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A book of roleplaying scenarios that span the globe and deliver a walloping punch of pulp-era adventure for Hollow Earth Expedition.
A book of roleplaying scenarios that span the globe and deliver a walloping punch of pulp-era adventure for Hollow Earth Expedition.
216 backers pledged $13,475 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Jeff Combos Creator on June 7, 2013

      Thanks, Mike! As it happens, I'm working on the Mars Kickstarter now. Give me a couple of weeks and I'll have something to show you.

    2. Missing avatar

      mike bowie on June 7, 2013

      Loved Perils, any word on Mars yet?

    3. Jeff Combos Creator on May 22, 2013

      @Wulf: I'm glad you received your book. Enjoy it! As for the color characters, we didn't quite make that stretch goal, so layout was done with the B&W versions. So we don't have the full, color characters to post online.

    4. Missing avatar

      Wulf Corbett on May 22, 2013

      Got my book. Nice. Are the colour character archetypes available yet?

    5. Jeff Combos Creator on May 15, 2013

      @Erv: You may also want to check out the HEX Facebook group and/or the Exile Game Studio web forums for players. They're all over, so you may find someone there.

    6. Erev on May 15, 2013

      So, I know that there aren't many of us on here, but would there happen to be anyone in Southern California looking for a game? Northern OC area?

    7. Jeff Combos Creator on April 22, 2013

      You got it right, Keegan. Secondary attributes are not doubled. Only primary attributes are doubled before they are rolled. And in the case of Sanity, it is tracked like Health and not rolled at all.

      Great question!

    8. Keegan Fink
      on April 22, 2013

      I think what got me confused was that the core rulebook says attribute rolls get doubled on page 43 of the printed book, but it later specifies under the section on "Difficulty" (waaaay back on page 108) that secondary attribute rolls are taken at their base value while only primary stats are doubled. Sorry for rambling here to myself!

    9. Keegan Fink
      on April 22, 2013

      I think I'm starting to better understand the whole horror/sanity thing here too: sanity is derived from totaling a PC's intel+willpower, but the stat for sanity (a secondary attribute) is merely a passive stat meant to be TRACKED in order to assess a PC's "mental" health. I now see that all horror checks are made with Willpower x2 (enforcing the doubling rule for primary attribute checks). If the horror check fails to succeed (using willpower as the test), then the sanity STAT is reduced. So basically, this is a lot more like Call of Cthulhu's BRP model of sanity loss than I thought. I guess the quirky thing is that you're not really meant to "test" secondary attributes, as Ubiquity really pushes players to make skill checks and or unskilled checks, with the occasional attribute test (typically using the primary ones only). Thanks! I think I puzzled is out (with a nice amount of help from Tyler over on the HEX user group on Facebook).


    10. Keegan Fink
      on April 22, 2013

      Apologies to Jeff for asking this via KS message as well, but I'm very curious about the answer (and maybe some of you Ubiquity masters can help me out):

      Question regarding "HORROR/SANITY" as described in the book: Jeff, first off thanks for the lovely PDF! Second, I have a quick question regarding attribute rolls as they pertain to primary and secondary attributes. In the HEX core book, it says that attribute rolls use a dice pool equal to 2x the attribute number. Got it.

      Does this apply to BOTH primary and secondary attributes? I ask only because secondary attributes are the sum total of two DIFFERENT primary stats, so the actual secondary stat will be much larger than a primary number alone. Are dice pools for secondary attribute rolls meant to be doubled?

      What got me asking was the example for Horror/Sanity checks in Perils of The Surface World. In the example given by the book, the player Marco tests his Willpower (level 2) multiplied by two, thus rolling 4 dice for the horror check. Why doesn't Marco roll his SANITY (sanity = willpower + charisma) attribute stat? I'm looking to use the arctic scenario in a session this weekend, and I'm a bit new at all this. What's the point of san=will+char if Marco only tests his willpower?

      Have I misinterpreted how attribute checks work? If someone were testing their Perception (let's say they have 6 stat) to notice a hidden object, would they roll 6 x 2 = 12, or would they roll JUST their willpower or JUST their intelligence (since percept = will + intel) and multiply by two?

    11. TeichDragon on April 16, 2013

      What? What? What???
      Third Expansion...!?1?111oneoneeleven

      Gnah... And here i was about rest my kickstarter activity.
      Start it now Jeff - and count me in!!!

    12. Jeff Combos Creator on April 15, 2013

      @Karl: The third expansion is Revelations of Mars, which we're planning to Kickstart after Perils is out the door. So the proposed Companion book would follow Mars so that we could make sure that we include all the rules stuff for reference.

    13. Karl R. Olson on April 15, 2013

      Jeff Combs said "We've been thinking about putting together a "Hollow Earth Expedition Companion", which would be a compilation of all the rules bits from the core rulebook and the three expansions."

      Wait? 3 expansions?

      Secrets of the Surface World and Mysteries of the Hollow Earth...

      Does that number (3) include this adventure compilation or did I miss one?

    14. Jeff Combos Creator on April 13, 2013

      I have the PDF and just need to test it out and make sure the delivery is working correctly before sending out all the codes to everyone. But I expect it to happen by 4/15. Additionally, I've already placed the order for the physical books but the printer has not committed to a date when they will ship out. I'll be sure to let you know as soon as I find out, though.

    15. Keegan Fink
      on April 12, 2013

      Wouldn't want to rush perfection, not this close to the finish anyway ^__^

      I too am verging on a new campaign, and the keeper's screen/dice/books will go a long way to making that easier. That said, I'd much rather the orders go out safe and sound.

    16. Missing avatar

      mike bowie on April 12, 2013

      Can't wait. Are we still on for this week? I'm starting a campaign next week.

    17. Jeff Combos Creator on April 7, 2013

      Thanks, Keegan. I'll be sure to let everyone know when the RoM project is going to go live. Until then, I'm focused on getting Perils shipped out and lining up lots of new and unique rewards for Mars.

    18. Keegan Fink
      on April 7, 2013

      Nice! I know a lot of people would relish a core book for Ubiquity, but I'm aware that Exile is eager to get "HEX: Revelations of Mars" out the door first. I'm looking forward to backing you again once that Kickstarter goes live ^__^

    19. Jeff Combos Creator on April 6, 2013

      Funny you should mention that, Keegan. We've been thinking about putting together a "Hollow Earth Expedition Companion", which would be a compilation of all the rules bits from the core rulebook and the three expansions. That way people won't have to flip between all the books when making characters or looking something up. You'd still need the other books for setting and story info, though.

      Aside from that, we also have a desire to go a more generic Ubiquity book. But we want to get all the HEX products out the door first. So that's still a little ways off yet.

    20. Keegan Fink
      on April 6, 2013

      @Jeff: Here is an off-the-wall question - will Exile ever end up producing an all encompassing HEX "core" book? I could see something like that being a real hit (after your Mars book is out the door of course). Perhaps Wiggy from TAG would be kind enough to allow you to import some of their own home brewed Ubiquity mechanics into a centralized core system book.

    21. Keegan Fink
      on April 6, 2013

      Glad to see the new production proof images! The cover came out looking very nice indeed. Great work Jeff!

    22. ...the rich on March 8, 2013

      i agree with mike, space rockets and airship drawings and maps would be totally awsome!
      glad to hear there is a cool mars map in the works. "common" building maps (houses, temples, factories) could be cool.
      drawings of unique plants of strange looking weapons might also make for good visual for players.
      some unique tie-in items maybe. secret earth space projects that might somehow have made it to mars, the sphere from "First Men In The Moon" could be cool too (i know, copyright, but it's a fun thought).

    23. Jeff Combos Creator on March 1, 2013

      Good. Then it sounds like I'm on the right track. Thanks for the input, Mike!

    24. Missing avatar

      mike bowie on March 1, 2013

      Can't really think of anything beyond the usual rewards: extra content, colour printing, pre-made characters, adventures, etc... But I am a huge fan of high-quality maps, maybe a map of a major Martian city, or some good deckplans for their airships...maps are good.

    25. Jeff Combos Creator on February 28, 2013

      @Mike: Good idea, and I'm happy to report that the map is already on my list. What else would make a good reward?

    26. Missing avatar

      mike bowie on February 28, 2013

      Actually, a big, high-definition map of HEX Mars would be an awesome reward. It could also be upgradeable to a hardcopy poster-map.

    27. Jeff Combos Creator on February 28, 2013

      @Mike: You must've been reading my mind. As we get closer to sending Perils to the printer--and we're very, very close--I've been starting to plan the Revelations of Mars Kickstarter project. That way, once we ship Perils, the Mars project will be able to follow closely on its heels.

      So now would be an excellent time to tell me what you might like to see included in the Revelations of Mars project. Is there anything in particular you'd like to see as part of the rewards?

    28. Missing avatar

      mike bowie on February 27, 2013

      I've noticed that the Exile website hasn't been updated in quite some time, so I'll ask here. Any word on when Revelations of Mars is coming out?

      If there's a Kickstarter, I'll get in on that too.

    29. Missing avatar

      Jason Wendling on December 16, 2012

      Cover looks great, Jeff. Any chance you can get the artist to sell large-scale prints? I really, really want some HEX art on my wall. ;)

    30. Jeff Combos Creator on December 16, 2012

      @Keegan: Yes, we're still planning on shipping everything together after Perils is back from the printer.

    31. Keegan Fink
      on December 6, 2012

      The artwork looks great Jeff! Can't wait for January — will the pledge "extras" like the GM screen, dice, etc ship with the book?

    32. Jeff Combos Creator on December 6, 2012

      @Keegan: My layout person got swamped with another project, which delayed things a bit. So it's looking like we won't have the books out the door until early next month. But the good news is that the sample character artwork is done, which I will be posting shortly.

    33. Keegan Fink
      on November 27, 2012

      Hey Jeff! Just checking in to see how things are going with the printing. Is December still on target for delivery? If not, its ok with me -- I'd rather you guys bring a nice product to market. Figured I'd post and see where things stand. Keep up the good work :)

    34. Jeff Combos Creator on October 24, 2012

      @Jason: Good idea. We want to do something like, but I want to stay focused on getting Perils and Revelations of Mars out the door first.

    35. Missing avatar

      Jason Wendling on October 24, 2012

      Hey Jeff... How about setting up art prints for sale? I'd still love to have a framed Hollow Earth piece of art in my home? I'd suspect that it would be easy to setup via deviantart. Art from the whole series would be cool, including the new book. Really excited for the project - great job!

    36. Jeff Combos Creator on October 23, 2012

      @Keegan: I'm planning to send out the surveys when we get closer to the ship date, that way I don't have to update it if people move in the meantime. It saves time on the bookkeeping to get the info right when I need it.

    37. Keegan Fink
      on October 23, 2012

      Quick question: Will the surveys go out soon, or will you wait closer until the ship date (in case people have a change of address)? Thanks!

    38. Keegan Fink
      on October 10, 2012

      Hark! That sound you hear is naught but the beating of tiny wings, straight into the bosom your inbox or spam folder. The PDFs have arrived!

    39. Jeff Combos Creator on September 19, 2012

      @TeichDragon: I got it. You're all set!

    40. TeichDragon on September 17, 2012

      @Jeff: 20 US $ send. :)

    41. Neil Ford on September 17, 2012

      @Jeff: that seems perfectly reasonable. Thanks for the very prompt response.

    42. Jeff Combos Creator on September 17, 2012

      @TeichDragon: You can paypal me the extra at jcombos at exilegames dot com. After that, you'll be all set. And once again, sorry for the confusion!

    43. TeichDragon on September 17, 2012

      Drat... since I can't edit my level anymore after funding, can you please tell me how to add those 20$ anyhow to my backing?

    44. Jeff Combos Creator on September 17, 2012

      @TeichDragon: I'm surprised nobody else caught that little mistake. Just like the other levels, Internation shipping is extra. Sorry if that caused confusion!
      @Neil: I'm not going to make you all wait for Perils to get the other PDFs. But I'm going to hold off until Amazon has gathered all the payments before I send 'em out.

    45. Neil Ford on September 17, 2012

      Will those of us who are to receive PDFs of the earlier books get them before Perils is ready or are we to be kept in suspense?

    46. TeichDragon on September 16, 2012

      Another question: The 50$ reward doesn't mention international shipping.
      Is that a glitch or by intend?

    47. Jeff Combos Creator on September 15, 2012

      @TeichDragon: I'm glad it worked out, but I have no idea why there was a problem. Amazon takes care of all of that and I really don't have much visibility into it until they credit the account in a couple of weeks.

    48. TeichDragon on September 15, 2012

      OK, got it working using a different credit card.
      Still no clue why it didn't work with the other one.

    49. TeichDragon on September 15, 2012

      Somehow declines my payment.
      Doesn't look like an error on my site, can you please check into this?

    50. Jeff Combos Creator on September 15, 2012

      #Bryan: Thanks! I can't wait to get the book shipping out to everyone.

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