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Now's your chance to snag a cuddly sidekick from the Dreamkeepers comic series- Whip is coming to life!  And he brought friends.
Now's your chance to snag a cuddly sidekick from the Dreamkeepers comic series- Whip is coming to life!  And he brought friends.
Now's your chance to snag a cuddly sidekick from the Dreamkeepers comic series- Whip is coming to life! And he brought friends.
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    1. Thomas Lee Bunting

      Good point, I know Kickstarter has a message system... I just didn't think of it at the time. Heh, thanks.

    2. Garrett Simpson on

      On here buddy! You can message them on Kickstarter! 8 )

    3. Thomas Lee Bunting

      I believe that I still have their email, so I should be able to do that.

    4. Garrett Simpson on

      Try messaging them,comments are hard to keep track of understandably!

    5. Thomas Lee Bunting

      Hmm... Worth a try.

      David & Liz Lillie, is there any chance that you could please sign the poster once the kickstarter ends and you start getting together everyone's pledges?

      I'd very much appreciate it!

    6. Garrett Simpson on

      @Thomas Ask them nicely and for the poster they'll probably sign for free!

    7. Thomas Lee Bunting

      So I have given in... Pledging for a signed copy of each of the volumes of Dreamkeepers comic, the Prequel hardcover, and the Cast in Shadows poster... Is there a way of getting the poster signed?

    8. Thomas Lee Bunting

      I really really wish that I would have known about this Kickstarter sooner, but I just got a email today. I admit I'd much rather have the figurines then the Whip plushie.

      More, what I'd really enjoy is a figurine of each of our heroes, especially Lilith as she is my favorite of the cast... Also Vi, as she is awesome.

      Sighs, yeah all that is left that is available is the Whip plushie.

    9. Garrett Simpson on

      Vi is love,Vi is life,and every DK fan in their right mind loves her fluffy butt;I imagined a wall after attaining her for all,not before! X3

    10. Missing avatar

      Jared on

      Well... Walls be hit. Looks like us plush fans are going to have to wait this one out for a while. Vi will always be in our hearts but did you really think you had a chance?

    11. Garrett Simpson on

      Aw,come on did we hit a wall or something? Promote the Whip out of this thing guys!

    12. Jonathan Hillhouse on

      Cool cheers for that, well how ever you decided to do it my account will be ready (won't love me after) but hey I love this series and everything that comes with it �

    13. Missing avatar

      DragonLost on

      Finally a guardian to watch over me as I sleep, shame ill never know what big scaries visit me, Whip based Rosetta stone when?
      where is the digital copies add-on?

    14. Garrett Simpson on

      You know this would be the perfect time to roll out body pillow cases if you wanted to really kick it off the roof.... Also no bookmarks for the add-ons for some people?

    15. Missing avatar

      Venorik on

      The unfortunate thing about hitting even the first stretching check goal is that with so little higher tiers, there needs to be a ton of people buying the Whip It in order to reach even the first one. Probably about 450 as it stands now. It is understandable though, free pillow plush things aren't cheap to make or ship.

    16. nadkm on

      Would also love it if the plushies got released at a later date, as I could not follow the Kickstarter from the beginning where all the plushies got grabbed. (Sucks to have really long work shifts sometimes xD)
      Anyway not a totaly hopeless as I get the Whip plush and Comics finaly signed xD I can also give away my old DK volumes that my cousin craves for.
      Dave and Liz, keep up the good work :D

    17. David & Liz Lillie 5-time creator on

      Answering Jonathan- we hope so! We're only offering, at present, the plush we are confident we can create. But we're crossing our fingers that maybe we'll be able to create more later on, once the patterns are locked in. I'm not sure if those would be auctioned off, or how it would work- but we can at least deliver on the tiers in this Kickstarter, for certain. This is a good question, I may also add it to the FAQ. Thanks!

    18. Garrett Simpson on

      We met the goal with only 38 backers? Wow,the final number's going to be crazy!

    19. Jonathan Hillhouse on

      Just a curious question, once the Kickstarter is finished and plushy are made, will any of the special plushy's in the different tiers be available to buy at a later time.

    20. Missing avatar

      Jared on

      Although I would love to get the 755$ tier I really cant afford any more than tier three.
      But hey! I'm not missing out on my fridge raiding blue thumb-less person to live in my bedroom for the rest of my life... wait... whats the advantage to this again?

    21. Matthias Berghoefer-Palmen on

      Staying up until 2am was totally worth it. Gonna take more than one coffee at work tomorrow to make it through the day. Then again, woohoo, Friday!

    22. Brandon Rose on

      The titles of the first 3 tiers please me greatly.