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Volume 4- Latest title in the lushly illustrated award-winning Dreamkeepers graphic novel saga.
Volume 4- Latest title in the lushly illustrated award-winning Dreamkeepers graphic novel saga.
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Update 1- You are Hardcore

Posted by David & Liz Lillie (Creator)

You guys are astonishing.  I never could have imagined the campaign kicking so much tail, so fast. Within 24 hours of launch we demolished the goal- and less than a week later, seven stretch goals lay in glorious shambles. Thank you for making this happen! 

 Volume 4 is now assured a print run, and merchandise is being unlocked left and right. Every order we mail out will now include a free bookmark- and I'm getting to work on brand new art for the 5-pack. Also available to purchase with your order are posters, art prints, buttons, Troika zipper pulls & clothing patches, fridge magnets & stickers, and- just today- the hardcover sketchbook. 

 The next stretch goal, as you can see, will be our most challenging one yet- the resurrection of the 280-page Prelude collection hardcover books. But we're not even a quarter of the way into this campaign- and look what we've accomplished so far!

 Together we can make it. Keep spreading the word- unlocking merchandise provides a fresh reason for folks to check out the campaign. 

 I'll get some marketing rolling from my end, maybe try to get on a few podcasts- but, actually, I need your help! I don't know of many podcasts. What do you listen to? Which ones should I approach? Let me know in the comments. 

Last but not least- we've got a huge pile of voting fun ahead of us. You guys get to choose art prints to reprint, new button designs, and a fridge magnet design. Look for a fresh update with the first round of voting in the coming days! And be sure to check out the project FAQ's. We've had some really good questions come in, and some of them might be relevant to your reward choices. 

 Thank you again to everyone for being so stunningly supportive- and this campaign is just getting started!

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    1. David & Liz Lillie 5-time creator on

      Thank you for the suggestions everyone- I've sent out a lot of feelers, and hopefully a few of them get back to me. I'll keep you guys posted in the updates! 8 )

    2. Adam Wyatt Miller on

      I personally don't listen to a lot of podcasts at all, but did a quick search and going by the title of this one it seems relevant to our interests

      I don't have time to listen to full one hour podcasts and stuff so I'm not completely sure, but at least it's out there if you don't find any other viable options.

    3. Zachary Richardson on

      I'm sure the furcast guys would love to have you back. You also might want to try the guys over on the funday pawpet show.

    4. Missing avatar

      Justin Matthew Alvarez on

      Personally, I usually listen to the Super Best Friends Cast. They are a small group of video-game Lets Players and seem like a pretty good bunch of guys. You could probably shoot them an email at