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The advertising business is not an equal one. Our goal is to change that by highlighting female creatives globally.
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SEK 180,279


In November 2016 we launched Kreatö, an online search engine based on a register of Swedish female creatives. The site enabled anyone to search for female brain-power based on profession and number of years in the industry, whether the purpose was to hire a new colleague or simply to find a female role model.

The project was created by us, Lina Franzon and Johanna Johansson, friends and former colleagues. A Copywriter and an Art Director. As agencies have been hiring, we’ve both been frustrated to hear, time after time, about the lack of female creatives. So we decided to once and for all put an end to that myth.

With help from developer Johanna Tano we built a website, and contacted every Swedish agency and production company we could think of to invite women to join. When we launched, one month later, about 100 creatives had signed up in advance. And two days later we were over five hundred.

(For clarification; being part of the register did not mean you were looking for a job. It meant you were a woman in the industry and supported the cause of highlighting that there are many of us.)

But Sweden is not the only country struggling with equality within the business. In the e-mails we received after the launch, many women described a similar problem and the need for a French, English, Norwegian (etc) version of the site.

Now the time has finally come to make the project global. But in order to succeed, we need help from the industry itself.

That is why we now turn to you, agencies and production companies (actually anyone with an industry connection), to ask for your help in funding development of the global site. Because making our industry equal is a responsibility we all share.

All funds donated to this project will go to the development of the website. Back- and front-end coding, design and testing of the site before launch.

The global Ad Women project will enable any female creative to sign up to the register regardless of where they are operating. The professions categorized will be extended, covering everything from copywriters, art directors and designers to directors, account managers and developers. Just to mention a few. And the search function will be more specific and improved.

This way, employers all over the world will have the opportunity to search for the competence they are missing locally. And women in the industry will always have a counter argument to anyone opposing equal recruitment.

All project funders, businesses or individuals will be rewarded with their name or logo on the website when finished. And receive continuous updates on the project progress after the Kickstarter ends.

Lina Franzon & Johanna Johansson
Lina Franzon & Johanna Johansson


Risks and challenges

The only risk we see is if the industry would show a lack of interest for both the problem, and the solution we are trying to create. If we wouldn’t manage to fund our project through this Kickstarter, we must look for other alternatives in order to fund the development of the platform.

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