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The Gnomish Adventurers Project will produce a set of Gnome hero miniatures for dungeon-crawling, RPGs and 28mm tabletop wargames.
The Gnomish Adventurers Project will produce a set of Gnome hero miniatures for dungeon-crawling, RPGs and 28mm tabletop wargames.
The Gnomish Adventurers Project will produce a set of Gnome hero miniatures for dungeon-crawling, RPGs and 28mm tabletop wargames.
1,374 backers pledged $147,206 to help bring this project to life.

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Saturday -Caturday (5.11.13)

No, I'm not that lucky. Still waiting for the big day.

Greens/Casting Update

  • We got the HoS samples again and they are looking good. Expect an extra update early next week with pictures of those samples. We have green-lighted the mass production of them. :D
  • Knobstreet Greens are working their way through the master mould room.
  • Forkstrom Greens are working their way across the sculptor's table. They are coming along splendidly and we should have pictures sooner than later.

Not too much else. Short update, but an update! :D

Have a super-duper awesome weekend!!

Greens Update!

Here are the Greens for the Long Gunner (Female) & the Demolitions Expert! :D

Have a great weekend everyone! 

Friday Update - 5.03.13

Late Late Late! I know! It has been a sick week here for me - your updater extraordinaire. Neat excuse, huh? >:P

Greens/Casting Updates

  • I'll update tomorrow morning with pictures of the Greens for Long Gunner (Female) & Demolitions Expert. They are already off to the caster, along with the rest of Knobstreet Securities Services.
  • Forkstrom & Crab Inc. are on the table and in various forms
  • We should have the troll done this month too. So expect pictures later on of him.
  • Casting Update - The HoS samples needed to be fixed, so we had them send back the greens (which mainly survived the master mould process). Mike fixed the greens and we overnighted them back to the caster, along with KSS. We evaluated what the problem was and know how to avoid it and will avoid in the future. Our caster sees there being no delay for getting HoS back to us this month, but be aware in case there is (I'll update about this)

That really is it this week. I'll be back tomorrow with pictures of Greens, so do not fret! Everything else is great here (we have all MGS sets packed together - so that will ease packaging times later on in the process!) Thanks for being patient with me this week!

Long Gunner (Male) & Assassin!

Greens/Casting Updates

We have the greens for the Long Gunner & Assassin to show you.

The Female Long Gunner & Demolitions Expert are about done too. Meaning we will most likely send off all of Knobstreet Securities Services to the casters early next week.

Forkstrom & Crab Inc. are making their way onto the sculpting table now.

We'll have Heroes of Sprocketshire samples in our hands early next week to show you as well. :D

Shipping News

We have been sending out McKrakken's Glory Squad Sets to those who exclusively ordered them, along with a few orders from backers who ordered 1 or 2 of the gnomes from the set. :D

Been a busy week! Have a great weekend!

Friday - 4.19.13

Late update today because all the packaging we have been doing!

Greens/Casting Updates

  • Not much to report from our caster. I would think we'll hear something about samples of Heros of Sprocketshire next week.
  • Mckrakken's Glory Sqaud showed up this week! Again, I want to mention that we have enough of these minis to fit every KS order that has MGS a part of their order (plus any extras that were ordered of individual miniatures from MGS).
  • Mike is working through Knobstreet Securities Services. The bits are done & we have Green WIPS of the Brawler & Monk!

Dice/Bases Update

  • A reason you should always pick up your phone, even if you do not recognize the number coming in - It may be great news!
  • Imagine my delight when UPS called me on Tuesday to inform me that they wanted to clear a shipment through Customs for us from the UK. :D
  • All dice & bases arrived on Thursday! Meaning...

McKrakken's Glory Squad Shipping Info.

  • Those who only ordered Mckrakken's Glory Squad (this includes those at the levels of choosing 1 miniature of your choice & 2 minis of your choice if they were figs from Mckrakken's Glory Squad) listen up! We are planning on shipping your orders out between April 22nd - April 23rd!!!!
  • If you happened to move, you need to let us know ASAP. If we do not hear from you then we will be shipping to the address you provided us. If you forward your mail through the USPS than your package should eventually make it to you if you did move without letting us know (cause I deserve to know everything about your life!!!!)

I am around tonight, answering e-mails/messages. If I don't answer you today look for  an answer from me on Monday! :D Happy Weekend everyone!