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Build cities, raise armies, defeat your enemies in this one to four player card game based in the world of Pillars of Eternity.
Build cities, raise armies, defeat your enemies in this one to four player card game based in the world of Pillars of Eternity.
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An Important Message from ShipNaked (Worldwide Fulfillment Partner)

Posted by Zero Radius Games LLC (Creator)
Hello from Ship Naked!

We're preparing our files for Pillars of Eternity: Lords of the Eastern Reach, and will be contacting everyone on the US, Canadian, UK and Rest of the World backer lists that we've received from the Zero Radius team soon.

If you need to update your address, wait until the emails have been sent, then contact us directly! At that time, if you don't receive an email, we can look into why that's the case, but for now, we do NOT need to receive your new details. Shortly, yes, but not quite yet.

For those of you in the EU, you should be receiving notifications from our partners at Happyshops. If the address information on those emails is incorrect, please contact Happyshops IMMEDIATELY via the email address you were messaged from.

We look forward to delivering your games!


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    1. Kirk Brownridge

      Got a "confirm address" email on July 22.
      No further emails received.
      Alberta, Canada.

    2. Missing avatar

      Debove on

      I'm from France and no email received :'(

    3. Mikkel on

      I've yet to recieve a shipping email and I'm from Denmark. :(

    4. giuseppe villaccio on

      I am sorry , but no email still has not arrived. i'm from Italy

    5. Missing avatar

      Bjorn Edelenbos on

      Yes, got my copy! Looks absolutely gorgeous!

    6. Zero Radius Games LLC Creator on

      @Benoit & @Kun: Emails have only gone out for the EU. There will be a separate batch of emails for the UK and then for US/Canada/Everyone else.

      @Gundwane_Tal: Excellent news! We hope you enjoy it. -CRT

    7. Gundwane_Tal on

      In Ireland. Just got the email to say the game (deluxe) is on the way to me now from Germany and should be here in the next few days. Hopefully it will arrive by the weekend. Can't wait!

    8. Kun on

      No email on my side too.

    9. Benoit Toulouse on

      I didn't received an e-mail either, my address hasn't change. I'm from Canada and there's maybe a postal strike, what will you do if there is one?

    10. Wayne Davis on

      been checking it for 2 days

    11. Zero Radius Games LLC Creator on

      @Wayne: If you haven't already done so, check your spam folder. -CRT

    12. Wayne Davis on

      No email from Happyshops yet :(

    13. Missing avatar

      Friedhelm König on

      Still waiting for my deluxe package (also from Germany). Too bad, my gaming evening was yesterday.

      So far i did not get a tracking mail, just the Happyshop mail.

      So I am hoping for sometime next week :)

    14. Ataraxa on

      Got my Deluxe Package delivered (Germany)
      Huge post box, small game in it.

    15. Missing avatar

      Senatorninjayen on

      @Zero - Thanks a lot for quick reply :)
      @ CoffeeMH - Thanks for the info man :). Glad to hear that :).

    16. CoffeeMH on

      Just received the game! I looks amazing! Going to play the whole Weekend! Thank you!

      @other backers: got the same Mail (happyshops) - so it's ok that no adress is mentioned

    17. Zero Radius Games LLC Creator on

      @Senatorninjayen: We sent off a question about what happened using you as the example. Fortunately, everything looks good with your address and shipping info from our end. Thanks! -CRT

    18. Missing avatar

      Senatorninjayen on

      @Zero Radius Games - Fortunately my address hasn't changed so I guess I'll just wait for now. But some more info would be really appreciated :).

    19. Zero Radius Games LLC Creator on

      @Sonntam: Glad to hear it! -CRT

    20. Missing avatar

      Sonntam on

      I'm from Germany and got the game today! Great quality, card artwork is very bright and pretty. Looking forward to playing it this evening!

    21. Jacques Wilbers on

      "Zero - I've got the same as Senatorninjayen, my address isn't mentioned in the mail. Just the same as Bjorn. Now I'm watching my phone for an email from DHL :) .

    22. Missing avatar

      Bjorn Edelenbos on

      For me goes the same. A very bland email:

      Hallo Bjorn ,

      wir freuen uns dir mitzuteilen, dass wir dir diese Spiele bald im Auftrag von Tabletop Tycoon, schicken werden:
      we are happy to inform you, that we will send you these games on behalf of Tabletop Tycoon:

      1x Pillars of Eternity - Retail Edition

      Viele Grüße,
      dein Happyshops-Team


      Nothing more

    23. Raphael

      I (based in Germany) received a mail from Happyshops as well. And the confirmation by DHL no three hours later! That's cool because it means I get the game tomorrow; but an address change would have been tough.

    24. Zero Radius Games LLC Creator on

      @Senatorninjayen - Did you move recently? If so, it might be best to email Happyshops immediately to verify your address. We have sent a request for further info from ShipNaked but don't wait for our response if you address has recently changed. -SE

    25. Missing avatar

      Senatorninjayen on

      I received the e-mail from Happyshops informing that they are going to send me LotER, but no address was included whatsoever. Is this basis for contacting them or is there another mail to be received?