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Take the train through memories, memes, and imagination to a fantastic places you've only seen outside of waking.

Trains of Thought was originally a role playing chatroom on called Dream Train.  Although the chat room didn't last very long, I created the mechanics and settings for the game while learning about tabletops. During this time I played D&D, Shadowrun, Star Wars RPG, and even Paranoia.  I want this to be a book I can self-publish or get another company to pick up.  Ideally it would get my name out there as a writer and lead to other projects.  This book is dear to my heart.  If you believe in my dream and want a copy (PDF or print) of my tabletop, please consider giving me your support.

Here's a sample of the skills that will be featured in the tabletop.

Current skills for Trains of Thought
Current skills for Trains of Thought

Here's the basic character creation page from the book.

Basic character generation draft
Basic character generation draft

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The hardest part monetarily will be paying artists to create art to fill some of the key parts of the book. Looking at about 8 illustrations, maybe a couple of them colored. However, I know 3 or 4 artists personally that can do it for me. The most time consuming part will be playtesting. I can edit the book pretty easily, but it may need some fleshing out as far as NPCs and detailing the setting.


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    Concept art sketch of backer's favorite non-playable character signed by Kelly Hale. This will be Kelly's work shown to the artists, not based on the final vision of the artist. Options are Sue and Bonnie (DW's aids), DW himself (dream god/mastermind), or one of the sample archetypes in the book: 0023-android merc Mercy Grey-swordswoman champion Trent- furry martial artist champion Artemis Baker- mage Lunar Tremillian-summoner/exorcist mage Janice Graves-super-scientist

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