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CSA = (Community Supported Agriculture)

For the last four years we have run a CSA program. Its packed full of delicious veggies and herbs and beautiful flowers. Each week you show up at our farm and pick up your share.

In our display you will find a list of veggies, herbs and flowers you can take for the week. You pick from the list and fill your basket or bag with the amazing things you helped us grow. Its a win win. 

We are selling 2018 shares through Kickstarter...

  • to guarantee we have enough members for our CSA to be economical viable.
  • to ensure we have the upfront capital needed to run our CSA program. 
  • to enable us to plan a more productive and beautiful market garden for our members.
  • to provide us a living wage.

***Shares will not be available after Dec 8th. If we do not meet our goal of 50 members we will not be selling food to the public in 2018***

Our CSA philosophy:  

  • Its food with a cause! CSA members are supporting our community our farm, and our effort re-localize and regionalize our food shed and economy!  
  • When you purchase a CSA share, you are investing in our farm and the local food community. Each preseason CSA purchase is seen as an operating loan for which you are repaid with a portion of the wonderful food we grow. CSA members receive 10 – 15% “interest” (produce over the cash value of the share)

Local Food and Local Farmers

Our community wants local food and we want to continue to provide it. Like other businesses we need to be able to predict income and plan for sales. When CSA share sales trickle in over months we cant plan our best garden. By selling our shares here, we know how many members we are growing for, how much to plant, when, and what we are going to get for it. 

We farm all year!

Think about it like this: As farmers we begin planning for next season in the late summer and early fall. If we want to expand we need to turn ground, buy seed, buy and install infrastructure (i.e irrigation, pumps, row cover, hoop houses...) we do it all in the fall. Then we must have seeds started in January to have food ready for the first pickups in June!! if members don't purchase shares until May, we have no way to realistically plan for our season.

What CSA shares do for our farm..

Our CSA "operating loan", covers all our upfront cost including but not limited to...

  • seed and starting supplies
  • nutrients and soil amendments
  • soil tests
  • irrigation water
  • irrigation equipment
  • equipment rentals 
  • row cover 
  • cover crop
  • mulch
  • season extenders 
  • insurances
  • our wages


Risks and challenges

Risks in farming almost always revolve around weather! The main risks are early season hale or snow. We manage these by having row cover and low tunnels to protect as much as possible and planting successions of cold hardy, and diversified crops throughout the seasons.
Lets explain a few of these practices. A succession is planting the same crop (like lettuce) on a cycle. We start many of our crops every 2 weeks in the greenhouse and then transplant every 2 weeks into the field. that means if one round gets destroyed by hail or snow, we have more right behind!
The practice of planting diversified crops means that one crop may be susceptible to damage from a freeze or hale where another will fair just fine. Our garden is full of around 50 different types of veggies, herbs and flowers, with more than 100 different varieties of these. Some of our crops are even over wintered.
The last main risks are pests and disease. The reason we grow using the biointensive permiculture methods we do, is the increased soil health it creates. Like people a healthy plant is less susceptible to disease and pests. And a diversified garden brings the good bugs in to deal the bad ones.

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    18 weeks of farm fresh amazing veggies herbs and flowers! Shares include things like: carrots, beets, turnips, onions, green onions, head lettuce, kale, chard, leeks, potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, okra, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, napa cabbage, bok choy, summer squash, winter squash, cucumbers, herbs, flowers and more...

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