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In Songmasters, you will battle against opponents using your own songs as weapons in a backstory of epic proportion. Read more

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In Songmasters, you will battle against opponents using your own songs as weapons in a backstory of epic proportion.

About this project

FINAL UPDATE : Thanks to all of our backers, and for all those who wish to see the project come through ! We'll be back very shortly with a new Kickstarter, with a new video, new artwork, music and much more. This has been an amazing first run, and we can't wait to be back in this wonderful community !

Matthias and the Songmasters : The Music Wars Team

UPDATE : All Pledges of 20$ and above will grant the status of Premium Citizen of the Empire - This status grants an unlimited number of musical duels per day.

New Video : Gameplay : Conquest and Map

07/29/12 : A typical day

For more information on the game, don't hesitate to check out our official site on 


Official Songmasters Site
Official Songmasters Site

and more information about the duels here :

Character Creation
Character Creation

The Songmasters universe is a mix between science-fiction, fantasy and steampunk, a world where music is magic. As a player, you embody a Songmaster, a master of rhythms, capable, through his songs, of changing reality around him. His music is a weapon, with which he will have to confront other songmasters.

These champions are heroes of exceptional potential. They live in a galactic empire that reaches throughout the stars. This political entity is divided into several main factions, called Great Houses. They wrestle for power and influence, ultimately vying for the imperial throne. Tensions are at an all time high and can only lead to open conflict. All Songmasters will soon be called to defend the interests of their illustrious families and to prepare to rally their musical arsenal.

The project is intended as a free to play game for the Web, and depending on your contributions, for a later development for iOS platforms, Android, etc.

  • Duels of Songs between players
  • 5 competing Great Houses (Factions)
  • 5 musical Banners and their historical background (Classes)
  • 25 possible combinations of character classes.
  • 35 (currently) different Sectors in an evolving Empire
  • an epic story arc, in which the players can implicate themselves and ultimately influence and direct the course of events.

Once you’ve created your avatar, chosen your Banner and Great House, The game is run in three distinct phases :

  • 1) You can duel other players with music, song versus song. By rating these songs in a unique system, you will directly influence their power and effects.
  • 2) You can complete missions on different planets and gain influence in order to rise in rank.
  • 3) You can capitalize on your victories by acquiring new artifacts that will enhance your abilities or use your influence to strengthen the position of your house and redraw the political map of the Galaxy.
A Lady of Zyrnions, proud and charismatic
A Lady of Zyrnions, proud and charismatic
  • By broadening his musical experience – by playing you will discover new artists, new songs. These will be new “weapons” you can use ingame.
  • By participating in the choice of upcoming game events – Once a certain level is reached by your character, you may access the VIP Club where your voice will help determine what’s going to happen ingame. 
  • You will regularly receive a Gazette detailing recent events, giving insights in the epic story of Songmasters, background and immersive info on the universe or highlights about the top players.
  • …and much more to make your adventure as enjoyable and entertaining as we can make it.

The game focuses on the 5 major political players in the Empire. Many more Houses exist in the role-playing game and might come in the future…

House Ephreti: The pariahs of the Empire, renegade heroes, corrupted souls.  -Tendencies: Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Remixes

House Garciake: The rebels, pirates and other space cowboys.                      -Tendencies: Blues, Country, Folk, Reggae

House Karshick: The dreamers, builders and protectors of nature.                    -Tendencies: World Music, R&B, Gospel

House Urnans: The warriors, war bent and in search of renewed glory.             -Tendencies: Rock, Grunge, Techno

House Zyrnions: The noblemen and noblewomen, all for fashion and tradition. -Tendencies: Classical, Instrumental, Jazz

All these Houses fight to defend and enlarge their domains and eventually take control of the imperial throne. As a Songmaster, you represent the elite of your House and will fight for your own personal glory, the honor of your clan and its influence in the Empire. Each duel, each mission represents a variable contribution to the situation of your house. The more you invest yourself in the world, the greater your impact and benefits.

Songmasters is an independent production of Armogaste, a small team of music addicts nurturing the hopes of becoming a full fledged studio. In the best case scenario, we plan to complete our budget, produce the game and make it live and evolve with time! Our goal is to get the first installment of the game out for September. In practice, your support will enable us to:

  • finish all our illustrations (character designs, screens, backgrounds…)
  • further develop “side-elements” that will complete the game’s experience and scope (gazettes, adaptation on other platforms then IOS like Android and web)  as well as printing the Songmasters Guide.
  • fine tweaking of the gameplay and quality testing
  • decently pay our artist and developper team for the quality and immensity of their work!

In exchange, we offer you to be a part of the Songmasters universe with your name in the game credits, special artifacts… and for the most generous among you, your own unique character design or even a planet!


Harmony Gardens on Zyrnions Prime
Harmony Gardens on Zyrnions Prime

“Songmasters” is a production of ARMOGASTE, a newly created company dedicated to the production and distribution of its lead product. Three associates, Jonathan Boutellis, Matthias Crevieaux and Patrick McGinley, have created this company after many years of development on the “Songmasters” role-playing game. Jonathan Boutellis handles crisis management in a Bank. Matthias Crévieaux is the creator of the project and is a graduate of NYU and has worked in Agence Reflex for video marketing. Patrick McGinley is an film editor and published writer. Based in Paris, this highly motivated trio has assembled around them a small production team to create the mobile and web game.

We hope this project has sparked your interest and that you will join us in this wonderful adventure !

Part of the Songmasters Team
Part of the Songmasters Team

We try to balance our enthusiasm with realism, but what we plan to do with anything we get above and beyond our target funding is :

35 000 $  ----  We will be able to create our first extension of the game :

  • 3 new Great Houses with their owns characters, politics regarding the other houses, house missions and house artifacts 
  • New sets of artifacts 
  • GIFTS : Pdf of first extension to Songmasters Guide : Empire Overview (Small booklet of hook, lines and Sinkers for Adventures within the empire and its houses, introduction to the Fremur of Karshick Saga) for donors of 25$ or more (for backers of 250$ or more, it will be a printed version)

50 000  $ ---- We will be able to prepare the two first extensions of the game and give additional gifts ! 


  • 3 additional Great Houses
  • GIFTS - Pdf of Second extension to Songmasters Guide : Thebea (exciting adventure of 80 pages, that explores the dirty dirty little secrets of one of the Great Houses, in which players will uncover one of the greatest threats in the universe)  (for backers of 250$ or more, it will be a printed version)
  • T-shirts with Songmasters logo or Great House for all backers above 50 $ donation or more 

75 000 $ or more ---- We will be able to prepare the three first extensions of the game and give even more additional gifts ;) 


  • Final 3 Great Houses (in total 12 factions for the game!) 
  • Bounty system 
  • Mercenary faction and Bounty Hunters
  • First Great Imperial Event : Civil War (secret for now guys!) 
  • GIFTS - Same as above - Third Pdf extension of the Guide : The Nahradum Threat (so far 31 pages, in which we see the special relationship between the Songmasters Universe and the Multi-Universe (for backers of 250$ or more, it will be a printed version)

Thanks for your support and please don't hesitate to contact us, by mail, on our dev blog, on our facebook or by singing out loud on the street:)

Basic interface in the works - Home Screen
Basic interface in the works - Home Screen
Duels and Ladder
Duels and Ladder


  • The first version of the game is web based. We are working from a Flash powered Engine. Later versions will include iOS, Android, etc... We do intend to make Songmasters available on all platforms in time !

    Last updated:


  • You selected
    $10 reward

    30 backers

    Our eternal gratitude, your name in the credits, and 50 POINTS OF INFLUENCE in the game to begin with (meaning, a little advantage in the game politics at the start to gain your first title and bonuses)

    Estimated delivery:
  • You selected
    $20 reward

    24 backers

    All of the Above and an INVITATION TO THE BETA TEST OF THE GAME. You will be able to carry over your character as well as any "Title" (useful for the aspect of game politics) acquired during the period of testing to the full release of the game.

    Estimated delivery:
  • You selected
    $25 reward

    42 backers

    All of the above and a TIER 1 MUSICAL ARTIFACT for your main character. This Artifact will grant you a bonus to help you win your song duels.

    Estimated delivery:
  • You selected
    $50 reward

    29 backers

    All of the above and THE SONGMASTERS GUIDE in Pdf Format, with a special and unique dedication for you.

    Estimated delivery:
  • You selected
    $75 reward

    2 backers

    All of the above, and a CD containing the original SCORE OF SONGMASTERS, with the 7 SONGS/PIECES found in Armogaste, the school of Songmasters found in the game.

    Estimated delivery:
  • You selected
    $100 reward

    10 backers

    All of the above and an invitation to the OFFICER's CLUB, which gives you access to the politics of the game earlier within your house (and the possibility to vote on events)

    Estimated delivery:
  • You selected
    $250 reward

    2 backers

    All of the above and THE PRINTED COLLECTOR's EDITION of the SONGMASTER GUIDE, sent to you at our expense. (EU and US only) (Add 20 $ for other international recipients)

    Estimated delivery:
  • You selected
    $500 reward

    8 backers

    All of the Above and YOUR OWN UNIQUE CHARACTER AVATAR, available ingame for your own personnal use and a A3 sized POSTER sent to you at our own expense.

    Estimated delivery:
  • You selected
    $1,000 reward

    1 backer Limited (4 left of 5)

    All of the above and you get to CREATE ONE OF THE SECTORS, NAME AND BACKGROUND in the game with the help of our developpers. You will also get a SONGMASTERS T-SHIRT and we will create a MUSICAL THEME SPECIFICALLY FOR YOUR CHARACTER.

    Estimated delivery:
  • You selected
    $1,500 reward

    0 backers Limited (1 left of 1)

    All of the above and you will be invited for a dinner with the developpers (in Paris or New York). Dinner is on us, but the travel arrangements are yours. You will be introduced to the team of creators behind Songmasters, and will see the process of development. You will also be granted a VIP access to the first major event for the launch of the game.

    Estimated delivery:
  • You selected
    $2,000 reward

    0 backers Limited (5 left of 5)

    Same as pledge of 1,000$ with an added twist: YOU START IMMEDIATELY AS THE LEADER OF ONE OF THE GREAT HOUSES. First come first serve for the picking of the particular house. In addition, you will have a UNIQUE ARTIFACT WITH YOUR NAME on it that befits your rank of high lord/Lady. This pledge grants you the title of ASSOCIATE PRODUCER on the game.

    Estimated delivery:
  • You selected
    $4,000 reward

    0 backers Limited (1 left of 1)

    Same as pledge of 1,000. (and those that come before it). You will also be able to CREATE YOUR OWN FACTION with us for the first extension of the game. Our talented artists will portray with music and illustrations the descriptions you will give us and your character will start as the House Lord. You will also have a credit of EXECUTIVE PRODUCER for the game.

    Estimated delivery:

Funding period

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