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$1,902 pledged of $10,000 goal
$1,902 pledged of $10,000 goal

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2 HOURS until the tour starts! Keep an eye on the website's blog (http://www.jumpstartcreativitytour.com/) and the Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/seekyourcourse) for updates every day of the tour!

If you never re-pledged on our new project, TODAY IS THE LAST DAY! Pledge your support here. We met our mini-goal, but this is only 25% of our total budget and we would appreciate any and all support.

Got to go finish loading the car! First event is tonight in BUFFALO, NY!


I just updated Leg 2 of the route!

I had a change in my schedule, so the second half of Leg 2 is now a couple days earlier! A few dates at the end still need to be set up, but those are close to home and will be added later. 

We are starting to confirm venues. As soon as they are confirmed we will open registration for each event. 

In other news, I am designing Official Tour Merchandise and just ordered all the lovely giveaways for attendees! Super exciting stuff. 


Leaving in 25 Days! (and some funding news)

While this is not easy for me, I do have to accept that this Kickstarter will not be funded by Monday after all. Four weeks was just not enough time for this project to raise the money needed for the whole trip. Does this mean the tour is cancelled? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

I leave on June 16! The itinerary is almost confirmed and the first leg will be posted in the next day or two. Venues are being contacted, driving times estimated, and hosts confirmed. And it will be EPIC. 

So what about funding? I have started a small fundraising project with a goal of $2500. This amount of money will cover: gas for a week+; food for a week+; signage; some materials; the technology needed to communicate with you all (wifi hotspot, refurb iPad, etc.)...enough to get me started. 

Then I will fundraise as I go. I will put a donation jar out at the events, put a donate button on the website, and as I meet people and people attend the events I am confident that I will receive enough support to continue on. 

Kickstarter won't be charging you for the pledges you already made. So if you still believe in this project PLEASE HOP OVER HERE AND RE-PLEDGE!

Thanks everyone! I have really appreciated your support!
Cheers, Jess

Exclusive Rewards Offered!

I am very excited to announce the first batch of exclusive rewards donated by instructors who are part of Seek Your Course. Choose from an instructional DVD, coaching sessions, or a spot in an ecourse! 

Look on the right-hand side for the long list of rewards and you will see that some are LIMITED. Those are them. Enjoy! 

You can read all about them in this blog post.

If you have already pledged you can still increase your pledge and claim one of these!

I posted them last night and 2 of 8 are already gone!

First Event! "It was a great way to try something new!"

Even though the tour doesn't start until mid-June we did the first event in my hometown of Northampton, MA this past Sunday.

This was a trial run to see if the vision had merit and IT DID!

"It was great to get together with people I had never met, but who I felt I could get to know in a matter of minutes because of our love of being creative.  I was so attentive to all the conversations around me and was fascinated by all the creativity out there, whether people were writers, singers or illustrators.  I was also great to be surrounded by lots of materials! It was a great way to try something new!"

- Elizabeth Steele, participant

Elizabeth Steele came from a couple hours away because she heard about the Jumpstart Creativity Tour through Stephanie Levy's Creative Courage ecourse. Stephanie Levy lives in Germany. Such a great example of the connections and network we have! 

We held the event in a new bar/restaurant called Hinge on Main Street. We were on the top floor with plenty of space to play. They set up a line of tables for us which we covered in plastic and then supplies. 

When guests came in they were given their inspiration kits and given a quick introduction to what was happening. They could make a small book, some mail art, follow a prompt that was scattered around the table, or just go whatever they felt like doing. People ordered food and drinks from the bar and everyone participated, even some folks who hadn't made art for years. 

Along with organizing this first event, I have been hard at work finalizing the route. I am almost done confirming the locations. In each one I need a host who can connect me with local venues, media, and housing so this has meant a lot of email flying back and forth! But it is almost done. 

The Kickstarter only has 12 more days to go! And we still need $8,600! Please help by passing this along. We want to bring this event to 50 locations across the country, but we need help getting there. Thanks!

See more pictures in the blog post