to ask their backers to increase their pledges and help push the project over the line. As someone who has backed quite a few Kickstarters over the years, this was fine and didn't bother me.

But now that it's my own campaign, I don't want to just ask you to increase your pledges! It just doesn't feel right to me...

So, instead, I thought I'd add in a few additional rewards so that you can increase your pledges if there's anything there that takes your fancy!

New Soundtrack Tier

First up, we have a new soundtrack tier at £12. This tier does not include the art book. I had a number of people mention that they wanted the soundtrack but did not want the art book (even though it's going to be REALLY pretty), so I wanted to offer people the option to select either. 

That's what this tier is for. If you have already pledged at the art book tier, but you would prefer the soundtrack, you do not need to change your pledge - I will ask you which you want once the campaign is over.

If you want both the art book and the soundtrack, they can be had for just an extra £5 at the £17 tier. Please note that the art book is exclusive to Kickstarter backers!

Your Name In The Game

Not just in the credits, but in the game in the game. Let me elaborate:

I've hinted before at the many secrets in the game. Some of these secrets are hidden areas. I plan a mixture of hidden areas - some of them will clear homages to other games, some will be levels that focus on a single challenge and some will be the 'Fountains of Sacrifice'.

Giving too much away here would be pretty spoilery, but they will offer you a way to restore some colour to the world. There will be statues, tombstones and monuments in these areas and you will be able to read the epitaphs to learn more about the story.

I was originally going use random names in these epitaphs, but I think it'd be a lot cooler if it was your name in there!

If that sounds cool to you, check it out at the £30 level!

Collaborate On The Music - Limited To 2!

Priced up alongside the 'Design a Creature' reward at £95, this is the last of the new rewards. This is your chance to work alongside Fat Bard (Crashlands/Blitz Breaker) to compose a song that will appear in the game.

This is an extremely limited reward due to the level of involvement - you will hear your musical ideas in the game and will be credited for your contribution.

Please check out Fat Bard's other work here:

And that's it for the new rewards. I didn't want to spam a load in there, so I tried to just pick things that I felt would add value. I hope you all feel the same!


Fan Poetry

I had to get this in here. It's awesome.

I know a lot of games get some amazing fan art, and that's really cool, but Mable has inspired some fan poetry!

This was posted by @cynicalmonkey on Twitter. There's also been some lovely little Twitter sized compositions from @OliverSnyders. I think my favourite is this one:

"Magic's true curse 

Is ill understood 

Your power is a plague 

In Mable & the Wood"

So, I had a thought. It might be fun to write some more little poems don't you think? It could be an unusual way to generate a bit of interest in the game for these last 48 hours anyway!

@cynicalmonkey suggested the hashtag #MableandtheWords...

...I like it! 

I was planning to do a number of backer only (although feel free to share them) mini-games that I'd release during development, so I think that'd be a cool way to feature the best of the poems. If I can find a way to work them into the final game somehow then I'll let you know!


Healer's Quest

Finally, I'd like to recommend another project that I've backed recently.

Healer's Quest is an RPG where you play as the healer in a party of, basically, idiots. They get into all kinds of fights that they can't handle (because they're a bit rubbish) and it's up to you to keep them alive.

I backed this straight away because it just looked so unique and had a really nice sense of humour to it! The game was Greenlit in 8 days and has a demo that you can also play now.

The creator, Pablo, is in a similar situation to me - working on the game in his spare time while working a full time job and raising a young family. He's got 10 days left on the campaign and is 50% of the way there, so please check it out and consider supporting the project! 


And that's it for another update! Please remember to share as much as you can and don't forget to write me a poem ;)

I'll be back tomorrow for another update before we head into the final day...

...wish me luck!

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    1. Andrew Stewart Creator on

      Thanks Shawn :)

      Hopefully we can get a little poetry competition going too hehe

    2. Missing avatar

      Shawn Heatherly on

      The new tiers sound great, hopefully it'll provide some incentive for more people to back the project.