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DConf 2013 - a conference uniting all D programming language enthusiasts


D is a powerful programming language. And it's up and coming stronger than ever. So we're bringing a bunch of awesome D contributors and users together to talk about D and its uses, potential, and future.

We're all in it because we believe in it. Some of us are lucky to already use D in production. Others are using it for projects on the side, scripting, research, and whatnot. We're building DConf 2013 as a rallying point to huddle together and discuss ways to make progress and move D forward.

Late-Breaking News: Smile, You're On Camera!

It's confirmed - through volunteer support, the conference talks will be recorded and posted on the Net for free! We're preparing diligently to ensure professional quality recordings. One more reason to pledge even if for those of you who can't be there!


The plan is to hold DConf 2013 during spring (April or May) at a location in Silicon Valley, such as Palo Alto, CA. The conference will last two or (preferably) three days and will feature a strong program from luminaries in the D community and a couple of invited speakers. The list initially includes of course Walter Bright and Andrei Alexandrescu.

The list has, of course, just opened. If you want to propose a talk, contact Andrei soon! You know who you are.

We have hired The Open Bastion, a company with extensive experience in organizing open-source conferences, to manage the entire process.


The D community is a meritocracy comprising talented, ambitious, and opinionated hackers. The conference will tap into that by being community-driven. The D community not only helps funding the conference, but also determines its program and its structure. Hop on to the D forums to discuss how to hold not only a successful event in 2013, but also nurturing an ever-stronger yearly conference in the future.


Above all, we believe admission price should not be an important factor in people's decision to attend. We're trying to keep prices down (just look at that video...) and the funding process transparent. Should the funding cycle be successful, we plan to save any funds that go above and beyond paying organizational fees toward a conference budget for future years.


We're including a cool plot fromĀ CanHeKickIt, updated hourly.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

1. The largest challenge at this point is, of course, getting the project funding off the ground. Kickstarter is an unusual means of funding an open-source software conference. Once we complete funding, conference organization is a checklist-driven process with few innate risks.

2. Difficulty in securing a location appropriate for the number of participants (for example, if attendance is much larger than projected). That's a good problem to have nevertheless.

3. Securing good speakers. The most prolific D contributors are spread all over the world and have their own busy schedules. It will be a challenge to bring them all together, and the projected budget only includes no speaker stipends and only a few "all-included" trip packages.

3. Securing good external speakers. We'll search widely for industry experts to participate as external speakers, but of course there's no guarantee we'll find great ones.


Have a question? If the info above doesn't help, you can ask the project creator directly.

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