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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Dec 10 2014
Assorted WiresBy Assorted Wires
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Assorted WiresBy Assorted Wires
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pledged of $5,000 goal
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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Dec 10 2014

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    1. Sven Kratzsch on

      So any news about distribution or anything?

    2. Missing avatar

      Shawn Spurko on

      I appreciate your honesty in cancelling the project now, rather than struggling to work on this when you know it may not be possible to fulfill everyone's expectations. I would be more than happy to back you again I'm the future.

      Good luck!

    3. János Macska on

      Ok, i've read, and understand it.

    4. János Macska on

      Hey! What happened??
      Why the project is canceled?

    5. Assorted Wires Creator on

      @Wyatt - It certainly leans towards being more of a drum machine but you can dynamically change the pitch of the samples and, in that way, you can make melodies. It also supports loops and playing over those loops so that you can play additional notes on top of your background melody.

    6. Ella George Jameson on

      Hey, I'm one of the $110 backers. I'm not entirely clear what types of composition the SES can handle. Is it just a drum machine, or can you change the pitch of different samples to make melodies?

    7. Assorted Wires Creator on

      There will be an option to buy more Cartridges in the future. If you order another before it ships and you include this info in a note then it should be fine. Thanks!

    8. János Macska on

      If i chosen the only USB card option, can i have more cards in the future?
      Could i buy another cards somehow?
      Now i have no more money for this, but i want to buy more before shipping (Apr 2015)
      It's possible? Thanks.

    9. Assorted Wires Creator on

      @Max Sorry I didn't see your comment for a few days! Answers below.

      You can just use some double sided tape on the battery packs on the back of the Lo-Fi SES. It was super easy to apply and remove on that guitar. There is a lot of surface area on the battery packs so it held on really well.

      The answer to your second question is no. You can't play both types of sounds on top of one another. One sound set replaces the other. However, I am going to look into swapping between the two on the fly. (Without having to removing the cartridge.) Also, I am going to try to set it up so you can plug in a cartridge save the sounds to the controller and then unplug it and keep them on the device. I can't promise that yet. I know it is possible but I have to make sure the user experience is understandable.

    10. Max Miller on

      also: can you record a track with the default (drum) sounds, and then insert the Final Sound Adventure cartridge to layer some of the more tonal stuff on top of it?

    11. Max Miller on

      how did you attach the SES to a guitar in that video? Because I am absolutely going to do that.

    12. Assorted Wires Creator on

      @Caitie The Lo-Fi SES is slightly larger than a DSLite. So one of those DSLite hard cases definitely wont work. I certainly hadn't made any plans for a hard case. That is why I worked so hard to make the PCB beautiful!

      Although, now that you bring it up, I will look into coming up with a design for a snap on case just to cover the bottom. That way people could 3d print it or order it from shapeways or something. I will have to try to find someone who has done some work like that before. I have never worked with snap-on 3d printed things. I am unsure if they have the tolerances and structure required.

      So, while it isn't really necessary, it is another fun thing to look into! I will see what I can throw together. Thanks for the thought!

    13. Missing avatar

      Caitie on

      Will there be a hard case to protect it made in the future? Or would it fit into a DSLite hard case?

    14. Assorted Wires Creator on

      @Michael, The default sounds are very drum like. Yup! But those sounds are exactly what you hear in the fantastic song that Doctor Octoroc put together. I will try to put together a loop where I play the default sounds and then swap them out with the Final Sound Adventure cart sounds so you can get a feel for the difference. I don't have an song example with just the Lo-Fi SES but the song I have provided is basically just a Lo-Fi SES and a synth. The long and purer tones are the synth ones and the shorter sounds are the Lo-Fi SES ones. If you look back in the kickstarter video, I try to highlight some of the Lo-Fi SES sounds my playing them before transitioning back to the song. Hope that helps!

    15. Michael J Dolan on

      A few questions, does the default sound set only feature drums? What sounds come on the Final Sound Adventure cart? The Doc Octoroc song is said to 'feature' the SES, have you got any examples of music made using only the SES?

    16. Assorted Wires Creator on

      Hey Matthew,
      1. You would just plug in a double sided audio cable into your line-in port and follow Logic's method for recording a take. (http://help.apple.com/logicpro/mac/9.1.6/en/logicpro/usermanual/index.html#chapter=14%26section=13%26hash=apple_ref:doc:uid:TempBookID-ReplacedWhenAssociatingWithMessierRevision-43984REC_SC_1107-1040935)

      2. I am not sure exactly what you mean. Any program you have for manipulating sounds right now and producing a set of short wav files should work well for creating new sounds for the Lo-Fi SES. -- I will be coming out with a guide on how to use the controls on the Lo-Fi SES to manipulate the sounds that are on it, if that is what you are curious about. I am also working on a guide on how to get new sounds onto the Lo-Fi SES.

      Hope that helps!

    17. Matthew Laidlow on

      Looking forward to getting this and making some 8-Bit sounds. Few questions:

      1) How easy will it be to export the audio for use in other software packages like Logic?

      2) Is there a guide to hacking that I can learn before getting the product?Manipulating my own sounds is something I'd like to do but have no knowledge of right now.


    18. Assorted Wires Creator on

      Hey Jeff, I haven't finalized on post-kickstarter pricing yet. It depends on a lot of variables. However, I do expect that cartridges will be sold separately. I will definitely look into adding them via backerkit. (If I end up using backerkit.) For now, if you have a pledge level that includes one cartridge and want to add one more just add $20 to your pledge and message me with the one you want to add. I will make sure you get it!

    19. Jeff A on

      How much will cartridges be separately? Will be able to add them to our pledge via backerkit? Thanks.

    20. Assorted Wires Creator on

      Hey Jean-Luc, That looks like a great documentary. I will make sure to check it out! I agree that the Lo-Fi SES is perfect for exploring that space.

    21. Jean-Luc on

      I watched the documentary "Europe in 8 Bits" a few weeks ago and really wanted to learn more about this type of music. This project is just perfect for that. Thanks!

    22. Paul Wortmann on

      @Assorted Wires Thank you for the answer to my question, I see you are now using the new Kickstarter shipping option. I have altered my pledge to take advantage of this, thank you.

    23. Ronald Siefkas on

      3k of 5k already? Looks like you've made a neat device with fair demand. Can't wait to play with it.

    24. Assorted Wires Creator on

      Ronald, thanks for the heads up! That is incredible.

    25. Ronald Siefkas on

      You got an article on Engadget. Looks like an awesome gadget, looking forward to it.

    26. Assorted Wires Creator on

      Paul, glad you like the project! I am surprised you found it since I haven't even started to publicize it yet! $15 is the shipping charge outside the US. The reason I am restricting the early bird tiers (the $10 difference you mention) from outside the US is due to timing. I am planning to get early bird orders to backers as fast as possible and I can't promise the same shipping times to non-US customers. (I know since I have shipped products internationally many times.) I will likely ship international orders first for the non-early bird orders to make sure everyone gets them around the same time. I am trying to ensure the best customer experience possible!

    27. Paul Wortmann on

      This project looks (sounds) awesome! :D
      Why $25 dollars to ship outside the US? (Pledge price difference of $10 + $15 shipping)