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Build cities, raise armies, defeat your enemies in this one to four player card game based in the world of Pillars of Eternity.
Build cities, raise armies, defeat your enemies in this one to four player card game based in the world of Pillars of Eternity.
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US Bound Ship is on the Way

Posted by Zero Radius Games LLC (Creator)

Good news, everyone!

We finally received confirmation on the US bound ship:

TIRUA (container ship), voyage reference 623W.

Though we are very happy that the ship has finally left the China docks, we are very sorry it was delayed. The product was there, but for some reason it didn't get loaded onto the ship until recently. We asked our shipping company about the delay but they didn't have any details and were looking into themselves.

It's very frustrating to have games ready to go and then not moving. But we now have confirmation they are making forward progress. Hopefully, when they reach the port in the US we won't have any issues on this end.

Addresses - As for addresses, the final export was done last week and we are getting it formatted for our fulfillment partner, ShipNaked. Please note that ShipNaked will email you all with an address confirmation before they ship out boxes. That will give you one more opportunity to update addresses.

Damaged/Missing Components - ShipNaked will have a website form if anyone has any damaged or missing components. Even though we hope for 100% perfect games, sometimes things slip through. Once we get close to shipping we'll do another update with the procedure. Don't worry, it will be very easy and painless.

As always, we'll keep you informed when we get any new info.

And thank you for riding along with us, even with the ups and downs. We really do appreciate your support.

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    1. Zero Radius Games LLC Creator on

      @Sean: The games are on a different ship now. They should be arriving at the US warehouse soon and we'll post an update when that is confirmed. -CRT

    2. Sean Poynter

      Two weeks later and it's still hanging around Brazil...

    3. Missing avatar

      Grant Gehr on

      No worries @ZRG

      Just wanted to make sure I didn't do something wrong. I'm SUPER excited for this game. No issues waiting for a bit longer to get my hands on it. :)

    4. Zero Radius Games LLC Creator on

      @Sean: The ship should be arriving in the US later this week.

      @Grant: I apologize for the confusion. The US warehouse will get the game soon and then US/Canada/rest of the world (anything not UK or EU) can start shipping shortly thereafter. The EU games arrived much earlier and we didn't want to hold them up while waiting for the UK and US/other games to arrive. -CRT

    5. Sean Poynter

      It's been a month and this ship is anchored in Brazil. When on earth is it making it to the US? This KS is going on half a year late...

    6. Missing avatar

      Grant Gehr on

      US backer here. Just wondering on the status of the shipments? I keep getting e-mails about EU and stuff like that and I'm very confused as to when to expect my game. There's no rush, obviously, I'm just curious and a bit nervous I did something wrong and won't get my copy. Thanks in advance.

    7. Zero Radius Games LLC Creator on

      @Henrique Barbosa da Costa: We are still waiting for the US ship to arrive at port and the EU/UK games to arrive at the warehouses. We're exchanging emails with the shipper and we'll have another update this week (probably Friday) when we get more info. Thanks! -CRT

    8. Henrique Barbosa da Costa on

      How is going the deliveries? It's been a while now and I haven't heard from no one since this update from two weeks ago...

    9. Missing avatar

      Stephen on

      Got it. Cheers

    10. Chris Taylor on

      @Stephen: Yes, you got it.

      The company mailing the packages and supporting any missing or damaged games has an office in the US, UK and EU. They made the shipping plan. -CRT

    11. Missing avatar

      Stephen on

      Forgive my ignorance, but im not entirely sure i understand. The copies for Aus backers are heading from Asia, to US, the back to Australia?

      If this is the case, is there a reason for the initial US trip?

      (again sorry, just trying to gain some clarity on the shipping situation)

    12. Missing avatar

      Markus Meirun on

      Alright, apology accepted, please do more PoE content.
      Maybe a tabletop rpg.

      Im not asking for a complete conversion to tabletop, you can use the 5e engine and I won't care. Please. Sawyer won't answer my calls

    13. Zero Radius Games LLC Creator on

      @Andrew: I apologize to you personally for the delays in shipping. We are not happy with how long it is taking for the games to get here ourselves and we fully understand the frustration. When we sit down and do the postmortem of this project, shipping and delivery dates will be the hot topics. International shipping is complex, but we must obviously better educate ourselves to do a better job. Thank you for the feedback. -CRT

    14. Missing avatar

      Markus Meirun on


      that is fucking slow

      its not even going to hit BRAZIL until the 15th of july


      I am never trusting these guys again, seriously. Febuary. No may. No June. No July. Maybe end of august at best but we should all just prep for a December 2017 release and keep in mind the nonsense that's gone down with this project for the US backers the next time these dudes try and launch a

    15. Zero Radius Games LLC Creator on

      @Stephen: the Australian copies will be shipped with the US orders. -CRT

    16. Missing avatar

      Stephen on

      Any word on when Australian backers can expect their copies?

    17. Zero Radius Games LLC Creator on

      @Marc: We have confirmed with ShipNaked that "...US backers get tracking references when their shipments leave the warehouse. International orders sent from the US get notifications that their shipments are on the way. Orders sent from International depots get tracking references provided locally." -CRT

    18. Zero Radius Games LLC Creator on

      @Marc: We've asked about tracking numbers. -CRT

    19. Zero Radius Games LLC Creator on

      @Marc: I believe so. -CRT

    20. Missing avatar

      Marc Herren on

      Will we receive a tracking number once it has been sent?

    21. Missing avatar

      Friedhelm König on

      As the ships route seems to be going south of Afrika, Brasil is not so far of route. And maybe they need to take on new fuel anyway...

    22. Robb Carper on

      @Scott - Oh totally understandable and since they are going through ShipNaked they have to go to the East Coast (I believe). Just means it'll be August before it hits port and mid August before we start seeing anything.

    23. Scott Everts

      Cargo ships tend to make several stops along the way. So not unusual for them to deviate to Brazil on the way to the East Coast.

    24. Robb Carper on

      So was looking at the US Ship, umm are they taking the long way to get there? The boat is going to Brazil

    25. Zero Radius Games LLC Creator on

      @Friedhelm: Yes, ShipNaked has the address data for the EU/UK. We sent it a week ago, they wanted some formatting changes and we have made those changes and sent the file back.

      They haven't mentioned waiting for the US ship to arrive and I see no reason for them to do so. -CRT

    26. Missing avatar

      Friedhelm König on

      Did ShipNaked receive the adress data? After all, they won't be able to start shipping the European gemes until they know where to ship them to.

      I hope they do not need to wait until the US ship arrives. This will likely take a few weeks. And while I feel for the US crows, it would hat to have to wait so long. After all, the boxes are just about 3h away by car...

    27. Zero Radius Games LLC Creator on

      @avardereng of Sin - DOoD: They are on their way to the fulfillment house and will be shipped from there.

      @Seaban: Yes. Canadian copies are on the US ship. -CRT

    28. Andy Linea of Sin - DOoD on

      @ZRG: can you share any word about the signed EU shipment? ^^
      I can't wait to get my hands on the game!

    29. Kennyrules on

      Ah, Futurama references. These kind of quality updates are why I follow you guys so closely. Thanks for the update, and I can't wait to play!

    30. Missing avatar

      CJ Cutrone on

      Yus! All the yes is happening right now! Can't wait!

    31. Missing avatar

      Seaban on

      Sorry if I missed this but, does this include the Canadian games as well?

    32. Zero Radius Games LLC Creator on

      @Zoltán Kolozsi: ShipNaked is handling all packages. -CRT

    33. Missing avatar

      Zoltán Kolozsi on

      The ShipNaked compay do the all package or only the US/ canadian?

    34. Zero Radius Games LLC Creator on

      We came _this_ close to putting a picture of Professor Farnsworth in there. -CRT

    35. Vryl

      "Good news, everyone!

      All of your games have disappeared into the ocean, to be played by shrimp and crabs."

      No, doesn't really sound right.

    36. Jerel Heritage on

      With the Good news, everyone! opening, it sounded like you were going to say something like the ship had sunk.