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Commander Hayze goes on a simple rescue mission to find a lost friend on planet Pearl. He isn't prepared for what he finds.
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We made it!

Posted by Heather Nunnelly (Creator)

Thanks guys! We made the goal! Issue 1-3 will be printed because of your help. You all will receive your rewards in September. It takes a month for the comics to print.


If we reach $800 you all will receive a PDF of Chapter 1 of Francis's Notes. What is Francis's Notes? It's a book written by me in the voice of Francis Declaire, a character in Issue 2. He wrote the dialogue on the computer here. It is a directory of all the terms, creatures, worlds, and politics. It will include maps, character sheets, and diagrams. Images of the weapons, clothes, and environments. Also, it will include how to pronounce the character's names and back stories not included in the series. Want to know more about The Eye or The Luminary? There is a chapter for each. 

Chapter 1 of Francis's Notes includes all information from Volume 1. For right now, I don't want to go much further in order not to spoil any major plot details.

Why do you want this?

The notes won't be provided to anyone else but you until the book is completed (Chapter 1-5). I am planning on having them available at conventions, but that will be a long time from now. You will receive this prize for free.

When will you receive it?

I am already in the process of writing it, but I still need to complete it. That will take time, but once it's done, I will send the PDF to everyone if $800 is reached. 


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