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Volume 4- Latest title in the lushly illustrated award-winning Dreamkeepers graphic novel saga.
Volume 4- Latest title in the lushly illustrated award-winning Dreamkeepers graphic novel saga.
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Posted by David & Liz Lillie (Creator)

 Belated Happy Thanksgiving everyone- time for an update!  And also, an important cautionary note at the end of this update.

Graphs!  I've been signing and packaging almost nonstop this month.  

(Almost nonstop- because I did break for Prelude updates here and there.)   

 So!  Over 300 birds in the mail, where do we stand?

42% of the packages are mailed.   But I've been targeting higher tiers first, with more merch to package, so I'd like to think we're about halfway through the work.

The one exception is Tier 7- we're still working on you guys.   The Igrath figurines have been putting up a fight- he's not a shape particularly forgiving towards home-made casting.  We've been working with the second silicone mold, keeping it together with superglue and clean-clay.  Despite the de-molding spray, it finally tore and gave up the ghost.   But not before we got the last Igrath we needed.

It's not easy building an army!  But everything has been safely cast- and the final painting is underway.  

So the big question:  Will everyone receive their rewards by Christmas?

Probably not.  I hope to have everything in the mail by then, but especially overseas deliveries spend a lot of time in transit.  Even so, we're on the home stretch!

One hiccup in the mailing schedule- I'll be at Midwest Furfest this weekend- in the Dealer's Room, and also helping host a panel!  If you're in the Chicago area, we'd love to see you there.  

 Meanwhile, one cautionary note:

When opening your rewards, don't throw away the box  / envelope!

First, check and make sure you have received everything you ordered.  If something is missing, check the packaging materials again- there might be another envelope squirreled away, or a secret panel revealing the location of a poster.  

If you are missing something, send me a note about it.  Once everyone's order is in the mail, I'll be doing a customer-service roundup to take care of anything damaged or missing.  With near a thousand orders, a few are bound to have bruises.   But we'll fix it.  8 )    

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    1. David & Liz Lillie 5-time creator on

      An Igrath arrived damaged? D 8 Egads. I'm glad he was easily reparable, but still. Those things are solid resin, it takes a hell of an impact to break them... I shall now grumble to myself about package handlers.

    2. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Quiros on

      Yeah, Igrath isn't particularly forgiving towards shipping either. He didn't quite survive his trip to my apartment in one piece. Nothing that a little superglue couldn't fix, though.

    3. Missing avatar

      Tyler on

      Awesome! And really loved the Tier 8 package and only had Lillie Model damaged from shipping, but it was quickly replaced. Thank you David and Liz! Hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving.