Pillars of Eternity: Lords of the Eastern Reach Card Game

by Zero Radius Games LLC

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    1. Jared Schulz

      Why wouldn't you choose the guard to get hit by the overpowering stench so that way you could defeat the bad guy still?

    2. Scott Everts

      The guard is a troop and the effect only hits heroes. There are 2 different army card types and effects can either affect one or both. But will be spelled out with keywords "Troop" or "Hero". Hope that helps!

    3. Jonathan Walker on

      Just to make sure I understand, the update states "But if the damage is at least 1, you have to discard cards with a Defense equal or greater than the damage." Wouldn't this be if the Defense is equal or less than the damage?

    4. Zero Radius Games LLC Creator on

      @Jonathan: Whoops, should have used "destroy" instead of "discard". Destroy gets rid of cards in play, discard gets rid of cards in hand.

      If you take X damage, you must destroy any number of cards that have a Defense that add up to X or more. If you take 1 point of damage, you have to destroy one card (because all cards have a Defense of 1 or higher). If you take 2 points of damage, you have to destroy one card with Defense of 2 or higher or two cards with Defense 1 and so on. Hope that helps!

    5. Missing avatar

      deej3344 on

      Can you give any insight as to why a single point of damage can kill a high defense troop? Most games have damage tokens or they just absorb damage. Was this to keep the game moving and make it harder to build up a wall for stalling or was there something thematically to influence this. Thematically, it makes sense that if one guy gets through defenses, he could pillage a building with no one there to guard it, but I'm not seeing it with troop combat. I don't mind the way you've gone and I can't wait to try it, but I'm just curious what brought that about.

    6. Kursh on

      @Deej: Same question here...If Monster deals 1 damage and I have defense 4...why have I to kill my hero? And...my card is destroyed..I get point from that card or it's just away from the game?

    7. Zero Radius Games LLC Creator on

      Combat is meant to be both fast and violent. Troops get hired and can die quickly.

      Defense is used to soak up attack points and the army card that soaks it up gets destroyed. Only armor points can actually negate incoming attack points. The reason for this is to keep the game moving and keep people from building up insane defense values that can't possibility be breached. If you had the defense only destroy the unit if it matched or exceeded the value, players would have massive defenses that no one could break without even more massive attacks. It keeps things moving and small attacks can still whittle away a larger force.

      We've done extensive playtesting on the combat system and we found this worked best to keep the game from getting bogged down in endless combats that didn't have any winners.

      Hope that helps.

    8. Brian Garber on

      Combat resolution is a lot like resolving attrition in the old Star Wars ccg by Decipher. If you have any damage coming your way you have to discard characters to nullify it. I like that rule since it makes you want to play with a mix of cheap/weak characters and expensive/strong ones instead of only the best. It sucked sacrificing Yoda to resolve one point of attrition when he could hypothetically absorb 6-7 because I didn't bother keeping a little Ewok around.

    9. Missing avatar

      deej3344 on

      That is what we were thinking. Makes sense. I've been in too many mtg games that drag on with massive walls and I'm glad to see we can keep this moving. Thanks!

    10. Kursh on

      But..also structures die with at least 1 damage?

    11. Missing avatar

      deej3344 on

      @Kursh, I would assume their explanation for troop combat would apply here. Keeps the game moving and avoids people building up and stalling. Also makes for a different level of strategy as you can't just rush someone constantly. You have to figure out how to attack or adventure without getting pounded by all your friends. Plus, if you think about it from a theme standpoint, if one soldier came into an undefended town, he could destroy a farm on his own since no one was stopping him.

    12. Zero Radius Games LLC Creator on

      @deej3344: Correct.

      @Kursh: If you take a single point of pillage, you have to destroy a building from your city that has a Defense greater than or equal to that pillage. So, 1 point of pillage damage will destroy a structure. Thanks! -CRT

    13. Kursh on

      Mhh..still I don't understand something. I can simply drop trash cards and continuosly attack because i'm almost sure I'll kill something. In a 1vs1 match i don't see why I should play valuable cards. Is there a full review somewhere?