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Forging steampunk and avant-garde knitting into an inspiration for others to spin their own visions of a past that never was.

Who are the Ladies of Mischief

The Ladies of Mischief is a collective of talented ladies who want to take the knitting and steampunk world by storm, combining the two genres into one amazing work of fantastic imagery, story telling, and creative artistry. 

We have started up a blog filled with exclusive patterns, stories, journal entries, photographs and more. Please stop by to read up on each of the Ladies and follow all of their adventures.

What are we planning

Our group is publishing a book featuring the work of numerous knitwear designers, costume designers, writers, photographers, illustrators, and independent yarn and fiber artisans. Our goal is to use our talents and skills to publish a book unlike any currently available.

More than just a pattern book or a profit maker for yarn companies, we want to give the knitting community a visually stunning book created exclusively by talented, independent artists. Our book will be plot driven, focusing on the Steampunk theme and a group of fictional characters called The Ladies of Mischief living during the 1890s. In addition to being the featured characters in the story, the Ladies also model and explain the knitting patterns. The patterns will all be designed by local, independent designers within the project and will feature yarns from independent yarn and fiber artisans, most of whom are not widely known to the knitting community.

By combining engaging characters with knitting patterns drawn from the story itself, we are able to create a world for our readers to fall into.  In turn, this makes our book as enjoyable to read as it is to knit from. Through the story and patterns our readers will expand their knowledge of knitting and fiber arts, while falling in love with the exciting world of steampunk, just as we have.

In order to achieve this, we are calling upon our individual talents and skills to create a unique team. We have several designers who are experienced at developing patterns. There is a team of technical editors who have long experience with the technical aspects of fibers, materials, and the structure of these when spun. One of us is a talented freelance photographer who will do all of our photography around the city of Seattle and also in house. One member is an experienced costume designer, model, and seamstress who will bring her expertise to our layout, color choice, props, and modeling team. Another member is a local illustrator who will be helping with the drawings and graphic elements featured throughout the book.

How you can help

We have made our initial goal!! But this is not the end of the road.

 We still need your help! The goal of 2000 dollars is just the bare bones we need to get off the ground. The actual project funding goal to make this piece truly stunning is just over 4000. I know we can make that! With the higher goal we will be able to fund

  • our costume design and production since all of our pieces are made by hand,
    • Fund our first printing run so we can get the book out there to shops and other vendors
    • Allow us to hire consultants for hair and makeup to make us look stunning for the photo shoots
    • Allow us to attend and participate in steamcon 3, Oregon flock and fiber, and many more events throughout the year.
  • purchase the much needed photography equipment and lens
  • fund marketing and promotion of the book so it can get into as many hands as possible
  • buy software needed to pull it all together.

I have also added some new and exciting prizes so if you have not checked out the kickstarter or if you are a backer already go see what is on offer. There are some new levels you can upgrade to. We are now offering tickets to our exciting Seattle Launch party.

Let’s show the world that knitting can be inventive, creative, provocative, imaginative, and exciting! Come Join the Ladies of Mischief.


  • Well there is good news and bad news. The bad is you can not pledge twice. The good news however is, if you would like more then one prize simply increase your pledge to the total amount for both prizes and then pop me a little note telling me which two you want. For instance if you would like to be a VIP at the party and get a special care package in the post then pledge $200 dollars, choose one of the prizes and email me with the second choice.

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  • Pledge $1 or more
    You selected

    2 backers

    Our eternal gratitude and admiration.

  • Pledge $5 or more
    You selected

    1 backer

    a special hand written note of thanks mailed to you from one of the Ladies.

  • Pledge $10 or more
    You selected

    5 backers

    A PDF file of one of the patterns from the book sent directly to you before the book is available to the public. You get to be the first person to post pictures of it! We will also officially thank you as a backer on our blog.

  • Pledge $20 or more
    You selected

    3 backers

    A beautiful 5x7 print of the lady of your choice. This will be a gorgeous portrait from our lovely photographer. It will of course be signed by the lady herself.

  • Pledge $30 or more
    You selected

    10 backers

    A PDF file of one of the accessory patterns from the book sent directly to you before the book is available to the public plus enough custom hand dyed yarn (you pick the color, single skein project only) by one of our wonderful dyers to complete the project! This will be really excellent luxurious yarn too.

  • Pledge $40 or more
    You selected

    38 backers

    Your very own copy of the book but each one of the ladies of mischief will personally sign it with a word of thanks.

  • Pledge $50 or more
    You selected

    2 backers Limited (13 left of 15)

    Come and celebrate the launch of the book with tickets for two to the Seattle launch party! You'll get to enjoy an exciting evening of entertainment with the ladies and purchase your own copy of the book right there.

  • Pledge $70 or more
    You selected

    8 backers

    Your own signed copy of the book when it comes out as well as a lovely hand knit item made especially for you by one of the ladies!

  • Pledge $80 or more
    You selected

    3 backers Limited (7 left of 10)

    Come pick up your signed copy of the book at the Seattle launch party. With this prize you will receive tickets for two to this special event along with your copy of the book! You will be sad if you miss out on this exciting event and chance to meet the ladies in person.

  • Pledge $100 or more
    You selected

    4 backers

    a special one of a kind care package put together especially for you filled with wonderful handmade and hand knit items. Each package will be put together by one of the ladies so it will be designed around their taste.

  • Pledge $100 or more
    You selected

    2 backers Limited (8 left of 10)

    VIP tickets for two for the launch party of the book as well as private drinks with the Ladies of Mischief (only good for the Seattle launch).

  • Pledge $200 or more
    You selected

    0 backers Limited (4 left of 4)

    Would you like to be in the book? This is your chance. Come be an extra in a photoshoot. We will dress you up, treat you nice, and fill you up with tea and snacks (Seattle area only.)

  • Pledge $500 or more
    You selected

    0 backers Limited (2 left of 2)

    Are you hosting a party this year? If so with this prize the fantastic Scarlett O'Hairdye will perform at your event. Nothing makes a party like your very own steampunk themed burlesque performance. This prize is subject to a mutually acceptable place and time and for the Seattle area only.

  • Pledge $500 or more
    You selected

    2 backers All gone!

    Our amazing photographer will conduct a private 2 hour portrait sitting with you complete with a collection of high quality digital images for you to take home (Seattle area only.)

  • Pledge $1,000 or more
    You selected

    0 backers

    The Ladies of Mischief will personally host a high tea service for you and 4 of your friends. We will bring all the luscious treats, tea, champagne, table settings. Come in costume for a magical afternoon (Seattle area only.)

Funding period

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