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By Tori Edwards & Tina
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Sleeping Rooster Farm

The Sleeping Rooster Farm Our farm started quite by accident. My mom was raised a city girl and tom boy. We never dreamed of farming, much less living so far from a Super Wal-Mart or city limits. One day, my mom and I went to Southern States to buy a 50# bag of dog food. An hour later, I had spoken and we walked out with a dozen chicks and over $300 worth of brooding equipment and feed. Since then, we have expanded, exploded is more like it! At our peak, we had over 200 birds in stock and people asking us to ship chicks and adult birds across the United States! We absolutely love the many aspects of breeding and raising our own poultry! We are particularly fond of the more rare and exotic patterns that grace our farm. People have always asked about our rare varieties and how they can get birds of their own. Even though we have only been doing this a few years, our presence on Facebook and our website have extended our reach. We have everyone from farmers, pet lovers, and poultry show enthusiasts to families asking about our birds. They see the benefits beyond owning a colorful animal, they long to own these beauties or to become more self-sufficient. We have a living rainbow of birds. With this business, we hope to share some of that beauty and joy that comes from raising your own flock. But, that’s not all we enjoy. We also enjoy the benefits of sustainability that the birds provide. Poultry was and is still an excellent source of protein. From the eggs and meat, to the beautiful feathers and the unconditional love these animals provide, nothing in this endeavor is ever wasted. We are reaching across the US to give sustainability and self-sufficiency a new breath of life. Poultry is often called the “gateway animal” to farming. Raising the birds up to the point of harvest is a meaningful and enjoyable process. It means that you are in charge of what you feed your selves and families. It also means that you care for and nurture the animals. Children can help & take part too! Life lessons abound when you raise your own food and flock. Whether you raise poultry for food, or whether you keep them as pets, we hope that you will find the perfect birds from our farm to bring to your home.

Risks and challenges

The risks of our potential business are minimal due to the head start we have with a few years of experience raising rare and exotic breeds of poultry. We have bred, hatched, and raised to adulthood our own birds; and we have dealt with the occasional death. We have a well established flock that we will continue to breed for the furtherment of the business. Bio-security is taken seriously and we are careful in the daily handling of our flock.

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    Sleeping Rooster Farm

    Sleeping Rooster Farm produces and distributes it's own young livestock for clients within the state of Virginia. Your reward will be a chance to receive a Sleeping Rooster Farm prize package AND helping a Young Entrepreneurs Academy student! She already has her own breeding stock and successfully sells her birds throughout the state. The monetary backing will allow her to expand her reach across the US, where potential clients are already asking for her chicks and other products! Tori already produces and distributes! Please help her expand! Thank you for your consideration!

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