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Build cities, raise armies, defeat your enemies in this one to four player card game based in the world of Pillars of Eternity.
Build cities, raise armies, defeat your enemies in this one to four player card game based in the world of Pillars of Eternity.
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US/Canada/ROTW Shipping Update!

Posted by Zero Radius Games LLC (Creator)

Hello backers!

Thank you again for your patience. We have some excellent news! The main shipment of games has arrived at the US warehouse and they are preparing the games for shipment.

And now, an important update from Ship Naked for US, Canada, and backers from the rest of the world:

Greetings Pillars of Eternity: Lords of the Eastern Reach Backers!

We're happy to be shipping Pillars of Eternity for Zero Radius Games.

We have already sent out address verification emails to the email you provided when you completed the survey. If you did not receive a verification email by now, please check your spam folder. If it is not there, and you believe you have to update your address, please visit

We're preparing to ship Pillars of Eternity: Lords of the Eastern Reach reward packages out to you. We estimate that picking, packing, and order processing will take about two weeks. We expect to begin shipping this coming week, ending August 19th. If we run into any snags, we'll provide an update to Zero Radius Games so they can let you know here. Otherwise you'll receive a shipping notification when your label is generated with the folks who will be delivering it to you.

Shipment notifications will be sent to the email you provided when you completed the survey. Please wait until one week after the campaign completion update has been posted to Kickstarter before submitting a status inquiry, as your package may not be processed immediately after the label has been generated. We generate labels in advance so that the whole campaign may be packed as quickly and efficiently as possible. We cannot process Status Inquiries on ongoing campaigns, as we must allow time for our shipping partners to process all packages.

If you receive your package and any pieces are missing or damaged, please visit 

When you receive your package, if you have any costs for receiving it (postage, customs charges, etc) and you are within the USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, please visit and Ship Naked will reimburse you directly via PayPal.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact Ship Naked directly at or by calling us at 1-844-SHIP NAKED (toll-free in the US and Canada) or +01 (603) 792-0037.

Our offices are open from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM Monday through Friday Eastern Time. If we are unable to answer when you call, please leave a voicemail so we can follow up with you directly. It's our pleasure to serve you.

 - Ship Naked

EU and UK backers

Most games have shipped. If your game was delayed, we are now able to restock those warehouses and your game should be shipping soon.


As usual, if you have any other questions or comments, please let us know in the comment section below.

Thank you!

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    1. MikeWiz on

      OK, sent another request for status. Live in MD. and haven't received any notifications or update. It's been 2 weeks since I last requested an update.

    2. Zero Radius Games LLC Creator on

      For those backers that tried to contact ShipNaked recently, please send in a new request. We've talked to them today and they informed us they were having some Internet issues that lost some of the Status and Replacement requests. They are very sorry and will work immediately on any new requests.

      For parts replacement go here-

      For status update on shipping go here-

      As for EU/UK, they are verifying with their partner there, but as of now, final shipment in those regions should be happening now. Once we hear more we'll post further updates. -SE

    3. Zero Radius Games LLC Creator on

      @Joao: Assuming you checked your spam folder and still don't see the email, you should check your status here:

    4. João Melo on

      I have yet to receive any mail from shipnaked. I'm in the EU and it is a signed copy.

    5. Martyn Iannece on

      Our copy arrived today in New Brunswick, Canada. Thanks so much for all your hard work, for the high quality components, and for the nice thick baggies :)

    6. Perry Grosshans on

      I got my shipping notification today, woot! I'm in Canada, so expected the delay vs EU. All fine. Six months off the mark isn't too bad considering all the customs delays. Can't wait to see it in person. :)

    7. Zero Radius Games LLC Creator on

      As we stated previously, shipping is happening all this week. There are thousands of copies going out from the US warehouse and that takes time. So please be patient while the process is completed. You may have gotten a shipping notice but those are generated early sometimes before the boxes are packed. So your tracking data maybe be a week or more later. Also remember that it takes more time once the box leaves the warehouse to be delivered to your address. There's no reason for concern yet.

    8. Zero Radius Games LLC Creator on

      @Jesper: Not all EU games have been shipped. Additional games are on their way.

      @B: Most games are still in the middle of shipment and will be arriving this week.

      @Andrew: Ship Naked asked that they be contacted for status checks once the shipment process was completed. We are asking them for an update. -CRT

    9. Celestial Lucid Dream on


      I don't know if you're familiar with the contact me on the kickstarter page, but I suggest you deal with Zero Games. Even though the shipping is done by ShipNaked, I hold Zero Games responsible.

    10. Missing avatar

      Markus Meirun on

      @b At least this isn't the second time you've had to message them with ZERO response. They're fucking flat out ignoring me. Not only is this extremely late(6 months) but my game isn't even on it's way. I might not get it till october at this fucking rate. I REALLY HOPE THAT ZERO RADIUS GAMES GETS BETTER SHIPPING NEXT TIME.

    11. Celestial Lucid Dream on

      It feels like they legit forgot until I emailed them with no explanation and no apology. :( I guess I will receive my a week later than everyone else.

    12. Celestial Lucid Dream on

      Most people got their game already. Mine has just been shipped and I had my label "generated" a week ago. Ironically only when I emailed ship naked did they just start shipping yesterday with no details as to why I'm getting it shipped so late and by the longest route possible when everyone got theirs now.. @Zero I'm a little disappointed that I'm getting this late and I had to notify Ship Naked.

    13. Jesper Pettersson on

      Any update on EU delivery? I still haven't gotten my notification from ShaipNaked...

    14. etkeller

      @ZRG : Thanks, I will give it a day. I also tried contacting on their website. I will see if that works. Turns out there is a lot of internet outages related. Thanks

    15. Zero Radius Games LLC Creator on

      @Etkeller: I just got a bounce from Ship Naked's email. I'm assuming they are having some server problems.
      I'll try again later. -CRT

    16. etkeller

      Package arrive damaged, I tried to email but the email keeps getting bounced. Who and how do I contact for support? thanks much.

    17. Zero Radius Games LLC Creator on

      @Christopher: If you don't find your answer on BGG, please post there and I'll be happy to answer your question. Thank you!

      @Andrew: I will ask. -CRT

    18. Missing avatar


      I received my copy on 08/19. Ship Naked sent my FedEx, which is incredibly reliable. I am very happy with this game and the production quality. I only have one "issue" with the way the rules are written, and because it is minor I will search BoardGameGeek and probably find a quick answer there. Thanks for the campaign, thanks for the relatively quick delivery of our game when compared to the "promise" date - you weren't too far off compared to some other Kickstarters that I have participated in.

    19. Missing avatar

      Markus Meirun on

      STILL hasn't arrived and I haven't gotten a shipping notice from shipnaked. Emailed them twice. Please help me.

    20. Missing avatar

      Matthew Skinner-Thebo

      Got my copy two days ago (08/20). Excited to carve out time to play soon!

    21. Missing avatar

      Jim on

      I was worried when the tracking email came and I saw it was shipped with DHL. I have NEVER had a good experience with packages shipped to me through DHL, and DHL is living up to my expectations.

      I received the email with a tracking number on Aug. 10. The packaged shipped on Aug. 11, made two hops and has been stuck since Aug. 13. I contacted Ship Naked and they won't help. They said I have to wait at least one week after the Kickstarter campaign completion announcement has been posted, which is completely ridiculous since the package has already shipped and was on its way.

    22. Missing avatar

      Seaban on

      @ Tim Royal

      My apologies, I understand your post now it was a reply to Barduc1980. My past was for him then.

    23. Missing avatar

      Seaban on

      @Tim Royal

      I thought the process was great. They were transparent about everything and now we are all just waiting for the game to arrive. Your being a bit of baby I think and exaggerating a bit. While I don't know what its like designing and producing a game, I do know importing/shipping logistics and this went smoothly. What are you looking for? A direct flight delivery from factory to your house?Mabey with a phone call from the pilot every hour?

    24. Missing avatar

      Tim Royal on

      "Perhaps on future projects 2 guys in a row boat from Somalia might not be the best idea for shipping. I do think I will get the copy of the game...but this is getting tiresome. I know my money got to you when I promised it. How come I have to deal with this 10 part epic to get what was promised to me?
      27 sorrys and thanks for your patience later....
      I hope you learned a lot through this experience."

      I'm sure they did, as many people do the first time they attempt something of this logistical scope and detail.

      I much preferred the "27 sorries" to other current Kickstarter projects that simply stop communicating at all (or worse, lie about the ship state). Of course, if the product never arrives, then it's a different story, but in each incremental update there have been points of progress.

      I'm also pretty sure it's easier to transfer money *to* a project than to design, prototype, kickstart, produce, global transfer, and locally deliver a game. If they did a kickstarter that said "Give us $50, and we'll give you $50 back", the turnaround time would have been much faster. For me, though, I'll prefer a belated, well produced game.

    25. Zero Radius Games LLC Creator on

      @Andrew: That was the address confirmation email. You should also get a shipping email with the tracking info when your game is boxed up and the label is printed. The games started to ship late last week, but will continue through this coming week. Shipping emails will be going out throughout the week. If you don't get an email, check your spam folder. If you still don't see anything by the end of next week, you can contact Ship Naked above. Thanks! -CRT

    26. Missing avatar

      Markus Meirun on

      I got an email some weeks ago that said "do not reply to this email if this address is correct" is that the one?

    27. Robb Carper on

      @ZRG - I've checked my spam for the last 3 days. It isn't there. Again, as long as I receive it, no worries.

    28. Zero Radius Games LLC Creator on

      @Robb: I'm guessing you probably did it, but be sure to check your spam folder for those emails.

      @Raphael: Thank you for letting us know. And you are very welcome!

      @Braduc1980: Thank you for the feedback. We have. -CRT

    29. Robb Carper on

      @ZRG - Ironically I asked the shipper yesterday of status, they said it was shipping out soon. Then last night said I was supposed to have an email, no email. So I'm hoping that after seeing I had no email I sent an address request (even though my address didn't change) just to ensure I got the game. Ship Naked is like this sometimes.

    30. Raphael

      FWIW, my package arrived quickly and safely (in Germany). I was able to play it once and liked it. Thank you!

      Nice touch with the boxes, too.

    31. Missing avatar


      Perhaps on future projects 2 guys in a row boat from Somalia might not be the best idea for shipping. I do think I will get the copy of the game...but this is getting tiresome. I know my money got to you when I promised it. How come I have to deal with this 10 part epic to get what was promised to me?

      27 sorrys and thanks for your patience later....
      I hope you learned a lot through this experience.

    32. Zachariah Shuman on

      I can't find that I got that email, but I did check my address on the Backer site (it's correct), so everything should work out.

    33. Missing avatar


      Thank you!!

    34. Zero Radius Games LLC Creator on

      @Glen: I just checked your order and it looks like everything is fine. You can check your address here:

      If that needs to be updated, you can reach Ship Naked as above. -CRT

    35. Missing avatar


      Shoot. How about for knuckleheads like me who can't remember if I received an email (I don't think I did)....

    36. Zero Radius Games LLC Creator on

      @Zachariah: It would have come from "". They started going out late last month (July 22nd).

    37. Zachariah Shuman on

      What address would it have come from? And when exactly did it get sent? Sometimes it runs slow...

    38. Reyos Blackwood

      Hopefully I'll get the first shipment through ShipNaked that didn't show up damaged by the shipper...