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A video game retelling of a girl's epic run to the gas station to get eggs and the epic failure in translation that ensued... Part Two.

One year ago in Germany, a young woman (my wife) was baking cookies and realized she was short one very important ingredient: eggs. Off she went to the convenience store located across the street - a very busy street, two lanes each way with a bike lane, to boot.

Her German being at a novice level, she asked the cashier at the store if he had any eggs, "Hast du Eier?" - which, to those who know German, actually means "Do you have any cojones?" (Cojones is, to those who know Spanish, testicles). And thus was born the inspiration for the Frogger-esque, street-hopping, car-dodging game, Hast du Eier.

I'm now looking to make a sequel to the original game (which is playable here). The original was created haphazardly in just a few hours - now it's time to tell this embarrassing story about my wife the way it was meant to be played by a bunch of strangers on the Internet. I plan to add multiple playable characters, detailed sprite animations, an online leader-board (with achievements), power-ups, and legally obtained music and sound effects not borrowed from other video games.

Won't you help give this classic story the rich retelling it deserves? We here in Germany certainly think so.

P.S. Because this project is directly related to our student organization, a 501(c)(3), your donation is tax-deductible. Hooray!


  • The game is being built in Flash. That means that no matter what computer/OS you are using, it will be playable in your web browser.

    I'm also looking into making an Adobe Air app so that you can play the game from your desktop - again, for both Mac and PC.

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