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The Gnomish Adventurers Project will produce a set of Gnome hero miniatures for dungeon-crawling, RPGs and 28mm tabletop wargames.
1,374 backers pledged $147,206 to help bring this project to life.

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Long Gunner (Male) & Assassin!

Greens/Casting Updates

We have the greens for the Long Gunner & Assassin to show you.

The Female Long Gunner & Demolitions Expert are about done too. Meaning we will most likely send off all of Knobstreet Securities Services to the casters early next week.

Forkstrom & Crab Inc. are making their way onto the sculpting table now.

We'll have Heroes of Sprocketshire samples in our hands early next week to show you as well. :D

Shipping News

We have been sending out McKrakken's Glory Squad Sets to those who exclusively ordered them, along with a few orders from backers who ordered 1 or 2 of the gnomes from the set. :D

Been a busy week! Have a great weekend!

Friday - 4.19.13

Late update today because all the packaging we have been doing!

Greens/Casting Updates

  • Not much to report from our caster. I would think we'll hear something about samples of Heros of Sprocketshire next week.
  • Mckrakken's Glory Sqaud showed up this week! Again, I want to mention that we have enough of these minis to fit every KS order that has MGS a part of their order (plus any extras that were ordered of individual miniatures from MGS).
  • Mike is working through Knobstreet Securities Services. The bits are done & we have Green WIPS of the Brawler & Monk!

Dice/Bases Update

  • A reason you should always pick up your phone, even if you do not recognize the number coming in - It may be great news!
  • Imagine my delight when UPS called me on Tuesday to inform me that they wanted to clear a shipment through Customs for us from the UK. :D
  • All dice & bases arrived on Thursday! Meaning...

McKrakken's Glory Squad Shipping Info.

  • Those who only ordered Mckrakken's Glory Squad (this includes those at the levels of choosing 1 miniature of your choice & 2 minis of your choice if they were figs from Mckrakken's Glory Squad) listen up! We are planning on shipping your orders out between April 22nd - April 23rd!!!!
  • If you happened to move, you need to let us know ASAP. If we do not hear from you then we will be shipping to the address you provided us. If you forward your mail through the USPS than your package should eventually make it to you if you did move without letting us know (cause I deserve to know everything about your life!!!!)

I am around tonight, answering e-mails/messages. If I don't answer you today look for  an answer from me on Monday! :D Happy Weekend everyone!

Friday - 4.12.13

No pictures today! But! I do have news.


  • The bulk order we put in for McKrakken's Glory Squad will ship to us today or early next week from the caster. So, we should have all the gnomes/figs for McKrakken's glory squad that we would need to fulfill all orders for the Gnomish Adventurers KS in our hands next week! Other than the individual gnomes requested from this set, we will be packaging them up for the most part into the MGS group, so that when bulk shipping for this project is due, they will be just ready to pop into backer's orders.
  • Heroes of Sprocketshire Greens required a little bit of sculpting fills from the caster, but it seems they are already making their way through the Master Mould room. I don't have an ETA on samples yet, but I would assume we'll see them sooner than later.
  • Knobstreet Securities Service Greens will be arriving next week (we almost snuck one in, but he's not ready yet). 
  • We are just plugging along on this front!


  • I should have an update on this next week on where we are at with them.

Issues with Orders

    • Sometimes, things get mixed-up in orders. Especially if it is an error on our side, we are very open to fixing it (as a happy customer is well... happy!). I feel that most who have worked with us on fixing any mishaps would say we are pretty flexible on this front. On this note, we will be creating a new policy concerning any issues that arise with orders.
    • New Policy: We will be limiting the request time period for fixing any orders to 30 days from the time you get your order. We'll remind backers of this as we get ready to ship orders out.
    • We have to put some sort of time limit on this, because we might not always carry something in stock and if you inform us 3-5 months after you have received your order that something was miscast, missing, or just plain ugly... we might not be able to do anything about it. We apologize about any inconvenience this causes our backers.

May 2013

  • There is going to be a time in May that Petra will be out of commission for maybe a week (at least 2-3 days on the e-mailing front), because of a new super-duper secret gnome that will be arriving. This time cannot necessarily be predicted as these things happen when they happen (though the ETA is towards later in the month). This gnome is exclusively Petra's and she won't be sharing (well maybe with a select few..). Just a head's up if things go dark for a day or two in our communication to you. We thought it only fair to let y'all know that there might be a blip on that front.
  • This won't affect May orders going out.

As always, please contact us if you there is something you'd like to say to us. I usually like compliments about the state of my freckles.

The Men of Sprocketshire Have Arrived!

For your Viewing Pleasure

Death Knight


Mad Scientist

Other Green/Casting News

  • Production moulds for McKrakken were being made this week and then they were going to begin casting up the lot of them!
  • Heroes of Sprocketshire will be making their way to the caster early next week and then will push through the Master Mould room from there.
  • Knobstreet's sprue is done, but no pictures yet. Other figures from that group are in various stages of greeness. I don't think we will have any greens for you next week, but they should follow soon after.

Dice & Bases News

  • There may be a slight delay on getting the shipment from the Dice & Bases company. They said anywhere from 8-10 weeks from when we put the order in (and then they have to get here from the UK). So, they may not get here till early May. This really would only affect Mckrakken's Glory Squad sets that are due in April, as all the dice for each set and all the bases are coming in this shipment. We are watching it closely for updates and will keep you informed about what is happening.
  • In the meantime, if we have to wait on the dice & bases (though we hope that is not the case) then we'll be packaging the gnomes up, so that when the dice & bases arrive we can just ship them right out.
  • I believe, if there is a delay it will only be into the first week of May. And again, it will only affect this first group going out (as every die & base for every set will be in the shipment we are expecting to get).

If there is anything you need help with please contact us! :D

The Heroes of Sprocketshire Greens Continue to Arrive!

We have some more greens from the Heroes of Sprocketshire to show you.



We'll have the rest of the Heroes of Sprocketshire Greens for you next week! The Mad Scientist almost snuck in with this bunch, but alas the sculptor saw something he needed to fix. Picky Sculptors! Knobstreet Securities Services greens are being cycled into the vacated Heroes of Sprocketshire greens spots. 

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Enjoy your weekend! :D