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Build cities, raise armies, defeat your enemies in this one to four player card game based in the world of Pillars of Eternity.
Build cities, raise armies, defeat your enemies in this one to four player card game based in the world of Pillars of Eternity.
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Shipping Update - EU: Check Your Spam Folders + More!

Posted by Zero Radius Games LLC (Creator)

Hello backers!

We have spoken with Ship Naked and can report the following information to you regarding the worldwide shipments of Lords of the Eastern Reach.

The latest plan that we confirmed with Ship Naked was to coordinate shipping the games to all backers at the same time, with packages leaving depots around the world in August 2016. Since some depots have now already received their games, we have asked Ship Naked if they would be able to get them out to you as soon as possible. Now, we realize that this isn't going to happen immediately; after all, international shipping facilities have schedules that they plan weeks and months in advance that they need to stick to, but we have asked that they start the processes as quickly as is feasible.

In light of this, Ship Naked is working to get things moving in the EU and UK. Once they have confirmation that packages for a region are being shipped, they will inform us and we can post further updates letting you know what to expect.

We are still waiting for games to arrive for backers in the US and Canada; these include games for backers in Australia and others that don't have individual depots, and are expected to be received by the warehouses there in early August. Once they have been processed, shipping will begin. Signed copies of the game will be sent once Ship Naked has a space in their schedule - at the very latest, this will be in August. Again, we will confirm with you via subsequent updates that packages are being shipped, whether they're signed or unsigned, and we ask that you remain patient just a little longer. We hope that everyone will be playing Lords of the Eastern Reach in just a few short weeks - for now though, we wish to deal only in absolutes and let you know once each depot commences shipping.

As ever, thank you for your understanding.

Canadian backers: Ship Naked is aware of the Canada Post strike and are working out back up plans in case they are necessary.

EU backers: Emails are starting to go out! If you don't get an email soon, check your spam folder.

Address Changes: If your address has not changed recently, you don't have to do anything.

If you need to make an address change, please visit as soon as possible. Ship Naked will ensure that all addresses are updated before shipments are sent out. Shipments cannot be rerouted once they have left.

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    1. Zero Radius Games LLC Creator on

      @Igor: US emails have not gone out yet. We'll post an update when they do. Thanks! -CRT

    2. Igor Morgado on

      No email received. US customer here.

    3. Raf Vervink on

      Game received today in perfect condition.

    4. James Berg on

      Thanks for keeping us in the loop. As a Canadian, please don't bankrupt yourselves shipping via courier or something if our postal service goes on strike.

    5. Salvador Bernadó Sala

      Happyshops deliver games in EU for Ship Naked.
      I have received several games in this way and never had a problem.
      Looking forward to receive it soon.

    6. Missing avatar

      Jobbe Smit on

      I too got an email by

      The logo and otherwise image less email that opens with german was a bit confusing. Glad this post could clarify what's happening.

    7. Mathias Exner on

      I also got an email from

      Happyshops GmbH is a german company that also operates an online shop for board games ( where I shop regulary – as such I was quite happy to hear they will be handling the shipment.

    8. Zero Radius Games LLC Creator on

      @Sam: It will come from "".

      Thanks! -CRT

    9. Missing avatar

      Bjorn Edelenbos on

      I too got an email by Happyshops with no details. Glad to get a pre announcement :)

    10. Sam Bedingfield on

      Can you (or anyone that's received a legit email) confirm the email used by Ship Naked. Even if it's just the domain, so we can add it to our safe recipient list. Cheers!

    11. Zero Radius Games LLC Creator on

      Just to confirm with everyone, "Pillars of Eternity - Retail Edition" & "Pillars of Eternity - Deluxe Edition" are Lords of the Eastern Reach. They shortened the name but that is our game. Hope that helps.

      @Lukas - Yes, looks like HappyShops is handling some of the shipping in some parts of EU.


    12. Missing avatar

      Lukas Dapkus on

      Hey, I see a non-content email in spam filter from which basically says that they're happy to be sending me PoE Deluxe Edition on behalf of TableTop Tycoon with 0 details. Are these the ones ShipNaked is sending the game through for us EU people (I'm in Lithuania)?

    13. Missing avatar

      Hamlox on

      Thank you for being so transparent about the shipping process.