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$23,637 pledged of $45,900 goal
$23,637 pledged of $45,900 goal

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    1. Vamplets 4-time creator on

      Greetings Cindy and Amber, thanks for your feedback! And Cindy, we do appreciate your suggestion!

    2. Missing avatar

      Cindy May on

      Amber: Well, true. You can never have too many Vamplets, period! But that doesn't stop me from wanting an itsy bitsy Vampyre Kitten!! ;)

    3. Amber Woywitka

      I disagree. You can never have enough Ghost Ponies!

    4. Missing avatar

      Cindy May on

      Hi! I'm also disappointed that this didn't fund! One thing that occurred to me was that there were four ghost ponies and only three other characters. I know it was probably to offer more pieces without having to make so many different molds, but I did question whether I really wanted so many ghost ponies (and then backed anyway!). If you try to fund this again, if you could possibly make more different characters and not so many of the same one, maybe more people would be interested? I know I would have loved to see the kitten added to the group! Please don't think this is a criticism! I love the Vamplets! You do great work, they're all horrifyingly cute! I'm just a big fan hoping these little ones can get funded the next time!! :)

    5. Vamplets 4-time creator on

      Greetings All, thank you so much for your messages! We too are disappointed we were not able to meet our funding goal for this Kickstarter. But we appreciate all of your efforts and undying support! We hope that we will still be able to unleash these monstrous minis into the mortal world at some point in the future. Please stay tombed!

    6. Rochelle Gerding on

      *Cries* I still want to take them home!

    7. Missing avatar

      Patricia Bagley on

      Sad that I won't have little Mini Vamplets all around. Hope to be able to back again.

    8. Missing avatar

      Dani on

      I'm so sad that I won't have the horrifying experience of having these on my desk!!!! I hope you try again -- I will definitely back again!

    9. Cary Begole on

      Drat. The tiny terrors will not be spread throughout the world. I do hope you will try this again down the road. Or make the next graphic novel.

    10. Ralph Mastrangelo on

      This is terrible you could not get funding, my daughter is going to be ever so upset.

    11. Roxanne Mendoza on

      It is sad that you didn't get enough fund for this project. But you will get the funds next time don't give up and loss hope. I hope you bring them back soon..

    12. Renée Rockinitout Mark on

      Its such a shame that not enough backers got on board for you Gayle, and such a let down we won't be seeing these gorgeous new creatures soon. I hope to see them again in the future and will be a 100% backer again �

    13. Rhonda Rettig

      Sad this didn't fund and do hope it comes back in the future. Any chance of a Vamplets coloring book at some point?

    14. Missing avatar

      Heather D. on

      Awwe man! I REALLY wanted that little baby dragon! I shared the link several times, seems my friends only like Vamplets when all they have to do is share to win.

    15. Lydia Ruby Atsma on

      Tis a sad day. :( I really, really hope you come back with this. I know I said that already, but I was dying to have that ice pony.

    16. Missing avatar

      Dani on

      I just changed my pledge to as much as I can... Hope it's enough I REALLY need these! I'll cry if it doesn't get funded �

    17. Vamplets 4-time creator on

      Michael, Yes exactly, that is a great plan!
      Marc, Thanks so much for your kind words!

      All of your mortal feedback is very encouraging, thank you!

    18. Michael Burke

      All we need is for every single person to exactly double their pledge, and we will make it with a little to spare

    19. Missing avatar

      Marc stanley on

      This needs to happen.
      If only I had more cash.
      My wife would love the top pledge.
      She is such a fan.
      Your products have such character
      and an excellent backstory.
      Keep up the good work.

    20. Vamplets 4-time creator on

      Greetings Cary, we truly appreciate your undying efforts!

    21. Cary Begole on

      I had to up my pledge to do what I could to make sure I get my pocket sized Howliss. Just wish I could do more to spread their terror to others.

    22. Vamplets 4-time creator on

      Greetings Marc, Rochelle and Michael, thanks so much for your kind mortal words! We truly appreciate all of your support!

    23. Michael Burke

      @Marc I can't tell you how much sadness there will be at my house... I have shared it on every social media I have

    24. Rochelle Gerding on

      I am going to cry if they do not go home with me!!

    25. Missing avatar

      Marc stanley on

      Many thanks, done, and done.
      My wife will be gutted if this isn't funded.
      She is a huge Vamplets fan.

    26. Vamplets 4-time creator on

      Greetings Marc,
      To get multiple pledges, select one of the pledges (for example the Early Bird set) and then in the amount add the additional funds for the other two pledges. If funded, we send out a survey to confirm what pledges your additional funds were for.

      Thanks for your support!

    27. Missing avatar

      Marc stanley on

      I'd like to make pledges to three different options.
      I want the Mug, T-shirt, and Early Bird set.
      How do I do that?

    28. Vamplets 4-time creator on

      Greetings Lydia and Rhonda, thanks for your messages! If the campaign doesn't fund we may decide to try again in the future, although we have not yet decided.

    29. Lydia Ruby Atsma on

      I really hope you try again if this doesn't fund. I really love these figures.

    30. Rhonda Rettig

      So what's the next step if for some reason we don't fund?

    31. Vamplets 4-time creator on

      Greetings Rhonda, thanks for your support!

    32. Rhonda Rettig

      I'm surprised this hasn't funded yet. These figures are horrifically adorable!

    33. Vamplets 4-time creator on

      Greetings Michael, thanks so much for your kind words, and we truly appreciate all of your support!!! We do hope we meet our goal in order to unleash these mini monsters into the mortal world.

    34. Vamplets 4-time creator on

      Greetings John, for all three downloadable graphic novels simply pledge $3.

    35. Michael Burke

      Very excited to get in on the Vamplets Vault. I have been looking for some of these for my wife for years. Now we will have to build our own nursery. We need to find a way to spread the word so that this funds. I will be posting links on our social media to try to help raise awareness.

      Thanks for making these great products and including this very special pledge level.

    36. John Van Mulligen

      "You can choose any single volume from the epic Vamplets trilogy."

      How much for the entire trilogy?

    37. Vamplets 4-time creator on

      Thank you for your support!

      Lydia - Yes. Our stretch goals will be announced as we get closer to our funding goal.

      Janna - Thank you! T-shirts will be available in both Womens and Mens sizes S-M-L-XL.

      KS_Addict - I am so delighted to hear so!

      Tasha - Thanks for your continued support! Currently the printed graphic novel is available with the ODDITIES & MAGICAL MYSTERIES pledge.

    38. Lydia Ruby Atsma on

      Will there be any stretch goals?

    39. Janna Elizabeth on

      Had to up my pledge.. I really want the mug :0) what sizes will the t-shirts be available in?

    40. KS Addict

      Love these! My niece is going to go crazy!

    41. Tasha Turner

      Could not resist backing again. My niece is going to love these. She's loved all previous vamplet gifts. Any chance of adding on the print version of the comic?

    42. Vamplets 4-time creator on

      PJ- Thanks, and we'll see you at SDCC!
      Lydia, I really appreciate your immortal support of the Vamplets!
      Kate, they love you too! (Just don't let them get too close).

    43. Kate Schrader on

      3rd backed project - I love these figures!

    44. Lydia Ruby Atsma on

      Backing another Kickstarter! I have backed every one you've made and I am super excited about this! I hope my Ice Pony is as chilly, and spooky as her name!

    45. PJ Bogert on

      Good luck with the new campaign, and I hope to see you in July (if you will be in San Diego)