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Build cities, raise armies, defeat your enemies in this one to four player card game based in the world of Pillars of Eternity.
Build cities, raise armies, defeat your enemies in this one to four player card game based in the world of Pillars of Eternity.
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More Digital Goodies!

Posted by Zero Radius Games LLC (Creator)

Hello, backers!

While we are waiting to hear that all games have completed shipping, most of you should now have the game or at least a shipping notification. We are waiting for the shipper to inform us that shipping is complete on their end. If you don't have an email by then or if your game has not arrived after an appropriate amount of time, please request a status update from here:

This is just a quick update with the promised PDFs for the Campaign Book and Game Board for everybody. Deluxe backers already have printed versions of these two items, but you may still find the PDFs helpful.

Game Board


The optional Game Board helps organize the cards and resource tokens. It is available in two versions:

1. If you have access to a wide format printer or want the full image to take to a print ship, download this file:

2. If you want to print the board at home using letter-size paper, download this file:

Campaign Book


The Campaign Book contains eight new scenarios for you to play with new set up, special rules and victory conditions. Play them in order to tell a little story, or replay your favorites.

It is available from here:

A printer-friendly campaign score sheet is available here:

There is one more digital bonus item planned: a special scenario for use with the oversized promo Hero cards from the Deluxe edition.

Thank you again for your support! Please let us know in the comments below if you have any questions or if there is anything we can assist you with.

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    1. Zachariah Shuman on

      Just wanted to leave a note that I did get my copy yesterday. Looks great!

    2. Zero Radius Games LLC Creator on

      @Zachariah: Okay, I sent them a new order for you and upgraded your retail box to a deluxe box because the error was on our end. You should get a processing email from SN in the next few days. -CRT

    3. Zachariah Shuman on

      Yes, the information you guys have is correct. I did receive a "please confirm address/ Deadline April 15" from you, which was accurate shipping info. But nothing from shipnaked.
      Appreciate what help you can give.

    4. Zero Radius Games LLC Creator on

      @Zachariah: I see your pledge in KSer. I can contact them on your behalf and give them all the info they need to ship you your copy of the game. Just to be safe, please send an email to: "" with your shipping address, or check the Obsidian backer portal and let us know if that address is correct. Apologies for the hassle. Thanks! -CRT

    5. Zachariah Shuman on

      Would my Order Number to input into shipnaked's form be the same as my pledge order? I show no contacts from shipnaked.

    6. Vladimir Chigrin on

      I've recieved my copy today, absolutely love it! :) Can't wait to play it with my friends :)

    7. Andy Linea of Sin - DOoD on

      I asked them not to ship now, but the time is nigh... :D

    8. Zero Radius Games LLC Creator on

      For those backers that tried to contact ShipNaked recently, please send in a new request. We've talked to them today and they informed us they were having some Internet issues that lost some of the Status and Replacement requests. They are very sorry and will work immediately on any new requests.

      For parts replacement go here-

      For status update on shipping go here-

      As for EU/UK, they are verifying with their partner there, but as of now, final shipment in those regions should be happening now. Once we hear more we'll post further updates. -SE

    9. Jess on

      Ship Naked told me to contact the USPS and FedEx, who both told me that the complete address on the shipping label is probably being cut off by Ship Naked's label generator. They both told me to contact Ship Naked about this, and so at this point I am being given the runaround and am frustrated that it is now my job to investigate what is clearly a problem with the shipper. I receive all other packages at this apartment just fine.

      I do not want a refund as the only reason I'd give you guys my money in advance is with the understanding that I'd get something out of it. I just want to play this game with my friends.

    10. Zero Radius Games LLC Creator on

      @Jess: I will look into it but to be honest I'm not sure what we can do besides offer you a refund if the USPS is not able to deliver. Can you have the Post Office hold the package for you and pick it from them? What other methods work for you?

      @Richard: Glad to hear it.

      @Sonntam: Excellent! We are real happy with how the campaign scenarios turned out. We have one more scenario that we are working on (we had a playtest at Strategicon). We'll send that out when it is ready.

    11. Jess on

      For some reason the USPS has had trouble delivering my copy twice now. I have verified the address with Ship Naked each time. The first was marked as left in my mailbox but then never arrived and then was marked return to sender, the second arrived at my apartment complex but was then flagged as "Wrong Address" and returned to sender.

      I requested Ship Naked to send me a copy using a method that does not use the USPS and they told me to either ship it to a different address or sort out my problems with the USPS myself, as using a method which avoids the USPS would cut into their profits. The USPS delivers my other packages just fine, so I'm still thinking the problem is something with Ship Naked and would rather get the package delivered straight to my address like I paid for. My deluxe edition should have arrived two weeks ago.

    12. Richard Rabil Jr. on

      I received my copy of the game two weeks ago and absolutely love it. Thank you!

    13. Missing avatar

      Sonntam on

      Played today the first of the new scenarios and it was a blast! The whole thing with pulling heroes from a separate deck did wonders to balancing our game, where normally my sister with her magic lucky hand kept getting the best of heroes, while I was stuck with my hirelings.

      Looked at the next couple scenarios and I am excited to try them out. They look very interesting, can't wait to play them.

    14. Warren Rehman on

      Just got my box in Japan, everything looks great, can't wait to play :)

    15. Mikkel on

      @Zero Radius Games: Thanks for the info! :)

    16. Vladimir Chigrin on

      Still no info about my game... A month ago I've sent a request here I was told by their representative that the game will be shipping "soon". Three days ago I've sent another request, but now they don't even bother answering. I've checked my spam folder - no letters from them... Please investigate!

    17. Zero Radius Games LLC Creator on

      @Oleg Ryzhikov : I checked the size of A4 so I think it should fit? It's slightly smaller dimensions then A4. You could print "Fit to Paper". The difference in scale should be negligible. Try page one and see how the cards fit.

      @Mikkel - Weresheep of Original Sin : The signed copies have shipped but might take longer since they originated from the US. But you can send ShipNaked a status update request just in case.

      @CJ Cutrone & MikeWiz : Hopefully they'll get back to you right away. Though this is a holiday weekend in the US so they most likely will be closed on Monday. Keep us updated when you hear more.

      As we mentioned in general comments, the ZRG is heading to a convention in Los Angeles so we'll be "off-air" until next week. But we'll get back to you once we come back. Everyone have a great weekend. And those in the US, enjoy an extra day off! -SE

    18. Zero Radius Games LLC Creator on

      @CJ Cutrone: Please let us know!

      @Oleg: I will ask the graphic designer about that.

      @Mikkel: I've asked for confirmation that all the signed copies have shipped. -CRT

    19. MikeWiz on

      I haven't heard anything about my shipment. I'm in Maryland. I send a request.

    20. Missing avatar

      CJ Cutrone on

      @Zero Radius Games LLC Yeah, it was Aug 8, I sent them an form today, I'll see what they say. :)

    21. Oleg Ryzhikov on

      Great game board, but can we get A4 version for all us non-americans?

    22. Mikkel on

      Hm, I still haven't gotten any mail at all. Are the signed editions still not shipped? :-)

    23. Zero Radius Games LLC Creator on

      @Nick: Maybe! I do think there is something to the way that rulebook is laid out that is causing some confusion. We thought we would combine the common combat rules so there wasn't any duplication, but maybe we should have done a separate section for each type of combat. -CRT

    24. Nick Vance on

      @ZRG: Thanks, guess I should have read page 8 again! Maybe a glossary is the answer?

    25. Zero Radius Games LLC Creator on

      @Nick: Thank you.

      1. Armor is explained in the common combat rules section, on page 8.

      2. See Damage Pool on page 8.

      3. See Damage Pool on page 8.

      4. Agreed. We didn't have a problem with this through development and playtesting, but it was talked about. We almost changed it at the 11th hour, but it would have delayed the game even more as we would have had to proofread everything again.

      I truly appreciate the feedback. -CRT

    26. Nick Vance on

      Sorry a little choppy on my vocab there I cut and pasted bits of my reply. No edit option, but I think it's clear enough.

    27. Nick Vance on

      Thanks for the digital goodies.

      I watched the Learn to Play videos you mentioned a week before the games went out and that helped me get up to speed learning the rules. For anyone struggling a bit to learn, give those a shot:

      That said, I agree with others that the rules still could have been more clear. Four specific points:

      1) There's no direct rule explanation (that I could find) for how Armor works! I had to read the example and work backwards from the math presented there.

      2) In the assign damage phase it directs you to refer destroy party cards until the monster damage pool is 0 or less but doesn't what math to do in order to get to 0. Again, figure this out from the example.

      3) In the assign damage phase it also directs you to refer to page 8 if your whole party is destroyed, but this page is just about the general combat rules and does not relate to that situation at all. (I think this is meant to point to the first example on page 10.)

      4) A card's Defense value is essentially its health not its defense (defense in so far as something that reduces offense is what you call Armor in the game). So the vocabulary is confusing here.

      So I basically found the entire combat section, I studied the examples closely, watched the videos and tried a few combats myself. Videos and examples are great to help illustrate and clarify concepts presented in the rules proper, but should not be the primary way to learn the rules!

      Once I understood things it was easy enough to play (it didn't remain complicated, it's just difficult to learn). But if enough other people are having issues, perhaps it would be a good idea to have a rule supplement that explains some of the initially confusing combat more clearly.


    28. Zero Radius Games LLC Creator on

      @CJ Cutrone : Depending how long ago it was, you can contact them again. If its only been a few days then shipping can take a week to reach you depending on your location in the US. If its been a few weeks since you contacted ShipNaked, then please check with them again. -SE

    29. Missing avatar

      CJ Cutrone on

      US backer here, I still have not received an email, I contacted them not too long ago and was told "soon"... :(

    30. Zero Radius Games LLC Creator on

      @Netobvious: I appreciate the feedback about the rules. We thought we had a pretty good handle on them during development, and certainly put them in front of lots of people, but we hear you and will take that into account for future projects. -CRT

    31. Netobvious

      Great card game. But the rules could be written more clearly. During our first game we got confused on passing the resources round the table after construction. ;-)