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The biographical adventure of John Draper (Captain Crunch). Legendary Internet pioneer; notorious 'Phone Phreak'; privacy advocate.
The biographical adventure of John Draper (Captain Crunch). Legendary Internet pioneer; notorious 'Phone Phreak'; privacy advocate.
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Further (and more longwinded) clarification on the postage chargeback post

Posted by John Thomas Draper & Craig Wilson Fraser (Creator)

Some people seem to be confused about their postage charges, and have disputed their charges.

As we stated in the comments of the last update, it was our mistake and the charge for postage evidently appears as "BTLBB". (Not stripe, as previously thought)

There are no more charges or fees coming.

We feel we've been super honest and open every step of the way. We've repeatedly apologized for confusion, and been open about any mistakes we've made. Kickstarters are not our profession, this is a crowdfunding community to get creative projects completed and that's just what we are doing.

It's been a labour of love primarily for most of us involved, and we definitely feel like we've done our level best to be both professional and transparent. We've worked for 3 years on this - with no compensation because we feel this story needs to get out. So please, be patient with us, and understand that we are all actually working other jobs to support ourselves while we do this.

Current status: We are receiving items in the warehouse already.

Anonaboxes have arrived, whistles and boxes are set to go to manufacture and the books are in final proofing.

We've repeatedly said: Anyone that does not want to be involved doesn't have to be, and by all means, please just send positivity and love now. You'll get your rewards, and you'll get them as promised and some extras too.

Thanks for your patience.

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    1. John Thomas Draper & Craig Wilson Fraser Creator on

      @ phrxmd. Thank you. Point noted :)

    2. Missing avatar

      phrxmd on

      Guys, thanks for your work. I can see that you're passionate about it and I'm sure the final result will be worth it.

      That said, just remember in the future that all of this can be avoided if you communicate clearly - which also means being clearer yourself before you communicate. If you look back along the string of updates and see how many updates have been essentially about the same things, you'll see what I mean.

    3. John Thomas Draper & Craig Wilson Fraser Creator on

      @ Tim. Thank you. We did anticipate the costs of backerkit, and are covering them from the pledge amount, so nothing hidden there. There was full transparency. The only costs that some people had genuine concerns about was the shipping, which we admitted fault on the confusion of. Apologies again. We used the best overall format we could find in the end, and we truly hope everyone understands that our intentions have always been in the right place.
      Best regards
      The BTLBB team

    4. Missing avatar

      Tim McNerney on

      Yeah, well, underestimating the total cost of the rewards is one way to get people pissed at you. Using a 3rd party fulfillment service certainly bumps up the cost. You could have anticipated that. It only cost like $1.90 to media-mail a book. Asking people to pay “postage” after they pledged is not cool. It’s *never* happened to me before.

    5. John Thomas Draper & Craig Wilson Fraser Creator on

      @ Alexander. Thank you so much. We are all new to crowdfunding and we're trying :)

    6. Missing avatar

      Alexander Lilic on

      I don't know the details - but it seems from the above post that the team is passionate, genuine and trying to achieve something, so I say "don't worry - just do your best" :-)

    7. John Thomas Draper & Craig Wilson Fraser Creator on

      @ Stein. Thank you so much for your support!

    8. John Thomas Draper & Craig Wilson Fraser Creator on

      @ Ray. Apologies if it read that way. I have edited out any expression of frustration on our end.
      Best regards
      BTLBB team

    9. Missing avatar

      stein on

      Keep up the good work! Happily awaiting the good stuff!

    10. Ray Watson on

      Scolding all of your supporters because of the actions of two or three people is not only unwarranted, it is also immature and short sighted. News flash: the people who charged back their postage will not respond to your scolding email, and the people who would never even consider charging back postage are suddenly now aware that they could do so. Don’t send me emails like this one. Your incompetence is not my problem.