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Gameduino brings glorious 8-bit arcade action to the Arduino

Gameduino connects your Arduino to a VGA monitor and speakers, so anyone who can write an Arduino sketch can create video games. It's packed full of 8-bit game goodness: hundreds of sprites, smooth scrolling, multi-channel stereo sound.

Gameduino is designed, tested, documented and the prototype is built. The videos were all taken from the real hardware - all the demos are on the Gameduino project page. What needs to happen next is a manufacturing run. Because the board uses a fairly fancy chip, a short production run is the only way to keep the cost reasonable. Your pledge gets you a Gameduino from this first run.

With a horde of Gameduinos in kitchens, garages and classrooms, the resulting old-school 2D mayhem should be considerable.

Gameduino is open-source hardware (BSD license) and all its code is GPL licensed.


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    A zip file containing all the raw video and audio; see and hear the Gameduino's output in full 8-bit uncompressed glory.

  • Pledge $53 or more
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    255 backers

    A Gameduino from the production run, assembled, tested and shipped to you. Plug it into your Arduino and you are creating games.

  • Pledge $113 or more
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    A Gameduino, printed reference poster, joystick, and an Arduino Uno, preloaded with the Asteroids game. Everything you need in one package.

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    All of the above, plus your 64-byte message burned into an easter-egg section of every Gameduino's boot ROM. Enter the realm of the immortals (geek section).

  • Pledge $433 or more
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    All of the above, plus the Arduino preloaded with a game of your devising. Just supply the graphics, describe gameplay, and I'll have a weekend hackathon to put it on the Gameduino.

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